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  1. But there is a backstory you're omitting, namely your obnoxious insults against the owner of the MannCat Sanctuary.
  2. Hah. Yes, TJ was criticized for posting too many various topics on different subjects. There's no winning. They'll moan if you post the same things; they'll moan if you are too diverse. Basically, they just want the forum to be boring like them.
  3. The head cases who post threads like this are the only problem. I personally don't see anything wrong with forum otherwise.
  4. I'm pretty sure the people in Sudan both north and south are capable of figuring out how to dig a well. I will take your comment pushing an imperialist, orientalist narrative of post-colonial societies as casual white patriarchal racism / islamophobia toward them.
  5. What a silly thread. There are people dying of hunger, disease, war and terrorism all over the world and Albert is worried this forum is dying (which it obviously isn't). #FirstWorldProblems
  6. I'm sure MI6 will know. He's probably on their payroll.
  7. If you're paid millions, you're no longer a wage slave because yo have the choice to retire and live off it or become self employed in a way that a minimum wage burger flipper could not do with his wage. If you could leave wage slavery and you continue in it out of choice then that's your problem. You're not being exploited. But the burger flipper or the low wage prostitute is.
  8. I am your God now, foolish mortals!
  9. Skeletor

    TT 2017

    I think we should get rid of the TT.
  10. At least unlike Corbyn she isn't an apologist for and friend of terrorists.
  11. Hopefully he'll be taken to court and locked up for trying to subvert democracy through bribery.
  12. Maybe pull your head from your arse for a moment and take a look at "your" society...
  13. The whole thing sounds sleazy and looks stupid. I predict it is just like the manxleaks website - a government run shill operation to trick people. If you're going to use a service like this, think of the possible leverage they will have over you and your reputation.
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