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  1. He is brewing under Odin brewery laksaa is one of his pale Ales.
  2. Its offical news now.
  3. My wife works for RBSI and there is no intention of getting them back into the office any time soon.
  4. I haven't seen my inlaws in over a year now I'm not to fussed but the wife wants to get away. I'm fairly happy with our local situation and we need to keep our border shut until its safe to open.
  5. There is no real point having pubs open Monday and Tuesday there can't be much trade and no doubt cost more to be open than they make.
  6. He most definitely doenst have a gold plated Rolls Royce. Bottle monkey provided a fantastic service during covid and him and his wife have both been extremely busy trying to get beer out to anyone who wants it.
  7. You know what I mean my phone just likes to correct me on the spelling of Castletown.
  8. The bay has been shut a while now I belive it shut even before the lockdown Maybe making a return. Also the hooded ram pub doesn't show any sign of being open.
  9. I think peel is in need if redevelopment the twin centre is a shit hole. They need to try do something similar to castle town. Castle town is now vibrant on a night out with secret pizza and Compton vaults etc.
  10. No idea what your on about I know nothing about the inner workings of H&B. Mind you Im not sure anyone does.
  11. Are you sure they where delivering? It can't be far off now
  12. Plenty of people have been pulling the pipe the last 2 months.
  13. There not opening there emptying everything out also at the Manor today. A select few pubs have been fully emptied make of that what you will.
  14. 5G is already being trialed on the island by Sure and I know they are using Huawei technologie. Most of the islands excisting 4g systems are already running Huawei tec on the island. And actually this message is being written on a Huawei phone and its absolutely brilliant by far the best mobile I have ever owned.
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