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  1. They won't even be on the road for most of the length of the prom once the works are complete.
  2. At what point would you make it illegal? 10 minutes before a race? 5 minutes? 30 seconds? Only after a car/bike has had to swerve or emergency stop?
  3. A rare dose of sanity. Most will just get angry at the headline figures, though and the act surprised years down the line when we've cut back on everything "unprofitable" and there's nothing left.
  4. "Avoidable deaths are not acceptable in any ratio" (But I must be an idiot because I forgot that deaths are only bad if they involve a road closure)
  5. Then you'll be banning pretty much all leisure activities. Especially those reached by a car journey. That would have been 1770 potentially avoidable deaths last year in GB alone.
  6. Of course if we attracted a similar number of tourists to any other event, none would ever be killed or injured on the roads while visiting. Safest in the world when the TT isn't on
  7. We're all good to start the campaign to ban skiing though, right? Or do we accept that bloodsport leaving families without a parent because it doesn't involve closing a road?
  8. Or fly a light aircraft, or go mountaineering, or scuba diving, or skiing... Maybe we should ban people with kids from doing anything for 18 years of their lives. Only joking - none of the anti brigade care about people who die doing those events because they don't involve road closures for a few days in the year.
  9. According to this forum, dangerous activities are fine as long as they don't take place on closed roads. How much of a discount do you think you'd get on your tax bill if it was scrapped tomorrow?
  10. Let's prioritise then and stop our tax money being used for an airport available to light aircraft pilots and their death machines. Or aren't their lives as important because they don't cause longer queues in Tesco?
  11. Sensationalist "news" organisation prints sensationalist headline. Better ban everything now, guys Imagine if they gave the same coverage to other dangerous activities. Shall we ban the government supported carnage of general aviation to stop the senseless deaths of hundreds of leisure pilots (many of whom have families) every single year in light aircraft crashes? Is it less important because they don't need to close a road near you to take off in their death machines?
  12. There will be some here calling for the Red Arrows to be banned because it causes traffic, is very dangerous and sometimes the participants are injured (or worse), I'm sure.
  13. Some on this forum react with glee to reports of injury during racing and justify it because the road closures cause them a mild inconvenience.
  14. Has a distinct feeling of being done on the cheap this year with less information about local businesses and events around the island for visitors.
  15. There are plenty on this very forum who can barely contain their glee when a rider is injured or worse during a race as they see it as one step towards no more road closures.
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