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  1. I accept the apology, although note maybe it is time to reconsider your unnecessarily aggressive and frankly shitty approach to topics. While I don't mind a bit of abuse, I certainly give it out, you seem to take that approach with other more polite members of the forum too, and maybe you shouldn't.
  2. Arbory, Rushen, Port Erin and Port St Mary commissioners should all merge.
  3. Someone asked a few weeks (months?) ago about how many steps the wall on Port Erin beach went down. We got to 11 and gave up due to spade length.
  4. I find it bizarre that so many of you don't think there is anything wrong with it. Imagine you were doing some kind of media relations course and your coursework was to design and produce that document as a functional thing. You'd fail that module. Anyway, the train trip was very pleasant thanks.
  5. Of course I can follow it, I'm at the train station now awaiting the arrival of my train, but to just scan it like that with the months out of any kind of sensible order spread over a couple of pages and cutting the minutes off is lazy and stupid. As Roger points out it is aimed at our visitors and it is not user friendly. I've not tried viewing it on mobile but would imagine it is even worse.
  6. You can't see what is wrong with it?
  7. Thought I'd get the train over to Port Erin for the 'Festival of the Sea' today so checked out the train times online first. https://www.gov.im/media/1364009/iom-railways-2019-timetable-0419.pdf Who is responsible for this going out online like this? FFS. It's pathetic.
  8. You wouldn't want Neil Down there ecobob, he'd just sit at the back offering nothing other than the occasional shitty meaningless remark. He would certainly never offer an actual opinion or engage in debate, because he is not capable.
  9. That picture was taken by a human, William Anders, on Apollo 8 and is called 'Earthrise'. It's a pretty famous pic, very possible someone would have stuck it up on Nixons wall. It's been flipped mind, to have a perception impact. Here's how it was when taken https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS08-14-2383
  10. what's wrong with posting this story in the MEGAthread?
  11. You can always tell when SJR has had a bad day at the races.
  12. 2 terms I think, but no idea how much they get.
  13. I quite like Dmitry Peskov. You can learn a lot of truth from a man like that.
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