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  1. Employ me to defend you, guaranteed win, no need to raise the half mil. I really want to argue with these fucks. In public. I would accept Stella as payment.
  2. Personally I think they should have both resigned the day the nominations were confirmed. It just seems like that would be the right thing to do.
  3. The obvious problem is speculation and futures trading, all that completely made up stuff to make certain people rich. We should totally licence a well or two, let the company sell it for whatever they want if they supply the whole island with gas for nothing. We're a tiny place, it shouldn't be too hard.
  4. I'd very much like the Manx Trusth Commission to hold a public debate. I'll take them on, completely demolish every single argument and start laying down some truth of my own. Reading this Headcase or your moronic followers? Bring it.
  5. Apparently after you've caught it and the initial flare up subsides the virus lives in your spine forever. So that's nice.
  6. The sovereignty, as explained by the voice of reason is completely fucking dumb. It is his contention that everyone knew what they were voting for. It is clear they did not.
  7. UK doesn't use the chickenpox vaccine. They reckon by doing so it would likely increase the incidence of shingles in later life, creating a bigger problem. There is no point in vaccinating kids for covid, not in general.
  8. Imagine writing a massive rant based on a false premise. I'd be embarrassed myself. https://www.sceniccartours.com/iom-festival-of-motoring
  9. Well known countries for allowing political protest these days.
  10. Latest WHACKO conspiracy theory being pushed today - The UK government are purposefully killing people because, well I'm not sure. But they're doing it, deliberately. Apparently the proof is because some people are testing positive with a cold on LFT and then negative on PCR. So the gov is purposefully messing with the pcr. This nonsense is not being spread by the smileys or cat arses, no, but by the blue hearts. I fucking despair.
  11. Dunno which thread it is that @Amadeushas been going on about the election advert publisher info, but Mr Moorhouse is on it. Hand written afterthought maybe, but compliant
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