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  1. Totally agree. If you're scared of catching the Virus then don't go to busy public places, wash you're hands regular and keep 2m away from people you don't trust and IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH COVID !!!! Do this, and let the rest of the Island get on with life and let the tourist industry earn some money, to pay some taxes, to pay you to stay at home!!
  2. I totally agree with you about children and education. If i had my way, i'd have sports a two or three afternoons a week, and introduce subjects that kids can relate to, and also allow's for practical studies for kids who do not enjoy physics, biology, english lit, RE etc etc. Some of the most successful people have no education, but they have something called 'common sense'. But, this is about teachers, and the lack of hours worked through the year. Why do they think secondary age kids need half term? Why such a long summer holiday? The unacceptable answer is 'because we always have', and that's not good enough in today's society. Pay them well, and give them 6 weeks holiday. I'd love National Service to be re-introduced, but that's another topic!!!!
  3. I've no objection to teachers earning a good wage, but why the need for so much holiday. Surely 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks at easter and 2 weeks in the summer is more than enough for anyone. The only reason schools had 6 weeks in the summer is to help get the harvest in 100 years ago - we now have tractors and combines to do that!!!!!
  4. Long term it's a great idea. Should last 10 years without any maintenance, so £130k per year is good value as it will be well used.
  5. If the iom was as close to England as the iow, it would be swamped with tourists, and I'd think it would loose a part of its charm. The TT and manx are brilliant for atmosphere, but not every week of the summer.
  6. The IOW isn't a patch on the IOM. Think the only things i'd swap are the weather and ease to get on and off the island.
  7. Thats a great point. Riders setting off on 10 second intervals, so not a lot of over taking and less dangerous!! Great for letting possible TT riders have a go. Could be a great venue for classic bikes as well.
  8. Never said i lived there, only visited a few times. My memory not what it was!! Just checked, and they had 60,000 people for the music festival last year , so no problems getting large numbers over. The famous 1970 IOW festival with Jimmy Hendrix's last appearance had a reputed attendance of over 600,000 !!
  9. IOW population around 220k, so say 10% attend plus 25k from mainland is around 50k. Would say that is very conservative.
  10. I really hope this works out, but i have my reservations as looks like there are quite a few house's on the circuit. I bet 40 to 50% of the population have retired and moved to the IOW for a quiet life, and the last thing they need is being locked up for a week in the middle of a race track with 50,000 spectators. The Military Road is spectacular, and i have played golf at Freshwater a few times, which is a mile from the proposed track. The last time i played there, the Island was clear shies and 30oC, but there was really thick sea mist on the whole of the Military Road and the course was shut!! Apparently, this sea mist comes in quite regularly, which isn't ideal. There will inevitably be serious injury's ans possibly deaths, which is accepted (not the right word) by the Manx population, but i'm not sure it will be tolerated by the IOW pensioners. I'm guessing they have any idea how ferocious and hard core road racing really is.
  11. I'm all up for the IOW TT. Personly, I find the roads on the IOM excellent. You should see the state of the roads in Hampshire and Surrey - pot holes every few hundred yards on all roads except m/ways, hedges not cut back any where the last few years and congestion like you've never seen!! One of the reasons i love the IOM. I think the ferry to the IOW is the most expensive crossing per mile in the world. It can cost up to £100 for car plus 2 to cross the 5 miles!! Makes Steam Packet seem cheap!!
  12. I know the IOW quite well, and no chance will the locals let this happen. The roads are generally crap and very busy, and the night life is shocking, Not the sort of place that would put up with a few thousand 'bikers', and to be honest, not the sort of place 'bikers and motorsport fans would want to go. It couldn't be more different to the IOM.
  13. Only 11 deaths and 530 new cases in the uk with 60 million population. Come on, get that border open !!
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