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  1. TheTeapot


    If it isn't true it could make nick crowe look like an idiot
  2. TheTeapot


    Actually he said he'd take "legal advise", which doesn't even make sense.
  3. It's incredible. The more I look at it the sillier it gets.
  4. I got the cane a couple of times at Park Road in the 90s, issued by Mr King. Unjustly both times in my view, and may well have added to my dislike of authority.
  5. 95% of the people who contract the bacteria that causes leprosy don't get symptoms. Oh, hang on, its actually really common that people collect disease causing pathogens and don't get the disease. Weird eh?
  6. It's interesting to note pretty much everyone was baffled by the lack of an emergency advisory committee, and now one has finally been set up theres a load of kick off because they do't like what it came up with.
  7. See also "mental" "hysterical" "loons"
  8. They haven't officially delayed any dates...
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