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  1. Is there a connection? I think we should be told. Bus stop at National Sports Centre IKEA Warrington
  2. Yes. But I still like it here anyway. Tip when buying things online here: put your address as "Isle of Man, United Kingdom" because even though it's technically incorrect, it saves an awful lot of problems with postage and suppliers refusing to deliver "outside the UK".
  3. What scares me much more is what happens when they start phasing out Windows 7, due to start next January. I absolutely, totally, do not want to use Windows 8 or 10 as I find them the most irritating operating systems on the planet, if not the entire universe.
  4. They ought to know better. "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" and all that. The Boss made that perfectly plain in Matthew 22:21.
  5. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/brexit-kippers-will-be-cheaper-to-post-claims-boris-johnson/
  6. Reminder: the IOM is on Gardeners' World at 9pm tonight, re. Laxey allotment. Further to my post earlier this year about my crusade to transform my own allotment from a sad looking patch of weeds into a food forest, four months later it is looking like...er...well, enough said, I'll post another photo at some point.
  7. Despite / because of the high prices, houses are slow to sell, both new build and older stock. And yet there is a frenzy of new house building. I agree, it doesn't seem to make sense. My guess is that house builders have to keep building houses, regardless of whether they are selling or not, or go out of business. If you're a house builder and you think "I have an overhang of unsold properties here, I'll just stop building for a while until they are sold" you are going to either have to let employees go (to your rivals) or pay them for doing nothing, ditto expensive plant and machinery, ditto Portacabins, contracts with suppliers etc. So I suspect they keep building in the hope that the market eventually picks up. And if it doesn't pick up - well, that is a story which is likely to end badly.
  8. Back to the original topic...I had exactly this concern over Theresa May's resignation speech (remember her? - seems a long time ago...) Before she got to the teary eyed bit which attracted all the attention, she said, and I quote: "The deficit is almost eliminated, our national debt is falling and we are bringing an end to austerity." Now that cannot possibly be true, not because it's my opinion, but because of basic mathematics. Mathematically, the national debt is the sum total of all of the accumulated deficits over the years. Therefore, for the national debt to start falling, the annual budget deficit needs to be first reduced, then brought down to zero, then made negative, .ie. a budget surplus is produced. Then you use the budget surplus to start paying off the debt. It is mathematically impossible to maintain a budget deficit, however small, and pay off the debt at the same time. So I did a bit of independent research and found this from FullFact, "the UK's independent fact checking charity": https://fullfact.org/news/theresa-mays-resignation-speech-factchecked/ They say that May's speech is correct, and the justification they give for saying this is to use a sort of economic magical sleight-of-hand and say that the national debt isn't really the debt at all, it should be looked at as more like a ratio between the debt and the GDP, and if you do this, why, hey presto, the debt falls without you actually having to pay any of it back! Marvellous! So the point I'm making is that I agree, fact-checking is only as good as the fact-checkers, and if you put garbage in you will get garbage out.
  9. Good God, this is a 72 page judgement relating to a whistleblowing / sex discrimination / bullying / harassment claim and it's only the directions given at a pre-hearing review - the main hearing itself is yet to take place. All of this legal work is presumably, one way or another, being funded by the taxpayer. Although I have sympathy for whistleblowers and victims of discrimination etc, it raises the philosophical question of when you should stand by your principles and fight, and when you should vote with your feet and walk away from a s**t job and find a different job (as in "there's a boat in the morning..."). I've done the latter twice in my career and not regretted it (my only regret being that I ever took the two s**t jobs in the first place). Maybe it's time for both parties to move on rather than throwing more taxpayers money at this.
  10. Wow, if that happened that's about as bad as it gets. Usually an automatic striking-off offence, and much, much worse than (say) ordering cannabis by post. The strange thing is, until today I had never heard of him. I never get any letters from him. I had to look him up in the email directory to confirm that he really exists. I wonder what he does (in his daytime job, I mean, not in his spare time...) But one note of caution though: these are allegations, as yet unproven, from one complainant. Often in these cases there is more than one woman making similar allegations, but when there is only one, one has to bear in mind the possibility that the complainant has mental health problems and is fabricating everything (after all, she was seeing a psychiatrist...) I think we need to suspend judgement until this case is concluded.
  11. Yes. If you watch Gardeners World and listen to the pearls of wisdom dropping from the lips of Alan Titchmarsh and the like, you will notice that they are forever banging on about "well rotted manure" being good for the garden. Un-rotted, or partially rotted, animal doings contain various nasties like pathogenic bacteria and chemical residues which may not be good for either humans or plants.
  12. After trees are newly planted, you can't just walk away and forget about them, they need a certain amount of tending until they get established. Nothing fancy, just weeding, watering in dry weather, and protection from grazing animals. I suspect that's what went wrong with Millennium Wood - people probably just lost interest after the initial excitement and publicity was over. As a gardener, you have to have a long attention span (a few years). I see lots of trees which have died for lack of basic attention, including some on our own road. I would support planting native species, but also fruit bearing trees to form a "community food forest" because I think food shortages are going to be in our mid to long term future.
  13. The pigeons pecked all the tops off my pea plants on my allotment. I want revenge.
  14. Mostly I agree with you, except that I take a rather darker view and I think we are f****d, and have been since about the 1950s. I think the post WW2 era was probably our last and best chance to build a better world and change the direction we had been heading in since the start of the Industrial revolution. Instead of which, we pursued more economic growth, more population growth, more fossil fuel use, more cars, more intensive agriculture, more globalisation and financialisation of the economy and all the rest of it. So I think we have now painted ourselves into a corner where we have a global population which is about 5-10 times the level which can be sustained by non-fossil fuelled agriculture, and an economy based on Ponzi promises which can not, and will not, be fulfilled, especially where pensions are concerned. I won't spell out the end of this story, which is entirely predictable. But I would still support the rights of people to protest about it.
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