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  1. Thinking that 11yr olds don't need teaching about condoms and all the other bits of adult sexual relations yet makes someone a bigot is a fucking bonkers situation. Expressing concern about a wildly mishandled situation involving year 7 kids makes someone a bigot. SMH. Smoking a bit of pot needs social services involved. The world is fucking mental. Somehow I'm in the wrong.
  2. You can come and ask me in person.
  3. I mean, what a fucking appalling thing to say.
  4. Come say that to my face, I'm in Castletown.
  5. I'm going to stop posting about this because childless adults who want to sexualise children really gets to me.
  6. Most of them come from rape. Edit - ALSO you fucking idiot, someone FIVE years under the age of consent is not even a teenager.
  7. Children FIVE years below the age of consent don't need educating about condoms.
  8. You should probably spend some of that money on some food.
  9. I no longer had easy access to lots of drugs? I thought that was pretty clear from my post? Sometimes you just know the right people for a while. It's also a hassle.
  10. I'll know when it's time. That's a subject I understand, unlike modern sex education.
  11. I will be when he's older yeah. I mean, he's going to be a teenage boy, he will inevitably at some point come home smashed with big red eyes reeking of weed. I would prefer it if he waited until after his GCSEs. I'm going to be entirely honest about it.
  12. Yes, I suppose so. It was more a case of buying in bulk, sorting out mates and getting yours for free than hang round on the corner pushing smack, if you can see there might be a difference. Depends what kind of a person you are really. Like I said, in the eyes of the law there probably isn't a difference. They just prosecuted some troubled little girl for doing that (except it wasn't even bulk), so if you support shit like that then you'll call it drug dealing.
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