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  1. No, but I do believe in Santa if that helps
  2. Ha ha, True......except, they’re a charity, all staff are not theologically trained, bar the main leader who has a bog standard degree with no leadership of a church in Ireland prior to taking this role. I suppose that doesn’t matter as long as the sheep are convinced by ‘love bombing’ (yes it’s a thing!) that this is an essential part of life in living together and not having anything to do with the great unwashed. Amazing how the excessive salaries imho compared to other denominations then be defended and accepted by members. But they probably know if they were to say anything then the
  3. Surprised this hasn’t came up? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=59019&headline=Living Hope pastors take a small pay cut&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020
  4. Ha ha, just don’t ask the people in PSM about the house that mr stanfield had last in PSM which couldn’t sell and in order to move up to douglas which was needed to happen in spite of the sale as he saw it as an opportunity to go big time in the big smoke of Douglas, the church subidised the rent on “that house” for over a year whilst he still had the other house. Oh and there’s never does seem to be an honest answer as to how he really afforded all of this. Or the minister in peel who had his rent subidised until he sold his house in Scotland. Or one of the leaders in peel who had
  5. This is well documented in this and previous threads. To give a flavour: 1. Mr stanfield cajoled the Louis group opened their building and enjoyed trips at the benefit of mr lakos, who is one of the directors banned from serving as a director by the FSC along of course with current pastor Rousseau moss also banned. I’m sure those that contributed to Louis group under the favour of living hope certainly feel aggrieved. 2. I know personally of people who attended the church in the past and dared to question the methods adopted by the leadership in never ending world wide mission t
  6. To be fair mr stanfield from memory resigned from southern befrienders a couple of years back as it probably got in the way of the “work”. The article claims that stanfield recieved approx £63,000 if an annual salary! I suppose charity begins at home (no pun intended) but it makes you understand why a previous tv salesman smiles at every opportunity. just don’t challenge him or his cohort about it, you may end up getting the cold shoulder from both him and the self proclaimed apostles!
  7. And they are back in the news...... apparently the pastors have given themselves a pay rise according to the iom newspapers. A few comments about how they help people in the community. Does anybody actually know what they do that helps?
  8. To quote from the above article “While the exchange between the king and the prophet is so bizarre that it is tempting to just laugh it off, there is a humbling lesson for all of us in the actions of Ahab. The truth is that each one of us will occasionally miss God’s message to us because of our sentiments regarding the messenger that God uses. .... When we are confronted by people in church there are many different reasons why I could take offence at what they say to me. It could be because I don’t like what they are saying. Maybe it is the tone in which they speak. Pos
  9. But, this person from their four 12 group has kinda given a different message..... I’m confused as he suggests that instead of dismissing awkward persons you should maybe think differently.... http://www.four12global.com/articles/christian-living/who-is-really-offending-you/
  10. Also in connection with the reference this morning to Mr Stanfield suggesting that people remove untruths and how he doesn’t get too involved in it. This series of blogs shows how wolves in sheeps clothing should be expected to be treated. https://lovegodlovepeoplelovelife.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/a-dummies-guide-to-spotting-wolves-in-sheeps-clothing/
  11. This video was quite some time ago but shows the perils of speaking against the men in authority of the church.
  12. From the four 12 global Facebook page. A plea for support from living hope pastor Euan McRae. “Stand with us in prayer for our Partners in the Isle of Man, and even more so for the uninhibited sharing of the gospel and freedom of religion worldwide! #pray #freedom #partners "After a fantastic Four12 conference we should not have been surprised that some of the enemy’s cages had been rattled! Certainly on the Isle of Man it is vital for followers of Jesus from every denomination to stand shoulder to shoulder as a new wave of christianophobia rises against the church.
  13. This was the post in iom news and politics: “This post is being done under a pseudonym due to fear of libel action and intimidation from the living hope church. This week has been a very tough experience for me. On Thursday evening I was at the Living Hope Church conference in the Villa Marina. I have been a member of the church for about a year now and these past couple of days have shown me the true side of the living hope church. The Thursday evening had a pastor from South Africa called Ryan Kingsley who gave a homophobic sermon on “sexual immorality”. The pastor used the analog
  14. Very interesting post just put on by someone who is scared to put their name to their post due to fear of intimidation. See below. Has this all gone to far?? When is a charity not a charity but a profit making enterprise for those in the know? Quoted from iom news and politics “ This post is being done under a pseudonym due to fear of libel action and intimidation from the living hope church. This week has been a very tough experience for me. On Thursday evening I was at the Living Hope Church conference in the Villa Marina. I have been a member of the church for
  15. Andy onchan read this: https://carm.org/is-salvation-by-works-true I think this might help. and this: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/bible-verses-prosperity-preachers-wish-didnt-exist/ Be very careful and diligent to the teaching of these people.
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