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  1. You aren't really understanding the point of it, as confirmed by your second sentence.
  2. There really shouldn't be any need for this kind of speculation if the government weren't so up themselves with their ridiculous messaging and just told the bloody truth.
  3. Could be I suppose, its not unlikely for the government to issue unclear or indeed purposefully misleading information.
  4. I would like the government to engage in less spin and more honesty. I'm fucking furious that we're all locked down because of this. It's outrageous.
  5. Here's a question based on this info from that link... "The other seven cases are close contacts of someone who tested positive for the virus having travelled to the Island." What on earth is going on where someone who has traveled here can be in contact with at least 7 people to`infect them?
  6. There is a risk to this vaccinate the elderly first plan, and that is that they may throw caution to the wind, take to the streets in gangs, go on the rampage!
  7. We have to learn to live with the virus, lockdowns are utterly unsustainable. It is my considered belief that a combination of stringent border controls and exceptional tracking is the only way to do so. It has been that way for months and months, and one of my concerns has been that during all that lovely covid free time that our test and trace abilities were not being strengthened. Having access to very fast genomic testing is a valuable part of that track and trace process. I don't really care about what the rest of the world are doing, I'm concerned with here, right now, and in the fu
  8. Your first point isn't really correct. It isn't just looking for who you might have passed it on to, it is looking backwards to try and find people who may have caught it along with you. he genomics testing is ALL about helping the contact tracing. Take those few examples where the source of transmission is unknown. It's here that the genomics really comes into its own. If you can match those to existing clusters that you couldn't with normal methods you can target your action a bit better, and really push on looking for more in a sensible way. Knowing that mystery person A is genomically
  9. The police have asked you not to speculate Derek What are people supposed to read into such a thing...?
  10. TheTeapot


    Where are the best local eggs from? Gellings and Finnans that Shoprite stock aren't all that, the ones in the purple boxes from Ballamohda you get in the Spar are pretty good, that little stall by the Braaid is somewhere in between. Best I had were from a farm out by Kirk Michael but I rarely go that way. What is everyone else saying?
  11. There's about 50 posts from a variety of people and some links explaining why it is a GOOD IDEA yet Horatiotheturd thinks he knows better without coming close to explaining why. I'll label people exactly what they are thanks.
  12. Fucking retarded some of the people on this thread.
  13. We are in a lockdown for fucks sake. One which was sadly predictable and entirely avoidable, and not supported by the governments own emergency plan. There is nothing, nothing at all, to stick up for the government for.
  14. You won't alter your opinion until it is too late? I know of a government position you'd be suitable for...
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