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  1. I was told once that our local Mcdonalds serves 1 ton of chips a day but how true that is I have no idea.
  2. I'm thinking of using a couple of oil filled radiators to keep the chill off should be a lot cheaper than using the central heating and cheap to buy.
  3. They have there fingers in many pie's.
  4. H&B Own market town taverns.
  5. This is a H&B menu the UK chain is market town taverns. https://www.markettowntaverns.co.uk/
  6. I know Jason personally lovley lad in his early teens but family breakdown and substance misuse have torn his family apart. His mother has been in the paper a few times for drink related offences and he has lost family to overdose. I hope one day he sorts his self out and makes a go of life.
  7. If you drink it regular I'm sure he would order some in.
  8. The bottle monkey shop in Nelson Street has everything a beer fan could wish for and it's local.
  9. This is the price list from Cheltenham races the price of a pint across the UK is compatible on average to local pubs.
  10. Unfortunately the young man who went to prison for driving under the influence of prescription meds has passed away age 29. In my eyes the prison service and courts failed him he was released from prison with little to no support and went on to accidentally overdoses on the medication he was prescribed.
  11. The Falcons nest is owned by Haven homes now I belive. Maybe old news but it's new to me.
  12. He is brewing under Odin brewery laksaa is one of his pale Ales.
  13. Its offical news now.
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