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  1. 1: I said read, not watched and yes, it was in its entirety.


    2: Nothing in the entire thread has made me question a spherical Earth or NASA for that matter. Yes I know about operation paperclip, an attempt by the US government to stifle technological progress in competing countries by employing ex-Nazi scientists, well of course they fucking would! If they didn't Germany would continue researching weaponry or competing super powers would have employed them (or Russia would have forced them at gun point to create WMD's/advanced weaponry). Yes the Nazi's were terrible people but that doesn't make NASA 'evil' simply by association, neither does Nazi's being human make humans 'evil' by association - in fact this further strengthens my belief that it is a logic based and not emotion based group (logic of course being the enemy of conspiracy).


    2: No amount of pseudo scientific dribble will make up for you rarely making sense. You disrespected him by ignoring his methods of self-proving his statements and constantly failing to sincerely address perfectly logical/reasonable questions that would have shut down this topic a year ago. Your failings are your own, not NASA's.


    3: Like you said earlier Chinahand, Paul's only defense this entire time has been Gish Gallop and he is making a mockery of anything resembling a debate. He's a troll of the highest order, he has no respect and will receive none from me.




    And now I'm being drawn into this crummy debate.

  2. I just spent the last 10 hours reading through this.


    I don't even know where to begin.




    Paul - You obviously don't have parents, I'm not implying it's because you are stupid - I actually think you are very intelligent - but because if you had parents they would have drowned you long ago.


    Chinahand - I respect you greatly, not just because of your knowledge but because you can translate that knowledge into easily digested information (a sign of true intelligence in my humble opinion).


    Gerry - Your entire argument has hinged on the belief that there is a world wide conspiracy (because reasons!). Stop trying to debate science, you know half of what you think you know and half of what you know is wrong.




    Actually Gerry I do know your reasoning. 'They' want to remove the idea of a higher power from the public conscience in order to make us give up 'god-given' rights < DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE


    1: It would be easier to simply change religion to fit your needs (happens throughout history).


    2: You are suggesting a flat Earth means God is real (implying that a flat Earth can only function through divine intervention and science is irrelevant, so this entire debate on scientific grounds is a farce).


    3: Religion is and always has been great at restricting personal freedoms.


    4: You clearly had no intention of ever accepting or even attempting to understand the opposing view. Clear instructions have been provided - multiple times - how to self-prove the science of a sphere world, saying you will at some point (but never do) in a debate that has raged for a year makes you a lying, self-serving rat, just as bad as 'they', who you believe are conspiring against humanity.



    Yes, I know it is bad etiquette to personally insult you but the way you guys have disrespected Chinahand, repeatedly, is foul.



    Hey Paul, remember when I said I think you are very intelligent?

    I lied.

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