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  1. The only even close to justifiable argument for countries having a vaccination entry policy is that people travelling in to the country are much less likely to end up in hospital with that single illness. Whether that is a strong enough reason is debatable, and up to the individual countries. All other arguments don't get close to being strong enough in my view. Transmission is rampant regardless of what policy is in place. You can't stop it without dreadfully strong restrictions, and none of those are desirable or necessary.
  2. 9am on a Sunday morning! Some of us have barely risen, not quite ready for roundel chat.
  3. I'd have thought it would be an attractive position for the right person. With it being a small island with a low crime rate and obvious places for improvement it's the sort of job that should stand out to someone with the right mindset. Also, their ultimate boss wouldn't be Priti Patel.
  4. I don't. I can't. She blocked me. Think she called me a child, can't remember. I used to try and reason with some of manx covid twitter, but they all thought I was nuts (maybe I am) in pointing the reality of the situation out, and while you may call it self adulation I'd call it simply being right. One thing I've been wrong about though is that actually even less people are dying from covid than I thought would this winter.
  5. No, that was a journalist, who has apparently fled already.
  6. She was another one (of many) who refuse to accept that vaccines would do the job, and that everything else is just bollocks, but then there are loads of them. Vaccines work. I can't be bothered finding an up to date one, but masks etc 'plan B' very obviously don't (see also everywhere else including many with much stricter restrictions that also don't work)
  7. That poster is the worst of the lot. Poisonous. Hypocritical too. Ask her how her holidays have been in the pandemic while she's demanding everyone else do what she wants to make her feel safe. On top of that she is thick as fuck. No comprehension of reality at all. I am, of course, blocked by her.
  8. Two people in a month. Last reported death before these were announced was Dec 15 I think. Sad for the families involved, but in terms of society it is nothing, time to call it a day.
  9. It's only astonishing to people who are stuck in 2020.
  10. TheTeapot

    TT 2022 ??

    It was built as one. https://www.onchan.org.im/recreation/onchan-park/onchan-park-history Been threads on here before about it.
  11. Here you go https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/evidence-summary-covid-19-children-young-people-and-education-settings and a news article about the same https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59895934 To force something on a group of people 'for their own good' needs clear evidence of the benefits outweighing the harms. That report does not do that, and in the trials they reckon that mask wearing might have contributed to a 0.6% reduction in absence. Woopty fucking doo. They make learning harder though, there's clearer evidence of that in that report.
  12. Surely avoiding alcohol duty is what sustained it?
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