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  1. We arrived back sat 17th and had two neg tests with the 3rd this Friday? Can we go out as we've isolated for 11 days? We came from an area with 10 cases per 10k and drove without a stop, so more risk catching it here!!
  2. We arrived back sat 17th and had two neg tests with the 3rd this Friday? Can we go out as we've isolated for 11 days? We came from an area with 10 cases per 10k and drove without a stop, so more risk catching it here!!
  3. This government are always too cautious and slow to respond. They're terrified of making a wrong decision so make no decision. Nothing will change unfortunately!!
  4. I'm in the 'open up club' and had my first jab, so i'm not worried one little bit. I'd drop borders tomorrow if it were my choice, but i'm trying to suggest a system that is acceptable to all, and will actually work.
  5. If there's no deterrent, the system will be abused. What do Guernsey do when people refuse to isolate?
  6. Absolutely. Think it's an easy to work system and make it known there's a four week spell in Jurby for those that don't comply
  7. Problem is they can still carry it. Think testing has to stay for a while, but the system needs to encourage people over, not discourage.
  8. Run it as residents only for a month and see how it works, then let friends and family members in.
  9. According to the BBC Southampton is 50 per 100,000 and Liverpool is only 20 per 100,000 so you argument doesn't work.
  10. That is a brilliant system, and perfect for entry to the IOM. Use a driving licence or utility bill to confirm 'home address' and crack on. My family in Hampshire have a rate of 10 per 100,000 and haven't heard of anyone that's caught Covid for over a month including all the kids at school.
  11. If the borders don't open in June they never will. Shutting the borders was all about protecting the health service, and the whole 60 million population are getting around 60 deaths with covid per day. That equates to just over 2 per month on the IOM. No excuse to not relax the borders
  12. Sorry, you are misunderstanding me. I'm saying the health service have coped easily with the number of covid patients in both waves, and have the capacity to work with a few covid patients alongside the regular patients. I thought the only reason to lockdown was to protect the health service, and this is easily possible with the current vaccination level. Just want to say, the health service and especially all the nurses do a brilliant job.
  13. Unfortunatley, yes on two occasions in the uk.
  14. It spread here very quickly because the IOM was not practicing any form of social distancing, which would have to be introduced for a few months if the borders were relaxed a little. Think table service in the pubs etc. I'd suggest that cases slipped through the quarantine period because the rules were crap, like others in the household still going to work, and the fact that some people broke the rules and didn't quarantine. This is more likely to be the case when it's so tough. Let people out to exercise on day 7 and they are more likely to stay in the rest of the time. The health s
  15. I've understand the current uk testing system will always pick up a certain amount of false positives, and for the amount of testing they are doing it's around the 5,000 figure, which isn't much below what has been reported. Just open slowly and keep an eye on things, but please start to relax the borders a little.
  16. Please explain why? The uk rates are as low as the testing proceedure allows, most of the 50+ year olds have had a vaccine, covid hospital admissions are virtually zero in the uk and the death rate is below the average. Please tell me why some-one can't travel back to IOM, test day 1 and 7, then be allowed to shop for essentials and excercise outside for the 2nd week?? Don't dare say because the IOM are trying to be covid free, because it's too late for that. Covid is here and it ain't going away - accept it, and work around it.
  17. I think it's time to open the borders and fall into line with the uk, who actually have a lower rate. Open the schools, go back to work but keep pubs etc closed for a while til over 40s are vaccinated. Then open up as the uk relaxe.
  18. Don't think radiation would survive in there!!
  19. That's why there's sanitiser in the shops. Do on way in and way out.
  20. Absolutely. Just got to clean hands regularly, be sensible and narrow the odds of catching it.
  21. What about transmission via the food coverings? I believe the virus can survive quite a while on a surface. The customer will open the bag, touch the food and straight into the mouth.
  22. Sorry, missed that. Fair enough. Border's not open til September!! If the uk death rate stays low, then no reason to keep borders closed as all vulnerable people in iom and uk will have had their 1st jab by end of April, and absolutely no reason to not open borders fully by end of May latest. Unfortunately, people die at all ages in life.
  23. Pleased you tested negative. That's where the system is shit. I've travelled back on the ferry 3 times in the last year, and last time had to isolate for 2 weeks and test day 1, 7 and 13. You have been in the same room as a live Covid case, get tested once and now free to crack on!! One, or both of these systems is too extreme.
  24. I've been on 3 return ferry journeys since covid arrived, and always felt very safe. The staff all wear masks and are constantly wipeing surfaces down. Some of the passengers don't wear masks, and the staff don't ask them to mask up which annoyed me, but generally very good. Give them all the jab asap and crack on as things are.
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