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  1. Just vote the right way this time, then they'll not ask again.
  2. Get all the 80 yr olds doing star jumps and squats in the park!
  3. TheTeapot

    TT 2022 ??

    You'd have to be fucking mental not to see a problem with that road. Or drive a tractor.
  4. I disagree, I think there absolutely is a need. That cartoon was published in the French newspaper 'Liberation' a month or so ago when news of this happening first leaked. America deserves strong criticism from all sides.
  5. One of each landed not long ago, about a minute apart. It was actually quite cool with the cloud being really low, you could hear them but only late on they both just seemed to drop out of the cloud.
  6. There's a nice new shed for the trams to live in.
  7. Couple of pretty hefty defeats in the by-elections last night for the Tories, but by far the best thing was Oliver Dowden quitting as party chairman while saying 'someone has to take responsibility'.
  8. Someone on twitter reckons there's an incident at the airport.
  9. Just shows how good the vaccines are really. If we had these levels in June 2020 at least 10 people would be dying a week.
  10. It was 20 shots to a pint. That would do you proud.
  11. We were. We were still serving an imperial measure, a fifth of a gil.
  12. Theoretically no one should be short changed cos the duty will adjust. It's up to the landlords to adjust their prices accordingly. Far more worrying is the apparent support for minimum unit pricing from the likes of Hooperman, despite a recent study partly written by the people who set it up in Scotland admitting it doesn't work.
  13. People used to get hilariously shitfaced on the Sunday lunch sessions. We'd put roasties on the bar and loads of salt and people would just drink like loons. It was great.
  14. It is an Airbus A400M Atlas according to the internet. It's pretty cool if you are out on the rocks at the back of the airport and you get that thing overhead.
  15. There's been one of those big military planes doing things there this afternoon. Edit - this one
  16. The one on Castletown by Station Garage isn't a Kirk Michael or just plain Michael chippy van. It's something else. They also give you way more chips than you need.
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