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  1. Still on twitter, although the link doesn't work
  2. He had a weird anti-semitic meltdown and got banned, and then got permanently banned for questioning the ban.
  3. Fucks sake they're going to close Poulsom Park off completely.
  4. I'd have some sympathy with the guys in India if they'd got back to the UK and found themselves in Heysham on the Friday after the last boat, but they didn't. They're still in India. They made no effort.
  5. There's a list floating around of 'UK companies who behaved like cunts' during the crisis. Maybe we need a manx one?
  6. I'm going to assume that Lxxx is trolling
  7. If it was, hey stinky, hook a brother up eh?
  8. Trump is getting desperate. Expect some kind of terror attack or something in the next week or so to be blamed on Iran. War is coming.
  9. Expect the gov to sue energy to get them to reveal who that was.
  10. They'll be desperately trying to find out who that nurse was - they really won't like that at all. No media questions either when today's briefing is finally shown. Could of course just be trying to fix the set up after yesterday's barely worked.
  11. You manage to present your late night show alone don't you? Why does the 5-7.30am slot need two presenters?
  12. Greenland https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/29/alcohol-sales-banned-in-greenland-capital-during-lockdown
  13. Pretty sure that if manx radio really wanted to reduce costs they could have less presenters on at the same time. Why on earth do they have 2 presenters on at 5am?
  14. According to this (pdf) one member of staff, presumably the boss, was in the £75000-£99999 band.
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