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  1. Easy to spin this story in either way. 1. Overzealous police resulting in death of sheep. 2. Person driving gets stopped by Police, driver sounds like they might've had a few, gets breathalysed, nothing to see, Claiming to be a vet on their way to an emergency would be fine if no one ever lied to the Police.
  2. That isn’t the point. It’s nothing to do with staff numbers and all about equipment. Beds, ventilators etc. It’s the calm before the storm now but we’re likely to need everyone of those and more on a few weeks time. Of course they KNOW there’s a major crisis coming. They’ve been watching the footage from all around the world and seeing how this escalates. They don’t need to tell us; watch the telly and you’ll work it out for yourself.
  3. I think it’s less to do with the time of key workers and more about hospital facilities. If someone is in an accident today that requires ICU they’ll be there for weeks or months blocking a bed. Not to mention that the fewer people going into hospital the better. Less chance of passing the bug onto hospital staff.
  4. Best hope no one starts panic buying tinfoil.
  5. I ride 3 or 4 time’s a week Port Erin to Douglas and home again; There’s a noticeable reduction in pollution in Douglas and apart from occasionally getting caught at the lights I haven’t had to put my foot down for ages; it’s great. If I get the bug I want to be as fit as possible to fight it so I will continue to ride as my daily exercise unless that too is outlawed.
  6. Agreed; I was secretly hoping for a bite!
  7. Fine if you’re based in Douglas. Trying to get from Port Erin to Peel on public transport is a pain.
  8. It would be a start; I recall my first visit to the Island; 2002. There was a genuine sense of arriving somewhere 'different.' Even in the relatively short time since then it's changed discernibly. Both gateways to the Island are unimpressive but the view as you drive off the ferry is so bad it amazes me people don't turn round and head back on the same ferry they arrived. Leading the way on fully legalised cannabis and forcing developers to build genuinely innovative eco-homes would help attract both visitors and people to relocate. Getting a real grip on ferry costs will help; you need a car here to get about and see everything.
  9. I'm afraid 'unique culture' is an increasingly rare commodity; for every good old Manxie you meet there are at least one hundred plastic Scousers and every village is surrounded by identikit architecture that could be anywhere.
  10. Realistically; if wildlife on Langness was the paramount concern then we'd close the golf course and allow it to naturally re-wild. I suspect the opposition is mostly down to increased traffic through Derbyhaven.
  11. That design would be great on the site of the old swimming pool (wont happen due to the influence of a nearby part-time resident) but losing the charm of the Nosey Crook will be a real loss; all our friends who have visited have remarked on how much they like it. One less place that makes the Island special and one more place that could be anywhere in the British Isles.
  12. Agreed; along with the Hotel School.
  13. Which is the biggest problem Port Erin faces; build 'luxury' apartments many of which are not occupied full time and the remaining population cannot support the village services. If everyone who could afford to buy one of those flats actually lived there and engaged in the village it would be a very different place with thriving good quality hostelries. Absolutely gutted about The Bay closing but it's being getting quieter and quieter over the last ten years.
  14. The Lurker


    Genuinely torn on this one. I understand the economic benefit but suspect that it will only really benefit those in metropolitan centres to the detriment of those in smaller towns and rural areas. I think that the investment in regional public transport should be a priority at this time; recently I travelled from Bradford to Wakefield on the train. It was slow and uncomfortable; driving between the two at peak times is no better. I ought to add that the planned route goes through woods I used to play in as a kid so my opinion may be jaundiced.
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