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  1. Is Natalie Byron still on the council? She doesn't seem to have much of a presence on social media.
  2. Where is it? Sandygate?
  3. I know it's not simple, that's why I was asking if anyone had 'done the maths'. I have absolutely no doubt that shipping aluminum away is the best solution. I am not convinced shipping paper is.
  4. I'd assume that a ton of newspaper has a calculable calorific value for putting into the incinerator for electrical generating use. Does anyone think DBC has carried out a CBA on shipping paper away for recycling vs putting it into the incinerator? If they have, do they publish it? If they haven't, what does anyone think the best solution would be?
  5. I saw a video a while back made an an america girl, about guys hitting on her. They'd ask where she was from and she'd say LA (or wherever) and they'd say 'no, where are you really from' and she'd conclude they were thick and racist, for she was of korean descent but born and raised in the US.
  6. Banker is one of those retired ladies who lunch.
  7. Perhaps the management company of such properties is paying commercial rates for the site? Commercial collections won't be fortnightly. Just an idea.
  8. Oh, they're going to turn it back into a school? I'd put 200 flats on it. This would be surprisingly forward thinking of them.
  9. Bowler closing throws up the possibility of that entire site being under one owner for redevelopment, it was kind of in the way.
  10. I think its pretty clear that amadeus wants to be involved in local politics because he genuinely wants to be able to help, i don't think attacking his motivations or how he got in is very fair. The reality of how things are in Douglas and the mess and the general awfulness of the corpy etc crack on like.
  11. A few years ago there was an attempt to get a Tesco Metro at Callows Yard. Can't say I was a fan of that proposal, parking would obviously have been a challenge, but the main reason it got turned down was licensing. Castletown had 'too many alcohol licences already' apparently. Since then there have been 4 alcohol licences issued in Castletown (3 active), and if the Bushy's thing happens there will be another one. Things like this make me extremely suspicious of the true motivations behind some of these decisions.
  12. Wonder if Hartford will get planning for their proposed development just up the road.
  13. I thought so. It's really quite horrible in there. Might actually be worse than the hideousness of Reayrt Mie. I'm glad someone has mentioned this. There is a host of junk on that site.
  14. I mean, just across the road is a 100 house estate being built on what were a couple of fields. And next door to that is a falling to bits former garage. How's that for 'adverse impact' on the landscape and views of nearby residents?
  15. The nearby registered buildings being presumably the college upon whose land this was to built? She's off her head.
  16. What's the reasoning this time?
  17. On the subject of Phil Gawne, he features in this article from the New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/24/world/europe/isle-of-man-manx-language.html "Mr. Gawne grew up knowing a few older relatives who could speak a bit of Manx, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s, he said, when there was an influx of new residents to the island, that he felt the desire to know more about the language." No mention of any other desires he may have felt back then.
  18. David Conn is an excellent journalist, normally focusing on financial shenanigans and other corruption in sport. His work with the families of the Hillsborough disgrace has been fantastic, for years. He is exactly the kind of journalist you would want to follow a story like this.
  19. Well quite. A wonderful example.
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