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    I'm back in this Northern crap house trying to avenge the death of my brother.

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  1. JackCarter

    TT 2017

    Neither can you. You seem to be mentally retarded. I've looked at a few of your replies tonight and I really find it hard to conceptualize just how thick you seem to be on a scale of 1 -10. You seem to be at least a 12.
  2. JackCarter

    TT 2017

    No you're being silly (and accusationas of being "silly" are interesting anyway as that is interesting use of language) as Albert makes a good point. If you bring over a packet of butter in your own car no commercial rate applies. It's only a commercial rate if you are commercially doing it. If you are returning from a picnic with 3 packets of butter in your car that's just living your life. No different to letting a few mates stick a few bikes in the back of your van (not for any profit) as that's just helping out a mate. It's not acting in a commercial capacity.
  3. Still trying to be provocative to attract attention? Those gestures are a sign that people care at the very least. Unlike some people who don't seem to care at all and think it's all a big laugh taking the mick out of events where mass deaths have occurred.
  4. But being trolleyed isn't really an excuse for what you said is it? It was just being deliberately provocative to try to wind people up. It wasn't very nice either given 100 probably died.
  5. I think she was genuine and was genuinely appalled by what happened and tried to make a difference in the only way she could. I'm sure if it was 1942 she'd be packing gunpowder into bullets.
  6. JackCarter

    TT 2017

    There is quite simply no other more dangerous event in the world. Dont be phased by Notty as he can't produce anything to refute that. The stats over 100 years are clear. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Snaefell_Mountain_Course_fatalities
  7. JackCarter

    TT 2017

    You must be tired. I'm amazed you have the will power to post.
  8. Probably longer but then something's just need to be said.
  9. What a horrible smug little turd you are. Making jokes about the death of maybe 100 people just to get attention from people on an Internet forum. You need help.
  10. Maybe they couldn't believe it the first time so came back for another look?
  11. It's terrible to think about. It will take them days to structurally secure the building and do full checks. Doesn't even bear thinking about how grim that task will be.
  12. JackCarter

    Road tax

    That's as I under stood it to be. I didn't use the word mortgage I don't think. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. JackCarter

    Road tax

    I was correct in saying it hasn't been repaid yet and, as you confirm, it won't be repaid until 2033 at the earliest. In addition I thought that the fund did have a charge over the assets (i.e., the buildings and land). So if the NI Fund ever wanted to have recourse to what was leant early it could only do so by selling assets notionally charged to the fund? Not that this would ever happen.
  14. Heh, heh You can't have too many schools.
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