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  1. Their drinking habits have probably been influenced by daddy.
  2. Axios have run a little 8 part series of articles "off the rails" by Jonathan Swan that have been worth a read, he''s clearly got a couple of decent White House sources. Good account of the madness. Have a read through https://www.axios.com/authors/jonathanswan/stories/
  3. That's actually quite a good article for Sky, people should read it. It doesn't contain much in the way of positive news though, summed up at the end
  4. The death rate chart given in that data is incorrect for 2020 and features this in big writing NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus. Have you missed that on purpose?
  5. It's your proposition that shielding should be the way to go, give us a plan. you've raised this lots of times before, but any time the detail is requested there is nothing but silence.
  6. What's the point? You won't ever listen or take it seriously because you've already made your mind up. Edt - basically though there is too much virus, its too hard, its too late, there are loads of 'those people'
  7. There are loads of 'deniers' around, with a whole range of views. Some of them keep it well hidden, asking seemingly meaningful questions without ever revealing their agenda, all the way out to loons like this guy. You my find a common thread in their politics though. I'm kind of sick of them really, I've spent a bit too much time delving in to some of it.
  8. He is not and never has been a drug dealer. He may well like a little smoke.
  9. When the UK temporarily moved cannabis to class C (2004-09) it didn't happen here.
  10. You've just denigrated the people who work in our 'glorified A&E' hospital by saying that they've had an easy ride sat on their thumbs. I'd say that's fair reason to call you names.
  11. I know an ICU nurse over here, and speak to her often, she helps keep my spirits up, it has not been an easy ride regardless of the fact we've not had that many desperately sick patients compared to some places. There is a lot that goes on, it has taken its toll on her and her colleagues, they have basically been on high alert for a year. You're an absolute fool to suggest it has been an easy ride. Go fuck yourself.
  12. It was a much better game than the league one the other day. Liverpool look knackered, or some of them do. There's a big step off from the levels they have been playing at the last couple of years. Felt a bit bad for Rhys Williams making that mistake for the Rashford goal, he's got to do better than that really, but he's only young and he'll learn. Some step up from playing non-league last season to starting at Old Trafford. Luke Shaw played well again, he's looked pretty good all season after a couple somewhat in the wilderness after that nasty injury a few years back.
  13. TheTeapot

    TT 2022 ??

    This is a key point. I think there will be huge desire within the sport to run it again, but with the lack of practice of not just the TT course but road racing in general there's an even bigger risk than normal.
  14. Or indeed Toby Young and Alison Pearson of The Daily Telegraph.
  15. I doubt he'll get in. Especially standing in middle. He'd be better off in one of the Douglas seats. I've no idea what he does for a living either, and last I was aware of he was trying to live 'off grid'. I know him to say hello to, he'd certainly push on the weed laws and am sure he'd be pretty honest if he did get in.
  16. I do get your point, but the press are useless. They are notoriously bad at picking up some detail out of context and running with it. The risk of making things really simple is that that will just happen more. And as for government messaging, well, I don't have a single good thing to say about it. In the first lockdown the BBC had a guy from the ons on, every Tuesday. I used to watch him, because he gave a very clear run through of the published data. He was good and you could tell he had prepared well for his slot each week. I've not seen him on the telly for some time though, although
  17. Outdated by a few months now but this is what it took me all of 30 seconds to find (although I admit I have seen this before). Still, hardly hunting or hidden or difficult https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/covid19deathsbyageanddeathsfromcovid19only referring to the information on here https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/deathsinvolvingcovid19englandandwales
  18. I think it's approx 10%, or certainly was on a FOI I read on the ons site around november. I can't remember the exact figures but it was like 4500 out of 45000 who died with no pre-existing conditions. You could probably find it if you wanted to
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