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  1. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    So Henry Ford single headedly dragged British working conditions out of the Dark Ages? There are many examples of business owning philanthropy; especially within the Methodist/Quaker communities but these are isolated examples. Nationwide improvements in pay and working conditions were achieved by Labour uniting to remind Capital that the relationship is symbiotic and that no business works without the people on the shop floor; something which successive generations of business owners; both private and state have to be reminded.
  2. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I was referring to 'Labour' in the political/economic sense; not the Labour Party.
  3. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    So your solution is what? Just take whatever erosion of rights and conditions are thrown down by a management structure that couldn’t strategise it’s way out of a paper bag? Downing tools is the only weapon in Labours arsenal when Capital tightens the screw; if we were genuinely ‘all in it together’ and the same changes were being made at every level of the CS including MHK’s I’d agree that the postal workers shouldn’t come out but I doubt very much that will ever happen.
  4. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    No; they got a look in because the encumbent government of the day embraced globalisation and cheap coal/steal at the expense of whole communities that their class created in the first place without a thought or care for the economic consequences for those families who depended on those industries; inadvertently creating the benefit culture and disenfranchising most of the north of England.
  5. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I’ll agree Scargill was a zealot but if you think British heavy industry disappeared for any reason other than right wing Home Counties ideological greed you’re a fool.
  6. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    You’re absolutely right; all the factory/mine/shipyard/dock/etc owners decided that they would voluntarily reduce their profit margins because Tories are such lovely generous souls.
  7. The Lurker

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Paid holidays; sick leave; end of child labour; not being summarily sacked on a bosses whim; reasonable work/life balance; ending dangerous working conditions....... Industrial action or the threat of it has done almost as little for us as the Romans.
  8. The Lurker

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    Perhaps apocryphal but I heard they did sub-2hour crossings during WW2. Maybe a U-Boat pen on the Calf could persuade them to go a bit quicker?
  9. The Lurker

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    I always thought (although with nothing to actually back it up with) that both boats were capable of making the crossings far quicker than they generally do but the sailing times were set for fuel efficiency.
  10. The Lurker


    On a vaguely related topic; I've noticed recently that roadworks (Port Erin and the QB) seem to be staffed by 'Wattling Street' workers. Is this a move towards subcontracting road works here or have the DOI just bought a job lot of branded signs and hi-vis from the UK?
  11. The Lurker

    Sexual Offences Bill 2019

    The 1950's called; they want their attitude back.
  12. The Lurker

    Lonan Gentlemen

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=44308&headline=Couple guilty of theft from landspeed record fund&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 Interesting one from Court; I hope this doesn’t overshadow the groups achievements.
  13. The Lurker

    Steve England for MHK For the people by the people

    I wasn’t criticising the burden of proof; it’s the legislation that’s weak.
  14. The Lurker

    Steve England for MHK For the people by the people

    SHE was simply applying the law; sadly it is not enough that an individual dresses as a paramedic; that person has to explicitly state that that they are a paramedic for the offence to be complete. The only witness that heard him state he was a paramedic conceded he may have misheard; in a criminal trial the burden of proof is 'beyond reasonable doubt' and there was reasonable doubt. She had no choice but to acquit him. It is a fault in the legislation; not the investigation or court.
  15. The Lurker

    More meddling with private enterprise

    More visitors to PE means improved facilities for us residents. Greater footfall may entice new businesses here. An improved local economy won’t necessarily put more money in everyone’s pocket but does make it a nicer place to live and visit.