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    You are too nice for this forum :-D Try the Facebook pages!
  2. 100K you are having a giraffe! You could be fine on £30K if you owned your own house.
  3. I live oop North in Glen Auldyn. Hope you like motorcycles. There is a lot of that sort of thing here. Plus try to live outside of the circuit or life can get a little difficult during the TT & the GP. Looking back on our young family days this would have been a paradise for our twins. The people here are lovely too.
  4. I think you will like the IoM, but don't refer to the UK as the mainland, it sets the natives off a bit I think it's a great place for a young family, we bought our place just over a year ago and we are currently transition from the other island, but we are retiring here. I would also look at some of the IoM facebook pages as this site will give you a very odd view of the people here!
  5. All the terms have been redefined. Fascists now means someone I disagree with too. Liberal means something different according to Americans, UK politics and the dictionary.
  6. First reboot all routers and booster. Routing tables can get scrambled. Especially if you are doing any peer2peer down/up loads if you get my drift. After that and it's still pants and you have closed the browser and reopened it call the provider. That's my protocol.
  7. No but I am scared of the emergence of AI. As is Elon Musk.
  8. So are you saying that Pakistani rape gangs were acting during the TT and preying on young local/UK girls? I am a bit confused.
  9. I had the Lasek treatment too, the cornea slicing one was not available 20 years ago. My daughter also had this as she plays contact sports.
  10. I have had it for 20 years, no problems. I think you should also factor in the possible issues with infections if you choose contact lenses instead, also lack of oxygen to the cornea can be a problem with contacts. The cornea flaps heal like any other part of the body by the way.
  11. I had my eyes lasered 20 years ago, and it was a great decision. One of my daughters had hers done a year ago, all a big success. Still don't need to wear glasses at nearly 60. I have the usual age related issues though with small print to I do use the off the shelf reading glasses for very small print on labels.
  12. No I was not upset, why would I be. I am upset that others may persecute her. I think this a normal maternal feeling. I don't really understand your reasoning for this question apart from to insinuate that I am against gays, which is bizarre really.
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