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  1. Wow, the US is a total mess.
  2. the people who rave about Sweden are the ones least likely to understand what has gone on there. The Uk was in the nearly there bit last time I checked.
  3. https://www.endcoronavirus.org/countries
  4. Oh great, you're here to fill the forum with more bullshit. Don't bother replying to any of my posts thanks, I do not value your opinion.
  5. Well that went well. Cool stuff. I'll have a go at seeing it at 2215.
  6. Attempt 2 today, less than an hour if the weather doesn't kill it.
  7. Thanks for your reply. So the information from the antibody tests is to inform future planning then? To get evidence of how much of the population have immunity, that kind of thing? That was kind of my point, I understand what you've said about what they will tell you, it would be clearly be very interesting to know but I was wondering what its practical purpose was.
  8. Thomas speaks https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/comin-tried-to-abuse-emergency-powers-says-sacked-minister/
  9. It's going to be EPIC!! A government endorsed massive piss up. Who'd have ever expected that? It's a masterstroke.
  10. Maybe its just me and loose circles of people I know then.
  11. I'd dispute this, everyone seems really busy, tricky getting subbies in and getting materials can be a nuisance cos the yards are busy. I'm pretty surprised and very pleased at how quickly things have picked up.
  12. While the information from antibody testing would certainly be interesting, I'd appreciate if someone could tell me how useful that information actually is. Personally I'd say the priorities in testing should be faster tests, targeted testing (they might be doing this) and working on a system for testing arrivals. But I'm no expert. In the UK they're still picking up 2000 a day through testing but yesterday Sir Patrick Valance said he thought the true figure was much higher - around 8000 a day, and there are media reports this morning quoting scientists with similar figures, and a significant degree of concern. The UK remains a total mess, the borders are a way off opening, or should be.
  13. The report is out. Pretty long read. https://mmo.aiircdn.com/61/5ed0db1d1fd3e.pdf
  14. Is this it? https://www.gov.im/media/1352853/manifesto_christhomas_dcent.pdf
  15. The twitters are fairly busy on this story, there are a lot of posts. Julie Edge described him as the most intelligent person in CoMin
  16. He's still on a grand a week with an 8k yearly receipt free tax free expense account. Dropping your salary from one high amount to a lower but still high amount for doing less work with less responsibility doesn't make someone a hero.
  17. Also twitter stuff, I love that Biden has made this his profile picture. Its completely absurd.
  18. He's been shitting all over twitter for years. It is properly funny that they've finally fact checked him though, and his predictable tantrum.
  19. Haha it's not like he's going on MERA. What a nonsense argument.
  20. Oh well, now he's not in Comin maybe he'll come on and fire up his 'Lies etc' thread and drop some bombs. Pfft.
  21. No launch, weather problems. Something weird happened with the weather a bit north from there today. Storm Bertha developed out of nowhere and hit South Carolina.
  22. https://www.gov.im/news/2020/may/27/chris-thomas-mhk-dismissed-from-council-of-ministers/ Apparently he opposed the border being closed so I don't really care.
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