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  1. Dear Balladoc, Thanks for email and sharing your interest in this event. I have included Paul from our Motorsport team who are leading on this initiative and advise further details. Tannee sauchey – Stay safe, Laurence HON. LAURENCE D SKELLY MHK Minister Department for Enterprise Member House of Keys for Rushen Member Tynwald - World's oldest continuous Parliament Isle of Man – World’s first Island Nation UNESCO Biosphere
  2. To: Mr Laurence Skelly MHK, Minister for Enterprise laurence.skelly@gov.im Dear Mr Skelly I am pleased to see the latest initiative from your department, which is to allow tourists to ride the TT circuit on an ATV, as advertised in this cruise brochure: https://www.primaholidays.co.uk/tours/uk-southwest-liverpool-poole-tradewind-cruise Although I am a resident not a tourist, I would be very interested in taking part in this event which I believe is due to take place between 25 July - 4 August this year, according to the brochure. Please can you tell me where I can bo
  3. Do the people booking this cruise actually know that the IOM is not part of the UK and the borders are closed? This is what it says about it in the cruise brochure: https://www.primaholidays.co.uk/tours/uk-southwest-liverpool-poole-tradewind-cruise "We'll make our way to the Isle of Man overnight, docking in the capital, Douglas, come morning. Here, you can ride the mountain railway for fantastic views over to Britain, or take to the world-famous TT circuit in an ATV." (Eh? Did I read that last bit right?) The words "trade descriptions act" come to mind.
  4. One of these days I must get round to setting up a Facebook account. And a Twitter and Instagram account...
  5. Sorry, missed that thread as I don't usually log on at the weekend
  6. WTF is this? Looks like a cross between an 18th century schooner and the Death Star. The greyed-out windows make it look a bit sinister. I believe a photo of this ship also appears in this week's IOM Examiner.
  7. I agree with you - but here's the other side of the argument: "The days of the 'bobby on the beat' in Oxford are officially now a thing of the past, a top city police officer has said. Acting Inspector Neil Applegarth, head of neighbourhood policing in Oxford, has said a targeted approach is more effective at tackling crime. Mr Applegarth, who is based at St Aldates Police Station, said that modern-day efforts were directed towards more focussed police work." https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/16390238.top-oxford-cop-says-bobby-beat-thing-past/ It's the age old tension
  8. There seems to be an epidemic of this sort of thing. The toilets in Ballaugh had a notice on them for a long time (possibly still do, I'm not sure) saying "toilets closed due to repeated vandalism". I can't imagine it's the same people.
  9. Netcetera is based on the island, near the airport. https://netcetera.uk/ I use them for my website, and they are good, although they have a slightly bizarre billing system which seems to operate by telepathy: you think about paying them some money and then before you know it and without any warning, said money is extracted from your credit card, so just watch for that.
  10. Our Manx Telecom internet has now been down for over 24 hours, the Manx Telecom website says under "network status", "there was a problem yesterday but our engineers have now fixed it" but clearly they haven't fixed it, at least not for us. I believe the Sure network is still up and running. Does anyone have any views about whether Sure or Manx Telecom are more reliable overall?
  11. I agree in principle, but in practice that can be very difficult, especially if granny/grandad has dementia and the adult children both work full time and have young children of their own to look after, as was the case with us. My mum's dementia had probably been deteriorating for several years, unnoticed by the rest of us because my dad was taking care of her and keeping the lid on it. When he died, her dementia was unmasked (that's very often the case), she started wandering the streets at night looking for him, she couldn't remember how to turn the oven on and off, she became increasing d
  12. According to manxwildflowers.com there is a specimen of Ozark Witch Hazel in Silverdale Glen. It's a large shrub or small tree, not native to the island so presumably brought in and planted at some point, it should be in flower right now and the flowers are very unusual and distinctive and look like the picture below. I was in Silverdale Glen today and I couldn't see it anywhere. Has anyone come across it (particularly those of you who live Down South)? I'd like to photograph it for my book on Medicinal Plants.
  13. That's an interesting use of the word "sustainable". Every year the IOM imports around 25 million litres each of petrol and diesel, a similar amount each of kerosene and gasoil (heating oils), 110 million cubic metres of natural gas (to heat homes and generate electricity at the Pulrose power station) and an unknown quantity of food - at least, unknown to me because I wasn't able to find any figures, even from this Tynwald paper which didn't seem to want to talk about it: https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/Tynwald 20142016/2014-GD-0076.pdf This is anything but sust
  14. One thing which frustrates me about these population debates is that almost nobody is willing to stick their neck out and say what they think the IOM population should be. For example, it was 40,000 in 1821, 63,000 in 1980 and 85,000 today. So does that mean that today we have too many people? Or that in 1821 we had too few people? Or do we still not have enough people and we need more? Getting more people of working age onto the island to support the retirees seems to me to be a glorified pyramid scheme, because many of those young people will stay on the island and grow old themselve
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