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  1. Maybe it didn't happen? Although as I hadn't heard of an alleged racing incident allegedly involving some young kid, I couldn't possibly know. Fill in a few details there Albert please.
  2. Wrong thread. Apologies.
  3. And which groups of people would you like to see wiped out Rog?
  4. Everyone should send him kippers.
  5. It makes perfect sense to have weekend parcel deliveries. Ever been in the queue at the sorting office after 5pm? There must be so many parcels that get sorted, go out for delivery, and then go back to the sorting office again. Apart from being inefficient, it must be pretty demoralising. Wonder if they keep accurate stats on a successful first attempt at delivery.
  6. The reason the southern tip (and possibly others, not been for a while) started a cardboard only skip was because it classed as ecofuel at the incinerator at a cheaper rate.
  7. Frank the yank (the deck chair guy?) shagged his dog. Allegedly.
  8. TheTeapot

    TT 2018

    Well I hope so. Imagine an industrial accident, say a busy building site, a JCB has tipped over onto a half constructed house, the foreman tells everyone to down tools. During the waiting another person of officialdom instructs a worker to go into the cab and turn off the engine, the wall collapses and the worker dies. Who goes to jail?
  9. TheTeapot

    TT 2018

    That's fair enough, everyone knows this, hit a wall at 100 mph + and you're probably dead, nothing we can do about it. But this incident occurred under red flags, and it should have been 100% safe. It wasn't. There must be something I'm not getting about this incident. Just fucking take responsibility, pay the man and make sure it can never happen again.
  10. Oh dear. I'm gonna end up watching it.
  11. There is still that mystery lump of cash in the pink book for harbour plans that no one knows anything about.
  12. That'll be a pretty popular decision by our leaders I'd think. Most people I spoke to about it were ambivalent at best, and some were furiously against it. They should have a go at rebuilding Port Erin's smashed breakwater and putting their 24hr access marina there.
  13. There was a proposal the other day I barely read suggesting that the NHS should pay smokers to quit, and that in the long run this would save £billions. Similar situation here, a large initial cost to get treatment centers and help schemes up and running, offset by the improvement in health over a longer period of time. There is a lot more than just setting up a rehab center in Paisley and telling people they won't get nicked for a couple of bags of smack though. One of the interesting points the Portuguese guy raised yesterday was one of stigma. People don't seek help in situations where being known as a drug addict is badly looked down upon. His argument that changing from a criminal problem to a health one has massively helped with that. I knew a guy hooked on the gear (unsurprisingly now dead) referred onto methadone who wouldn't go to the chemist to get it because he knew people were watching. He was an idiot mind, but I guess quite a lot of heroin addicts are.
  14. See, that's what silly people would expect to happen. Take away the criminal risks of being a drug user and rather than the junkies immediately smacking themselves up to death the actual evidence suggests that they actually mange to manage their habit and cope much better.
  15. C4 news had a Portuguese guy on last night talking about this. There is a clear and obvious example to follow if they really want to get a grip on this. Drug related deaths in Portugal have fallen 10 fold over the course of their decriminalization and treatment policy.
  16. Hang on, why am I getting dragged in? I've not been part of any of the nonsense in this thread, I don't really know what's wrong with you all.
  17. "Nah, that was the DOT, different department, doesn't exist anymore, don't have their records, even if we did we couldn't look at them anyway cos of GDPR n that, sorry mate, nothing to be done"
  18. TheTeapot

    TT 2018

    I'm amazed it is getting anywhere near court. A quiet £millions and a private apology and ON WITH THE RACING! Look, look how fast the bikes are, it's awesome, believe.
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