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  1. Moron. Go and find out Neil. Get in touch with the antiquarian society or something. DO SOMETHING NEIL. Instead of sitting there in your knickers being a goon all day.
  2. It doesn't. There's no point in talking to you, you lack the ability to understand anything. Are you retired? Maybe you could nip along to the museum library and find out some more about it?
  3. Wahey, a moron and a racist team up.
  4. I shouldn't need to explain myself, you should be able to think about what you have posted and why it might be stupid. As you clearly can't, can you explain, based on everything you know about how things work regarding infrastructure on the island, how you think it is possible that the DoI could knock down about a kilometer of stone wall and move it back a couple of metres? Can you imagine? It would as usual be an absolute disaster.
  5. It isn't my fault you cannot think.
  6. I like the little spats between PK and Quilp, funny stuff always but what is the point of real name man Dick Britten?
  7. Just sit down with a nice cup of tea Neil and have a think about it, see if you could figure it out.
  8. Meaning that as usual your ignorance stands out
  9. They should all leave under a shadow, every single one of them.
  10. As far as I understood it they were built as an emergency flood defense. It isn't desirable for them to flood, theyte sheltered gardens and that is their principle use, hence the winter barriers to try and keep the seawater out as much as possible, its very bad for the soil; but in extreme cases they are designed to flood. There is a lot of space to catch an awful lot of water, it makes perfect sense. I'd imagine someone in the museum library probably knows about it.
  11. "It was also noted that the sunken gardens were intended to act as defence by accommodating and preventing the spread of flood waters.’" http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51764&headline=Sea wall would have been 'detrimental'&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  12. Think Dougkas are nontraditional, Peel held theirs weeks ago.
  13. The last couple of ounces I've had have been pretty good, infact the second to last one was excellent.
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