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  1. 4/9, thought I'd do better than that. Poor show.
  2. 1 manager to 3 postmen I was told. That can't be right though. Can it?
  3. Charging for GP appointments will lead to deaths, we have discussed this before on here. Some people, especially men, are reluctant to go to the doctor anyway, and a £10/£20 fee will further put people off. This will lead to late diagnoses, or serious complications from something that could have been quickly dealt with.
  4. Yes, that's who I meant, I'd forgotten about Beecroft. I just wonder what it is he actually does these days, he's pretty quiet. Maybe he does great constituency work for the residents of the paradise of Douglas East.
  5. You can go plant trees in Ballabeg this weekend https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2683731034995062&id=498114776890043
  6. I notice from your league table Roger that the only 'opposition' MHK (if that is still the case?) hasn't bothered to ask anything. What is the point of him?
  7. Yes I know that, I assume that's why you highlighted the sentence but not the word 'all'. It's the initial shock of the payment on account thing that is the problem, it isn't explained at all clearly in their advice sheet for new self employed persons, and comes as a bit of a surprise. Or certainly did for me, and lots of other people. Its been raised on here before and I know lots of other self employed people it has caught out. You quickly get on top of it though, and if you go in and talk to them about it they're actually really helpful. The tax office is weird. Really helpful in person, dreadful over the phone.
  8. Locked and loaded, ready for war.
  9. Sometimes schedule changes to radio are a really bad idea. See the lack of RadMac on weekday afternoon 6music for an example. Ruined.
  10. There is a fairly obvious difference between the two.
  11. Oh yeah its shit. They base it on what you earned last year +5% and expect you to pay it before you've technically earned it all. Tell them you'll pay £50 a month direct debit to shut them up, and kick off next year about it because they've just paid you a rebate and that its absolutely stupid. They stop bothering you after that.
  12. TheTeapot

    TT 2018

    I strongly dislike the TT, but I wouldn't like to see it stopped. In our increasingly risk averse H&S obsessed world the fact we have a race where danger is the name of the game is great. Insane, but great.
  13. Drove along the prom today by mistake. Seemed to be plenty of workers about. Why are the new horse tram tracks so high?
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