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  1. Robs blog came up as a sponsored article on my fb feed,so I reported it as fake news and havent had one since.
  2. That's a terrifying idea. Buying new planes every year, running ones that are too small on the busy routes, and ones that are too big on the quiet, have a mysterious fleet of little cessnas that no one knows what they're for, trial dial-a-flight out of Andreas Airfield, it would be mad.
  3. But you can do all that here, now. Apart from the travelling thing being a nuisance (and you can still do it) everything in your rant is the situation.
  4. There's some serious kids tv nostalgia going on, with this, Fowler using Evil Edna, this mornings Moomin chat and allegations against the Clangers. I'm liking it.
  5. 3fm have done little interviews with most of the candidates, they're all on the 3fm fb page and are shorter than the Paul Moultan ones, and don't have Paul Moultan in them, so they're easier to watch.
  6. Yes, but you're a known nutter who'd have people birched. I spent loads of time with my 9 year old over lockdown and really enjoyed it, and now its the summer holidays and I should be out there earning big cos there's loads of work I've decided to only work some of it, so I can spend more time with him. What's the point of having kids if you just want someone else to look after them all time for you?
  7. Seen the story going round about the mountain railway? The DoI say they can't justify running it at the moment, because of costs, so the Manx Electric Railway Society have offered some cash to run it for a bit. There's a press release Now, I'm no fan of MERS because of their horse tram nonsense over the years, but this is a good move. I suspect that they know something behind the scenes that is wrong, and that the DoI won't own up to, so this offer is actually a ploy to see what they can shake out. I bet it'll get turned down, for 'reasons', but without actually giving what they really are. Certainly not 'we can't be arsed'.
  8. I'd much rather elect a 'complete fucking moron with as much sense as a fucking hamster' than the alternatives.
  9. Because gov.im is designed that way. Its really hard to find anything on there.
  10. Yet another reason to vote for him. Dresses like a loon. That's at least 3 now. Get him in!
  11. This is one of the most impressive videos ive seen so far https://www.newsflare.com/video/371810/unseen-footage-shows-moment-of-beirut-explosion-in-4k-slow-motion
  12. Because there is much more to life for kids than just school school school.
  13. All the more reason to vote for him. VOTE FOWLER
  14. It's not a criminal case, he hasn't been charged with a crime, I'm not entirely sure there even was one and if there was the burden of proof would probably need to be higher on behalf of the prosecution. A criminal case would probably not be beneficial to the lady involved. The GMC is supposed to deal with this kind of thing, and has. Shame it took so long, and that he was able to resign rather than be sacked. It's interesting to look back at the start of this thread, there has been some heavy editing. Wonder what hissingsid thinks now?
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