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  1. I just want to make sure I've got this straight in my head. People in work pay taxes to the Government which allows the Government to employ people, fund social programmes and so on. So, fewer people in work means fewer people paying taxes, which means less money for the Government, which means...more Government spending?
  2. Far be it from me to spoil a good story with too many facts, but the article also says that while the total number on the Govt payroll has risen, the number of full time equivalents has fallen, suggesting that people on the Govt payroll are now working on average shorter hours than they were, which could be interpreted as a Good Thing (I think we should all be working shorter hours). http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=58019&headline=Government staff numbers increase&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020&cat=Politics
  3. My understanding is that the word "main" is a covert reference to "Spanish Main", that part of the Spanish Empire with coastlines on the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, and which was the scene of appalling human rights abuses, genocide and slavery. Source
  4. Occasionally I see patients who have had things done to or for them abroad, and I think I'll start keeping an informal record of which ones went well and which ones went poorly. The only country I can specifically recall at the moment is Poland, and I was not particularly impressed with the outcome of treatment there, but I expect that as in the UK, there are good and bad doctors within the same country and it probably wouldn't be fair to tar them all with the same brush. I've no experience with Lithuania.
  5. Of course GPs are always there to give medical advice and treatment to people who genuinely need it. But we have to try to avoid getting diverted into "grey areas" which are legal / administrative rather than medical and which take us away from our medical duties. For example: someone who is on probation, misses an appointment with his probation officer and then comes in for a backdated sick note so he doesn't get into trouble. Or someone who should self certify for a minor illness for a week but comes in for a sick note from us because "my employer doesn't accept self certification notes"
  6. I feel sorry for the GP who seems to have been dragged into this against her will. The judgement is peppered with phrases like "the medical advice was that she had to self-certificate for a period of 2 weeks", "she acted in accordance with the medical advice from her doctor" and "the advice to self-assess was equal to a sicknote." Our advice to patients at the start of the pandemic was very clear: "We are not issuing any sick notes for self isolation etc. You and your employer need to go read the published Government guidelines and act accordingly". We did that precisely because we didn
  7. Make sure the physical address / location and the phone number you are giving them are compatible with each other, because if they are non-congruent with each other it can do all sorts of funny things to your Apple account
  8. I'll await the "more details about the body will be published soon" with interest, but what I'd like to see is more information about long term objectives. For example, Mr Cannan said we need to "enable growth" and "We will invest in our economy, seeking and developing opportunities for our local businesses to grow and develop." https://www.gov.im/news/2020/jul/21/budget-update-2020-100m-economic-recovery-fund-to-enable-isle-of-mans-fightback-from-coronavirus-pandemic/ That sounds good, but how much growth are we talking about? Growth forever, or just up to a certain point? Does
  9. Sounds harsh, but actually I think it's fair enough. Some people are too soft about wild animals and think of them as large but lovable pets, when in fact, there are some animals which are not capable of ever being fully domesticated or trusted around humans. Case in point: Travis the chimpanzee, who was kept as a pet until he unexpectedly ripped someone's face and hands off: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_(chimpanzee) Other non-domesticable animals which are kept as pets but regularly kill people include crocodiles, lions, tigers and of course, bears. Giving the bear the ch
  10. I think the Climate Change Bill will go the same way as the Ramsey Marina project, to that great compost heap of never-to-be-implemented good ideas. It's a long Bill but here are my thoughts in brief: The target is net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is a reasonable objective given that (a) we need to do it to reduce the impact of climate change and (b) we will be forced to do it anyway at some point by the laws of physics, whether we want to or not, because there is only a limited amount of carbon on the planet available to burn. However, I think few if any of the provisions of th
  11. Only £10,000, which is a bargain https://www.gov.im/categories/working-in-the-isle-of-man/public-appointments/ oh wait, that's just the relocation package
  12. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=56295&headline=Wanted: Someone to lead health and care transformation in the Isle of Man&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020#readComments "Now recruitment has begun for an independent non-executive chair for Manx Care. He or she will be responsible for ensuring transformed health and social care services are delivered for the people of the island." Well, actually, no. I grappled with this paragraph at some length while trying to figure out what was wrong with this picture. The whole point of being a non-executive chair is that you are
  13. I once played "There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover" on my accordion to a packed audience in a long stay geriatric ward on the Isle of Wight. That was possibly my best ever gig, but unfortunately my musical career went downhill after that, and I ended up here.
  14. He was evidently a wise old git as well as a nice old git
  15. Speaking with my gardening hat on, the "last frost date" is very important because frost can wipe out tender seedlings, but whether frost occurs, and on what date, varies a lot depending which part of the island you are in (even for such a small island). For example, as far as I recall we had no frost in Ramsey this year, but that is probably because in town, a lot of the daytime heat is soaked up by buildings, roads and pavements and then radiated out again at night, evening out the temperature. However, at my allotment 2 miles outside Ramsey, we had a whopper of a frost on 14th May this ye
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