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    It was looking pretty shabby the other week, but so would anything spending a winter up there.
  2. Drove through today. Helpfully the bin bags have been removed from the road signs and the limit states 50, while at the same time the stupid electronic sign says 40.
  3. You can help https://www.manxwt.org.uk/what-we-do/ramsey-forest
  4. I can't. All I've been able to do with my Pi is turn it into an awesome retro gaming console. FFVII, MarioKart64 and SNES Superbomberman all the way.
  5. It is costing £20m to rebuild less than two miles of road on the prom. Imagine the costs on 25ish miles of railway track including the odd bridge or two. Under the management of the DOI. Hundreds of millions is being generous.
  6. It'll be the one in which in which the latest version of boredom/jack carter/cheezy wheezy decides to take a shit.
  7. Because it would cost hundreds of millions of pounds.
  8. Heritage Railways are a huge draw across the UK and pull in thousands and thousands of visitors. I've been on loads, Severn Valley, Llangollen, Great Central, been to the railway museums in York (fucking amazing btw) and Crich Tramway museum, they're all really popular and very cool. And I don't even own an anorak! The point Derek Flint made about Sodor is a good one, and it is a huge shame they pulled the other tracks up. That would have been a massive draw. As it is the trains we do have are still a serious draw for tourists. I use them fairly often living down south and there is always someone on them who has traveled specifically because of them. Talk to people, you find stuff out.
  9. TheTeapot

    Beer Tent

    The government decision to hire out the Villa Gardens to Bushys is actually one the best decisions they've made in years. They have known for some time that the gardens should be a superb venue at TT, but frankly haven't a clue how to run it, or indeed any major events anywhere themselves. Hiring it out to an experienced local person/company was the right thing to do. Be interesting to see what it is like when it batters down with rain for days on end though. Gets very wet on those grounds sometimes, the drainage is crap. Anyway, despite Bushys efforts there, Port Erin beach is still THE place to be at TT.
  10. Park and ride in the isle of Man means leaving your car on your drive and getting the bus. We've been through this, it is simply too small and people are too hooked on their cars for it to ever work. Look at the ongoing castletown fiasco for examples of how fucking thick and lazy people are. On the horse trams there really should have been a proper decision made at the start of the prom redesign to knock them on the head. Utterly pointless. But that decision wasn't taken, and now we're stuck with them forever, so we need to figure out how to run and use them in a better way. The current management certainly can't, their solution to everything is charge people more.
  11. They can't move it to the side over that part of the prom because it is needed for parking for all the old hotels which have been turned into flats. Fuck Dandara, project centurian and douglas 2000 for their dreams of a promenade housing estate.
  12. TheTeapot

    Beer Tent

    Maybe you should find it, my recollection was that on here at least most people were very supportive of bushys and less than impressed at the prospect of the hooded ram taking it on.
  13. TheTeapot

    Beer Tent

    People are weirdly hostile towards the hooded ram since the investment came in, but the pub is alright, £3 a pint the other day, and the off licence is ace. Although I've had to ban myself from going in there and spending silly money on beers I've never tried before.
  14. Its not that they don't like the word, its what they think it means. In iomgov speak save means charge more
  15. EPA is worked out over a 12 week period. Or at least it was.
  16. I can't be asked explaining it to a moron. Read what you wrote, look up the videos from tuesday night final whistle and have a think.
  17. Ugh. I' not after an argument, but that post is full of stupid.
  18. TheTeapot

    Beer Tent

    Seeing as there was a 5 year contract signed I'm assuming DBC will still be charging the rent?
  19. TheTeapot

    Beer Tent

    I asked them in the pub last Saturday and got met with "umm, dunno, not really sure" so figured something like this was on the cards. On a plus note, the beer was a happily reasonable £3 a pint.
  20. Anyway, I think that Henderson or Cannan should have all their bank accounts blocked for a month, give them an abrahams flat and jobseekers or basic incapacity and see how they do. Because until you've lived it, you haven't got a fucking clue how your decisions at the top affect those who do.
  21. I was on EPA/FIS for a couple of years when the nipper was small, it was very helpful, dunno how we'd have survived without it, although we'd have found a way. It does get you caught in a bit of a trap though, an opportunity arose where I could have earned a little more money but at the loss of the benefits, which over the course of a year would have cost us. There is a definite step where some kind of improvement could be made. I'm not sure what exactly, but if the aim of it is to help people get more or better paid work then they could actually find a way to help. Really EPA can help people drift a bit for a few years, you can come to rely on the money, which is probably not the point.
  22. When so much of the electorate is employed by the government, it is very hard to get elected standing on a platform of reform. Turkeys christmas etc...
  23. 4000, all already sold. 16700 for each club. All the rest for UEFA and its sponsors. Probably easier to get a job with Mastercard and blagging a freebie than buying a ticket through legitimate channels.
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