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  1. That's your own natural paranoia. You should work on that.
  2. Hahahaha, you're a bit like Trump, completely losing it, in total public denial, lashing out, even though secretly you know, you know, you're a pathetic little man. Hahahaha.
  3. Hahaha oh Sultan you're such a tosser. Hahaha. I'm amused.
  4. I find it amusing that banker is all loved up for Barber on this thread at the same time as the sultan has started a thread to slag her off.
  5. Try questioning an architect. "Are you absolutely sure this is correct?" doesn't go down well.
  6. The lamp post has gone already, @Amadeus has posted pics on twitter
  7. You think I should check it out? Maybe I will, its a hell of a song. I had a couple of their albums at one point, Awake was one, can't remember the other, they were ok but I've listened to loads of ok music, they didn't really grip me like so much other stuff does.
  8. Those two tracks might be a little heavy though. I never really got into Dream Theatre either.
  9. Preferred track? I have no idea. Lots of it is probably incredibly difficult to cover, Larks Tongues in Aspic is a very cool album, the opening track is magnficent, although Easy Money might be easier to attempt. Here's a version of it I'm right into the THRAK stuff too, big fan of Adrian Belew. Plus there's always Red And that's without even mentioning In The Court of...
  10. That song/video is actually pretty good. Hope it goes well and you do another gig somewhere a little further south, then I'll come, King Crimson or not.
  11. Ah well I'm not coming then. (nothing to do with 4 hours of bus there and back)
  12. Any King Crimson?
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