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  1. OK, I spoke slightly tongue in cheek. But seriously, I think more should be done to encourage people to self treat minor illnesses, or things which aren't really illnesses in the traditional sense, like sprains and strains, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, workplace stress, upcoming court case stress, exam anxiety, flight anxiety, ferry anxiety (eh?) and so on. All of these things, and many, many more, find their way to the door of the GP, and then people who have more traditional medical illnesses wonder why they can't get appointments.
  2. Great. Bring it on. You would be astonished at the number of people who book an appointment with the doctor (because it's "free") when their problem could be treated with simple over-the-counter remedies which they could have bought at the pharmacy.
  3. FFS, it doesn't make any difference to anything, they are all the same. Might as well have Kim Kardashian for PM for all the difference it would make.
  4. If you think people in England are bad you should try explaining where the IOM is to people in Canada. I had a bank statement from there addressed to me at "Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands". I suppose they thought that was close enough.
  5. I bought an off the shelf shed from B&Q which is a little flimsy but does the job. It has a tendency to blow away rather alarmingly in strong winds so I weighed it down with a load of breeze blocks inside. Previously I bought a shed from across and had it delivered by Island Express, because that worked out cheaper than buying it on island
  6. When I was a kid growing up in Manchester, we never took shoes off when going into a house - it just wasn't culturally expected. Then when I spent 11 years in Canada, everyone took their shoes off when going into houses because Canadian weather is shite, and if you didn't take them off you would be tracking snow and dirt in all the time. In fact, everything about Canada is shite which I why I ended up back on the IOM, but that's another story. So having returned from the aforesaid Shiteland, I found to my surprise that culturally things had moved on while I was away, and now it is much more the expected thing to take your shoes off when going into a house, especially if they have cream coloured carpets, except of course for people like the Queen or Donald Trump who probably don't bother because nobody would dare tell them off if they tracked mud into the house, except maybe Meghan Markle. I can see her having a thing or two to say about it.
  7. Most likely outcome in my view: as no patients were involved, "just" a warning from the General Medical Council, which will be incredibly stressful and not be concluded for several months: https://www.bmj.com/content/350/bmj.h2481
  8. Must be very disappointing for all the people who have paid a lot of money to come here. If poor visibility on the mountain section is the main reason for cancelling sessions, I wonder if it would be possible to hold a "limited TT" eg. racing from the Grandstand round to Ramsey, then riders returning to the Grandstand at "normal" speeds via the Laxey coast road. Might be better than cancelling the thing altogether.
  9. Andrea Leadsom, who resigned as Leader of the House of Commons yesterday. Kate Beecroft, who resigned as IOM Health Minister in 2018 Is there a connection? I think we should be told.
  10. That Lezayre Road cycle lane (just outside Ramsey on the Peel road) is the nuttiest thing I have ever seen. It is a cycle lane on one side of the road only, going into town. Assuming that Ramsey is not a sort of cyclists graveyard, where they go in and never come out again, those same cyclists have to cycle back out again the same way they came, this time on the opposite side of Lezayre Road where there is no cycle lane. So the effect of the cycle lane is to force cars away from the cyclists going into Ramsey (good) but into the path of cyclists leaving Ramsey (not so good). This gives the appearance of really not having been thought through. Plus Lezayre Road is really too narrow to accommodate both car and cycle lanes. Are there any cyclists on here who would like to comment?
  11. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-business/manx-telecom-buyout-completed/ Apparently a bunch of suits based in Mayfair, London, trading as Basalt Infrastructure Partners, have bought Manx Telecom for £255 million. Now, I don't claim to understand high finance, so this is a genuine question: what does this mean, in real terms, and should we be worried about it? Presumably the suits in London see it as a good investment opportunity, and the reason they have paid £255 million for it is because they hope to recover their original stake, plus lots more money, by extracting annual dividends from Manx Telecom, i.e. the money gets siphoned out of the island and gets spent on private jets in London, stockbroker mansions in Surrey and whatever all else very rich people spend their money on. Again, should we be worried about this? Maybe not. Manx FM doesn't seem particularly worried about it and they've given it the same amount of airtime as the axing of the Jeremy Kyle TV show. So maybe I am worrying unnecessarily about it. It just makes me a little uneasy, that's all.
  12. Two ducks were doing it in the surgery car park as I arrived for work this morning. Gladdens your heart to see that Spring has finally arrived. It reminds me of the days when me and Mrs BD used to (rest of post edited for reasons of public decency)
  13. The Revolut website says "we don't believe in branches". So is there any way of topping up a Revolut card using cash?
  14. The report says, at page 6, "there are fewer GPs per head of population on the Isle of Man than in England and their workload may be unsustainable" and at page 17, "There are few standards defining what GP practices are expected to provide". It would be really helpful for me if "rules of engagement", so to speak, were set out so that we all know what is an appropriate thing to take to a GP and what is not. For example, let's take work related stress. I frequently get asked to provide sick notes for people who have had a falling out with their co-workers, or they have been suspended from work pending an investigation into something they have allegedly done, because being "off sick with stress leave" is somehow administratively easier for everyone to deal with than being "suspended on full pay" which used to be the traditional way of dealing with it. It's actually nothing at all to do with me or the health service, and employers and employees need to learn to thrash out their disagreements among themselves. There are lots of other examples I could give you, but this is just one example to illustrate the point that a lot of the stuff which GPs see is non-medical and takes up time which could be better spent elsewhere.
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