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  1. And what a fine parade they make, a few busts in there too. Even Charlie got one, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the link! So now I wonder more things... Who started the tradition? And how many have ever refused?
  2. We approve their greatness don’t we? Only fitting that we should pay to have it immortalised. I assume there is a basic formula with the provision of a Tynwald portrait, rather than a committee or individual who decides if you’re ‘great’ enough? Altogether more civilized as you’d expect.
  3. Now that is the sort or thing I can agree with. Excellent.
  4. Was it the same lot of Cowens as Tossy Cowens shop in the street?
  5. It was a hypothetical question. The same hypothetical scenario would apply if say there were a statue of Jimmy Savile as others have noted. Should it stay - hypothetically?
  6. I posted the photo of the Ronaldo bust because it’s a well known example of a piece that was considered to be a poor likeness - funny for that reason. However it does raise another good point. Ronaldo is well known for his philanthropy, but was accused of rape a few years ago wasn’t he? Would / should the bust have remained in place (in an Airport I think) if he had been found guilty? It’s effectively a present day version of the slave trader question. Does philanthropy and or great skill in a particular field erase what we would presently consider morally questionable actions (if they had been proven)?
  7. My guess would be that anyone who really did want to make a positive impact would be horrified at the thought of wasting resources on something so pointless, but that’s just my thoughts. If Ramsey town ever commission one of you I will be lobbying hard to have them use the guy who did this...
  8. I think that’s pretty much exactly my thoughts. Good to know I’m not the only numpity numpty. To me statues (and portraits hanging in Tynwald if you like) are a clear representation of the divide that exists within society - and probably always will. Those who want to be lead, who want to glorify leadership or ‘personal greatness’ and those who don’t - those who understand that there is no such thing as ‘personal greatness’ in almost any case - nobody acts alone to achieve their supposed great feats. That is how they are portrayed because that is how the people who want to glorify them wish to see it. This isn’t an issue most of the time, because outside periods of political stress they are almost entirely ignored or forgotten - because most people understand it’s not worth worrying about and are happy enough if some people wish to idolize a historical figure, in the same way most people are happy for people to practice whatever religion they like (statues are pretty close to religious artifacts in that sense) so long as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of us. Their simplicity of purpose or message (just ‘greatness’ rather than a monument to what this person and the people they relied upon actually did), is what allows them to become totemic - and so antagonistic. Should they be removed, probably not, for the same reason we wouldn’t remove a religious symbol. The problem would seem to be a political system which promotes antagonism. A political system based on the individual of course. :-)
  9. I agree, the current situation is politically driven, and anti-democratic. I suspect that even if the majority were not in favor of statues there wouldn’t be strong enough feelings to actually have them removed or prevented - because as you say, most people can understand live and let live. What we are seeing right now is the ends of the spectrum as is always the case when things become that polarized. It is interesting though that the concept of the statue can become such a flash point. That in itself says something about the idea of glorifying the individual doesn’t it?
  10. I agree the same applies to Brunel, Newton, pretty much anyone who has a statue where they are portrayed in that context - where their greatness is assumed / implied rather than directly relayed (which is why the Formby sculpture is just that, and not a statue). So a statue is a permanent instruction or reminder of the ‘greatness’ of the individual. But as you quite rightly point out, you won’t know what that greatness was (probably won’t know who they are at all in most cases) unless you actually receive the details of their actions. At which point (depending upon which source you receive), you will either accept what you are told or critically asses and make your own mind up as to their relative worth. So, as a tool for conveying ‘greatness’ the statue is not a particularly good device is it? I don’t know what you’re referring to, but I don’t agree with criminally damaging anything. The point is merely the purpose or logic of statues.
  11. Perhaps you’re right though, we’re not too big on statues locally are we. More fond of a portrait hanging in Tynwald I guess. Same logic though isn’t it? What are your thoughts on those? We pay for them don’t we, so you must have an opinion on them surely? There’s one of Goldie Taubman if memory serves me right, so that’s topical isn’t it?
  12. I thought statues were big news at the moment. Apologies.
  13. So that brings us back to the original question. What purpose does the statue of the individual serve, if (as you’ve just clarified) the reason they are represented is based mostly on the sacrifice of others (which seems to be a common theme)?
  14. Ah, but that’s completely different isn’t it, it’s not a statue of an individual person. It’s a statue to represent countless people. If there was a suggestion to replace Nelson with something representing the people who gave their lives under his command would that be a bad idea?
  15. What purpose does the statue serve?
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