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  1. That's why it is time for a review.
  2. What's wrong the the existing thread?
  3. Wrong on this unsurprisingly. Maybe it is time to review all of your other wrong opinions.
  4. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/all-island-speed-limit-to-be-considered/ Howard is on the case. Wonder if they'll bother with the public consultation this time?
  5. Oh? Did music die in 2006? Explains why I'm not hip I suppose.
  6. You can't call for an entire nation yo be turned into nuclear glass and complain about being attacked for your views. Get a grip you total sausage.
  7. Rog is a massive racist dickhead and therefore any of his arguments, regardless of merit, can be straight out dismissed.
  8. I doubt Tim Baker would know how to mix concrete never mind how to repair it. And patching NEVER looks right and almost always leads to problems later. Wonder if they're still pouring it right up to the rails?
  9. Im probably not the right person to get into an argument about work permits, I'm all for the free movement of people, I've worked in Denmark, Poland, Spain and Canada and my life has definitely been enhanced by working and living with people over here from all around the world.
  10. Manximus ties his flag to Rog's mast, shows the class of the man.
  11. Was Angela Murray the person responsible for the 'Mohammed from Ramsey' nonsense?
  12. I should have added Scots to my list bit I note there's a tick for the youth.
  13. See the continuing bollocks about Castletown Square for evidence. Fat lazy people DEMAND to be able to park in it despite the overwhelming obviousness of the benefits of closing it for the summer months.
  14. This is why there was that campaign to get the IoM recognised by UEFA, but I think that died when the Ellan Vannin team management chucked their strop.
  15. Black people, brown people, yellow people, non English speakers, gypsies, homosexuals, poor people, communists, liberals, the youth and the French.
  16. I don't know his BUPA work, but I'd be pretty surprised if you could say "listen, I'm paying, I'm not having one of them do the work, whites only'
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