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  1. It is only worth remembering if you ask for something different next time. If you vote for someone else promising the same arrangement you had with the last representative clearly nothing will change, no matter what else they are promising besides (that which they cannot promise because they have literally no power to achieve). In the case of the sewage charge Hansard shows that it was promised during the original vote debate that a full review on the equity of the charge would take place before it was increased again. Did that happen?
  2. It’s a “long term lease” (leasehold) from the Peel Empire. A good example of the difference between organisations that plan and negotiate for the short term vs the long term, the reasoning and benefits thereof.
  3. That was the afterthought. Ordinarily I would have kept pushing until I found out who was responsible for the policy, as ‘funeral director’ is not a protected or registered profession as far as I’m aware - there is no way to police the position. Technically I was the funeral director for the burial itself. I made the box, I drove him to the cemetery and I put him in the ground. I should have just phoned back and said I was calling from Hampton & Co. Funerals but obviously I had other things to deal with at the time, and he wouldn’t have really wanted anyone there anyway! I was only asking on behalf of his siblings really, and it’s been a shame for those who found out afterwards. Ahh well.
  4. Off topic... I had to do my Dad’s obituary on Facebook as Manx Radio will not announce a death unless the information comes from a funeral director. The justification given was that they didn’t want to risk people doing joke obituaries. I offered to bring an original stamped and signed copy of the death certificate and hospital notes up to Manx Radio in person but still the answer was no. Shame really as several people have contacted me since saying they’ve only just found out by word of mouth, and would have liked to attend his funeral.
  5. From my experience you are correct. I don’t recall being asked about ‘local’ issues much if at all, and I do think there was a general desire for change - that’s certainly the way it was reported in the immediate aftermath when the turnover was confirmed, and was the impression I had from the people I did speak to. In our case it was probably me who messed up the chance for change in at least one of our seats by standing but not being in a position to do what I should have (shoulda, woulda, coulda). Of course by not knocking on any doors I probably only heard from people who liked my unusual idea, so maybe my impression is skewed. Informal alliance and collaboration should work, but the numbers still have to be significant enough to overcome the machine for that to be possible. To my mind there is still only one thing which can precipitate those numbers - the public.
  6. There are political parties with apparently progressive intent. Presumably they don’t receive enough support to affect change because the island is probably more conservative in it's overall composition than those parties would like, or those who would support them understand that the format of the process after election is weighted towards conservatism - which is why we don’t need a conservative party. It is actually genius from a conservative perspective because it’s so well protected. The majority must support this model for it to continue with so little opposition though?
  7. Presumably they don’t have to accept it? Anyone know if an island politician voluntarily reducing their take or diverting it to support public services as was seen in UK recently?
  8. James Hampton

    Manx Tunnel

    I did. Always have enjoyed a long drive, though clearly when I say ‘epic’ I mean ‘utterly stupid’ with regard to that trip. I was naive, thought I was invincible, knew it all, business to grow, staff to pay, etc, etc. Customer wants the impossible... sure, no problem and all that shite. Did IOM to Algeciras non stop in a 2.25 Diesel Series 3 Landy once too, but that was with another driver, for fun! The Gozo trip I was on my own on the way down, and working. Was there for a day, then drove home. Thankfully the customer turned not long after that. Set the lawyers to kill at any cost after I requested a change to the schedule before the trip due to the imminent birth of my daughter (request not met obviously). Only the lawyers won after that. But at least I was insured, had a bit of stuffing knocked out or sense knocked in if you prefer - and learned how to say no to people with big cheque books. Did me a favour really.
  9. James Hampton

    Manx Tunnel

    I hadn’t heard about this. Seems a shame in a way, likely to dilute the character of the place (same would be the case for the IOM I guess). There’s also something lost when places are easier to get to I think. I remember a factoid I was told about the amount of time people spent at the Grand Canyon before and after it had a road leading to it. IOM to Gozo non-stop was probably my most epic road trip ever, during my brief stint as an international cat smuggler.
  10. Exactly what I thought. 2 Range Rovers and an S Class - there’s £1800 in tax disks before the other 3 are counted. Probably at least £3k all in, and only a £1k fine. He won this round I’d say. They’d be better off allowing monthly payment on this basis.
  11. So has anyone actually asked their MHK directly?
  12. This has to be the real issue doesn’t it? Despite what the regulars of MF might think the majority of people living on the IOM must be reasonably unconcerned with our political system and its output. The level of comfort maintain by the majority must be so great that they really aren’t bothered to consider the mechanics of it - because anyone who does is horrified and clearly most people are not horrified are they? And that must be to the credit of the system I guess, right!?!
  13. Whether it was funny or not is for the individual to decide, which they could do even if they’d commented by turning off notifications for that post. Blocking everyone’s access because you’ve personally decided it is no longer funny and you have the power to do so is pretty much textbook megalomania.
  14. A post was made in the ‘what, where, who group’ bemoaning the fact you could no longer buy half a cucumber in Ramsey Co-op I think. Wasn’t clear if it was a joke but was done in a ‘massive injustice’ stylee so it received the response you would expect. Went a bit viral locally with everyone and their dog piling in on the joke and carrying it along. For no logical reason the comments were then closed, no sign of anything nasty or abusive that I saw, ostensibly just because people were enjoying it too much. Classic case of moderator megalomania.
  15. Just a snapshot of a wider problem. Residents have effectively been robbed and are paying directly by reduced service and increased costs, but rates could double tomorrow and would anyone resist? Unlikely. Makes me wonder how much would be too much. How much would trigger a response. Seems likely central government have realised this and LAs are now being lined up as handy scapegoats to carry the burden of cost being offloaded by central government via the rates ‘modernisation’
  16. But I thought everyone loved this system? Best we can do I was told repeatedly.
  17. LIDAR is good, but still not good enough to accurately estimate the habitable area of a house even in combination with the other data they have. I’ve done a lot of transferring data between satellite imagery, LIDAR and full ground surveys. It’s good enough if you’re knocking up a planning application and the odd meter here or there doesn’t make any difference, but if we’re going to be charged x/sqm I don’t think it’s accurate enough. At the end of the day if you think you’ve been measured incorrectly I’m guessing it will be up to the individual to prove otherwise. Or maybe I’m too cynical again. The basic principle of using such an arbitrary factor to decide how much tax you pay is extremely regressive, not that we should be surprised.
  18. Not good enough to differentiate between a hedge and a shadow in our experience.
  19. Not consistently, older properties especially inaccurate. In theory government have been collecting survey data for a long time, but that isn’t verified either. They tried to do a similar thing a while ago with field boundaries I think and that was inaccurate too.
  20. The current system is a mess. This proposal is also a mess, and above all patently unfair - which is clearly why the government did not ask a direct question on the proposal when they had the chance. The most basic logic would do away with property rates entirely, as clearly there is no correlation between the form of a property and the cost of local services. It would make far more sense to scrap it entirely and move the cost to income taxes - though Chris Thomas denied they have any data on income and residency! The aerial photography solution is clearly going to be an absolute nightmare, with the onus on rectifying government guesstimates no doubt left with those who will be paying over the odds if they don’t correct the errors. I appreciate this is a poison chalice, but really this solution couldn’t be much more ham fisted.
  21. As I said earlier in the thread, I think numbers of vehicles licensed rather than registered over say ten years would give a far more informative data set. I quite fancy finding out actually as it would also shed light on the population question. I’ll have a crack at an FOI later if I get time.
  22. You saying the case wouldn’t go anywhere is not the same as proving liability has been removed. Your original suggestion was that IOMG could change to be ‘like’ the UK in this regard, however the fact is IOM Motorsport already runs under the scheme of reduced liability you claimed was a removal. If you’re running an approved event your liability is the same IOM or UK. The only gray area I’ve never had a clear answer on is what would happen if a Manx court tried to summon a UK GOV backed body. IOMG could reduce liability for organisers, however I can’t see that really being a vote winner as most of the legislation concerned is ostensibly there to protect the public.
  23. I think (could be wrong) that most organising bodies do offer some insurance for organisers in terms of civil liability (true for MSUK for instance), but again not absolute and subject to compliance. Most organsing bodies - whether authorized or not - are essentially insurance providers. MSUK provide permits, which is the legal requirement, and within the permit is insurance.
  24. The point you tried to make was that the UK has removed liability for event organisers. That is not true, and none of the links you’ve provided say that. There is a significant reduction if you can show compliance with regs - irrespective of whether it’s a motorized or any other form of event, but nowhere does any info I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot) offer a total removal of liability as you indicated, even if compliant. Prove me wrong. 100% clear exemption please. The IOM could draft its own law, but it would have to overrule all the other laws as listed - which would clearly be madness.
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