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  1. I think Bass is doing fine atm. Perhaps in a couple of years time, they will need to employ a paid manager with experience in non league english football, and move forward from there. I was told that once they are into a higher division, they will not have to pay travel costs for teams coming to the IoM - that will be a huge financial boost that should allow the players to be paid part time.
  2. I'd imagine foreign players will be introduced slowly over a few seasons, and there's no reason why 3 or 4 manx players couldn't play at conference / league 2 level. I do agree they play quite direct football, but you have to play to your strengths. I watch a bit of league 1 football, and still plenty of teams playing direct football successfully. Jersey have shown the model can work
  3. I'd designate it as a World Health Hazard, particularly the bogs !!!!
  4. The Times reporting Johnson is to announce plans to exploit new areas of the North Sea for oil and gas reserves for the first time in three years amid spiralling energy prices No excuse to not move forward with the gas exploration in Manx waters. Get it sorted now.
  5. I really think any talk of zero emissions needs to be delayed until we (the West) are in a position to stop buying Russian gas and oil. Gas, coal and oil can all be burnt in a fairly clean manor for the next 10 years, assisted by Green energy, not the other way round. I think we can see that Necleor, assisted by Green energy is the only way forward for the next 50 years. Crogga need to be given the go ahead asap.
  6. What a proper brace of wankers. That picture shows every thing that's wrong with football.
  7. It takes 5 to 10 years to develop a vaccine, unless it's urgent !! I'll have to believe you, but that seems a bloody long time.
  8. Tbh i haven't a clue. Assuming things fall into place, I'd have a stab at 6 months to sort out the hardware and 3 months once the rig is in place. Say a year from now if everyone signing from the same sheet. Do you know?
  9. I think most people are happy to invest into zero emissions 'when' the technology is ready. It isn't yet, won't be for a few years and we need energy now!! Gas is one of the cleaner fossil fuels, relatively clean to extract and we have a pipeline to distribute already in place. Let's crack on, and start drilling asap.
  10. Think this now needs some serious thought. Europe is going to have a huge gas deficit and prices are only going one way. If there really is a large volume of gas i'd extract and sell it asap.
  11. winnie

    TT 2022 ??

    50,000 ?? I think you'll be looking over 1,000,000 worldwide. Just read Gas Monkey alone has 4.8m followers, and they'll be all over it.
  12. winnie

    TT 2022 ??

    That's an absolute bargain. I was thinking it would be more like £50+. It costs me more than that to watch my crappy League 1 football team on iplayer!!
  13. That's a brilliant video, and exactly what could happen. I watched Robbie Savage Macclesfield FC last night, and it gives you some idea of the investment required as they are in the league above IOM. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59179227 Accrington, who are a decent Div 1 team survive on gates of around 2,500 so it can be done.
  14. Yes, I've watched football in premier ship, championship, div 1, div 2, conference and many leagues below that as well.
  15. What do you mean 'normal football in England'? No doubt food and beer outlets will be improved once they can confirm demand, but signs are all promising.
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