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  1. You're in the hands of the algorithm now, it knows what you want.
  2. Ads are based on a users search history.
  3. Remarkable how often Chris Robertshaw, an MHK for 2 and a bit terms and a minister for some of it, is always nothing to do with something bad that happened. It is always someone else's fault. Happens all the time.
  4. I was working on Broadway when it blocked about 15 years ago. It was extremely unpleasant, just awful. Probably highly nutritious for microscopic sea creatures though.
  5. Handwashing is 'actually life-threatening' according to a local mask zealot over on the government twitter feed. Incredible stuff.
  6. I hope everyone is happy when the Square turns back to a fucking car park. "Oh we can't use this public space as an actual space, Fat Linzi won't be able to get to the butchers for her mince" I fucking hate humans.
  7. It was at this point " this is more like being trapped on a rollercoaster in a horror film" in the article when I gave up. Edit - only joking, I read the whole thing. I'm not sure why you think that article would encourage a change in the mind of JVT, especially around face masks. JVT doesn't wear one because he knows they don't change a thing, but he can't say that out loud.
  8. Woop, Le Tour is back on the telly!
  9. Oh I don't much care what the tossers are up to, but enjoy a wander round the festival fields feeling all Manx
  10. Yeah there are normally. I had the rare treat of being upstairs at the front of a double decker coming home down the Ballamodha last time I went.
  11. There are no direct buses from the South to Tynwald on Tuesday. Pricks.
  12. I too have got well stuck into a combination of Jenever and pot in Holland, and did very very little.
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