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  1. The Lurker

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    Apologies; perhaps 'forces' was a poor choice of words, maybe 'has sex with someone without their full legal consent' would be a better phrase? I agree that reporting in these cases is problematic and that it's time that consideration was given to amending the relevant rules to prevent prurient speculation that can be catastrophic for victims and acquitted defendants alike.
  2. The Lurker

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    With the caveat of innocent until proven guilty; how on earth can you suggest that someone who forces another person into sexual intercourse, regardless of their age is ‘harmless enough?’
  3. The Lurker

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    I’ve heard from friends in the Police and via work that those responsible for the burglaries were arrested but without the evidence required to charge; it would explain why it stopped so suddenly and supports what Derek is alluding to.
  4. The Lurker

    Voting numbers

    This forum is social media. EDIT: I didn't mean that to come across as being wanky and pedantic; sorry.
  5. The Lurker

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    @ The Teapot I decided not to quote to avoid replicating your long post which in the main I agree with. I don’t see why individuals should have to pay for a licence to possess, use and grow personal amounts but I agree that it would provide an extra revenue stream to IOMG that would incline them more to full legalisation. Deceiminalisation is a pointless fudge that only benefits criminal gangs.
  6. The Lurker

    Do qualifications matter?

    I suspect they probably have rules that require them to advertise; transparency and all that.
  7. The Lurker

    Do qualifications matter?

    I’m afraid my private sector hat disagrees with yours. If I have someone under my nose who’s suited to a post there’s no way I could justify the expense of recruitment if that person is highly likely to get the job anyway. Especially as we will then have to recruit to fill their vacated post. Furthermore; it’s great motivation for other staff to demonstrate that advancement is likely if they’re hard working and show promise.
  8. The Lurker

    Do qualifications matter?

    The whole thing is fairly moot now as the new Equality Act basically means that unless a role demonstrably requires certain qualifications (think Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot etc) then you can’t demand that a candidate has particular qualifications. This; rightly in my opinion; ensures that individuals who may not have had the opportunity to pass exams as a youth can at the very least get a foot in the door. Any rigorous recruitment process can easily identify candidates that have the basic requirements of literacy and logic without relying on what exams they’ve passed. My firms’ recruitment involves a whole day that includes a dictation exercise, short essay writing and logic based problem solving tests amongst others before they get into an interview and the application forms themselves require a good level common sense to fill out correctly. In any organisation or company your staff are your biggest asset and your enterprise will thrive or die depending on their abilities and aptitude; it always makes me laugh when organisations rely on a simple application form and a short interview to recruit; they’re then surprised when someone turns out to be a chocolate-fireguard; ‘but they had four GCSE’s………..’
  9. The Lurker

    End of Douglas?

    That's not strictly true; I have a relative with a chronic condition that effects his bowel control and often urgently requires the toilet. He has a badge so he can park quickly and close to amenities. Not all disabilities or illnesses are obvious to the observer.
  10. The Lurker

    Cherry Orchard to become retail outlet

    Don't say that; Shoprite will buy it to stop them.
  11. I think that the more pertinent question would be how many people have killed themselves shortly after being discharged as not being a suicide risk.
  12. The Lurker

    Fairy tales?

    There’s more to life than profit. Some things are just nice.
  13. The Lurker

    Fairy tales?

    Just visited Dhoon Glen with the family today see the fairy houses (only found one.) The car park was full and lots of people in the Glen. Last weekend we went to Bradda and I’ve never seen as many people there.
  14. The Lurker

    Mr Skelly And The TT...

    No Idea; but rough maths shows that if tickets were £20 each they'd have to have sold about 28,000 to make that amount.
  15. The Lurker

    Mr Skelly And The TT...

    'The direct overall financial profit from the hospitality tent from direct ticket sales alone was £136,832 for the 2018 events' The word 'overall' would indicate that the venture made a profit but it's cleverly worded to be ambiguous; clarification is required.