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  1. I don't really know, I think some things were done, but only after lots of noise. It is my impression that the old lease holders and the commissioners fell out quite some time ago really.
  2. I quoted it without comment as I thought it spoke for itself. The man is dumb as shit. Sort it out Onchan.
  3. No, the money is to be made from happy customers with positive experiences of the bank using their more profitable services.
  4. The mayhem continues over there, 13 year old chased down and shot by police in Chicago, the video shows him putting his hands up before taking one to the chest, while in Indianapolis someone has gone on a rampage killing 8.
  5. Because there is already plenty of doubt about vaccines and a confused mess about 'vaccine death' just increases it?
  6. It might have been that one that was satirical
  7. Could always build a big mixed commercial/residential area on top of the sea.
  8. Even if they're allowed to land here they can't do this bit because it's secretly broken.
  9. Just buy some shampoo, toothpaste and suncream when you get there?
  10. It hasn't stopped them. Just postponed it for a bit.
  11. As everyone knows I'm no supporter of him but, err, he did stand in the last election he could.
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