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  1. I dunno man, they'd know you were a fucking idiot.
  2. To be clear I put most of the blame on the government approach in the UK. Which you can see from the second paragraph that you have selectively edited out of your quote, to once again come to a conclusion that isn't in keeping with the post. Did you see Dr Fauci having a go at Senator Rand Paul the other day for purposefully misrepresenting things? Cos that's what you do. All the time.
  3. Other factors from Sweden like no large gatherings, closing secondary schools and colleges (although not primary) and having a population that broadly responded positively to being asked to try and behave responsibly. They do seem to be a lot more grown up. The message about living with it and testing and tracing has been shouted loudly from a number of angles for some time, no one knows why the UK have failed to do anything about it. The more you into things the worse it gets too, huge amounts of money simply disappearing into bullshit schemes, mostly run by friends of the government. Even now with the release of this 'NHS' app you can see the bollocks and corruption. It's got nothing to do with the NHS at all. I don't want to turn into PK but these fuckers are criminally inept.
  4. Sweden sick pay is 80% of your normal wage (there is an upper limit) to stay at home for up to 14 days with a mild respiratory illness with no need for a doctors note (last bit brought in for covid). UK statutory sick pay is £95 per week. Some difference.
  5. A 10 grand fine would be far more of a prison to me than a couple of weeks in Jurby. At £50 a week, it would take 4 years to pay off. It is no contest. Also, I've already posted that both approaches are savagely harsh, did you miss that?
  6. No, but you instead end up with a ridiculous debt it'll take years for the majority of people to shift. That is worse.
  7. Obviously both approaches are savagely harsh.
  8. Whereas a 10 grand fine has what benefits? I'd argue that would fuck someone's life far more than a couple of weeks in jail.
  9. Isn't our focus and comfort that the domestic economy remains open and unrestricted?
  10. So the channel Islands handing out 10 grand fines is better than 4 weeks in jail, that's what you're saying yeah?
  11. Previously discussed here https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66127-manncoin-new-cryptocurrency/
  12. Personal data collection.
  13. Its been a few years since I was there, but there were lots of people getting monged of all nationalities. You can't smoke tobacco indoors, most cafes provided a herbal smoking mix for free if you didn't fancy taking your head off with a pure joint of super silver haze like some idiots (me) do.
  14. For a similar reason to going to Amsterdam. There is something very satisfying about going in somewhere with a menu and choosing.
  15. By the time tourists are allowed back people could have done a couple of grows, everything could be in place for a massive cash injection to the Island. It is so so obvious. You'd have MERA paid back in 2 months.
  16. I don't think theres any doubt a long messy lockdown has all kinds of negative effects. Even a short half decent one does. Doctors were warning right from the start of those kind of worries, especially missed cancer diagnoses. That's why it was a one shot deal, and you had to get it right.
  17. For fucks sake banker, you're making shit up again while posting a link to support your bullshit argument which immediately disproves it. You are either a) thick as fuck or b) a liar.
  18. You know what else 'required' a massive government subsidy? A big gas power station in Pulrose.
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