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  1. BallaDoc

    Ramsey Marina

    Yes, that particular decision shifted the centre of gravity of the town up towards the north end and contributed to the decline of Queen's Pier, which was left as a "stranded asset" in a part of the town where hardly anybody now went. Queen's Pier used to feed directly into what used to be Ramsey town centre with all the sleazy pubs, sailors' and fishermen's lodgings, boarding houses, small shops and all the things one would expect from a small port.
  2. BallaDoc

    Ramsey Marina

    Still on the trail of Mr Bromley-Martin... Take a look at this: it's the "Contact" page of one of Mr B-M's websites, Port Evolution and Development: http://www.port-edl.com/contact/ See the picture on the page: it's a picture of a container port, the implication being that it's one of the Russian or Nigerian ports they helped to build. However, there is nothing in the picture to identify the port, it could be any container port, anywhere in the world. Now look at this page: https://unifeed.club/view/3a33f8-puertos-mas-importantes-de-panama/ It shows "Important Ports of Panama" and the exact same picture appears on it. Oh and, by the way, the exact same picture appears again here: http://myelection.info/guide/a/astronomos-mas-importantes-de-america-latina.html That's on a page called "Things To Do In Latin America" (it's in Spanish, so pardon my translation) Mr B-M kindly gave his phone number on the "Contacts" page, above, so I called him yesterday, spoke briefly to Yer Man (who was apparently in between important business meetings) and said I was interested in finding out more about his Nigerian port project(s) and how it related to the Ramsey project. I left him my phone number and email address, he said he'd get back to me but so far he hasn't yet. I'll keep you posted. And if anyone can identify the port in the photo, I'd be very interested.
  3. BallaDoc

    Ramsey Marina

    I’m interested in this project because I live very close to where it’s proposed to be, and I’m in favour of it in principle because I can see it would have the potential to revitalise Ramsey if it goes ahead. So I’m not here to knock it. BUT I have found it surprisingly difficult to find out any reliable information about Robin Bromley-Martin or the companies he’s been associated with. Let’s try the basics first – Google for him. This brings up a few websites which he is associated with, including this one: http://www.port-edl.com/ (Port Evolution and Development (Africa) Limited) and a linked-in page, and a Facebook page. The trouble is, they are all self-written, anyone can write anything about themselves and it doesn’t necessarily need to be true. What I’m looking for is something independent written about him by someone else. So there’s this from Companies House: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/pRmPHlxY7cdgWTuR02ub7X9CmWY/appointments which lists a number of companies he’s been associated with, most of which he’s resigned from. Let’s work down the list. The first one is Port Evolution and Development (Africa) Limited, which is the one associated with the website above, and we’ll come back to that in a minute. Next up is Blutel Holdings Limited (dissolved). Googling this, I can’t find anything substantial about what (if anything) this company did, or why it was dissolved. Next: Bighead Limited, Bighead Bonding Fasteners Limited and various associated companies. This seems to be a genuine engineering group making steel fasteners and other components, but he resigned from all companies in the group in 2009, and it didn’t seem to have anything to do with ports or harbours. So, back to Port Evolution and Development (Africa) Limited. Visiting their website, it is full of glorious self-promotion about how they have been involved in developing port facilities in Russia (project value $400M USD) and Nigeria (project value $500M USD) but the ports concerned are not named, and Googling for “Port Evolution and Development” doesn’t bring up any useful information either: nothing for example from any British, Russian or Nigerian news media, saying how wonderful (or otherwise) the new ports were after they were built, and how grateful everyone is to the company for bringing jobs to the area, etc. So it’s impossible to verify the information. So long story short, it’s very difficult to establish whether these are people / companies of any substance, or whether they are just full of froth and self promotion.
  4. BallaDoc

    Ramsey Marina

    There was a typo in that - you meant to say "nicer" place
  5. BallaDoc

    Ramsey Marina

    My initial reaction on seeing this was "WTF?" but having got over the initial shock, I am cautiously in support of it provided no public money is put at risk. I'm somewhat doubtful whether enough yachtspeople could be attracted to the marina to make it pay, but if they can, it would be a great idea. There should be more opportunities for employment in Ramsey, so you don't have so many people doing the daily commute from Ramsey to Douglas over the mountain (hands up - I am one of said commuters). It should generate a number of pubs, restaurants, yacht chandlers and that sort of thing. I would point out however that the map he is using is rather out of date: the "gas holders" shown opposite Ramsey inner harbour have long since been demolished and there is a new Haven Homes housing development on the site now.
  6. Personally, I think the IOM Examiner ought to know better than to publish this stuff. I'm in favour of whistleblowing where appropriate, but concerns ought to be raised internally in the first instance, with your line manager, admin staff, internal whistleblowing procedures or whatever. Then, and only then, if you get no joy doing that, should you go to the Press. Conspicuously absent from the whistleblower's claims is anything to the effect that "I raised my concerns with my manager but (s)he told me to go away"
  7. BallaDoc

    Imbolc Celebrations

    She is indeed a very good looking witch. Is that Winter Heliotrope she is wearing on her head?
  8. BallaDoc

    The Canadian Twoonie

    You forgot to mention the Canadian Loonie (the one dollar coin). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loonie Now now children, settle down, it's not what you think, it's named after a Canadian waterbird
  9. BallaDoc

    Manx telecom

    Brings to mind a couple of years I spent in rural Newfoundland, the sort of place where people who live out in the sticks tell you "hey, you are REALLY out in the sticks, aren't you..." The only option was ADSL, which only worked about 75% of the time. A couple of workarounds I used were to have two separate accounts with two different ADSL providers, both of which worked 75% of the time, but by switching between them, depending which one was working at any given time, you got some sort of connection about 95% of the time. For big downloads, like if you wanted to see a picture (not a movie, just a picture) I took my memory stick into town once a week and loaded my Internet stuff while I did my shopping. Hope this helps.
  10. BallaDoc

    Heads up - Marmite sprouts!

    I am going to try growing sprouts next year. A couple of years ago I tried growing them but the plants seemed to develop a severe attack of baldness and produced nothing. The year before that, I tried growing them but the plants seemed to develop a severe attack of baldness and produced nothing. However, I live in hopes that if I keep doing the same thing, I will eventually get a different outcome.
  11. Speaking as a coalface worker, so to speak, I got used long ago to the distorted presentation of "healthcare innovation" in the mainstream media. If you believe the media, it's all about conquering age, conquering cancer, conquering Alzheimers, producing miracle babies, gene therapy and all the rest of it. That is very different from the daily routine of long waiting lists, self inflicted illnesses caused by alcohol and tobacco, minor mental health problems, coughs and colds and all the stuff which is too boring to report in the media. Still, I'm up for abandoning the daily routine, embracing the freebies, and paying lip service to "healthcare innovation" for a day.
  12. Actually, this looks good. Seriously, I am going to sign up for it. It's free to register and you get free Manx Pies and free cannabis. Oh wait, looking at the agenda, they are just discussing cannabis, not handing out free samples, but the Manx pies are worth going for.
  13. BallaDoc

    Climate Change Coalition

    I think everyone, including probably Mr Boot and the Climate Change coalition, is unrealistic about the problem facing us which is essentially unsolvable. People would like to reduce carbon emissions, increase renewable energy production, maintain economic growth, grow the island's population, increase our standard of living and reduce taxes (or at least, not pay any more taxes than we do already) all at the same time. One or two of these are probably achievable but only at the expense of the rest. For example, if we adopt a much less energy intensive lifestyle (think: no cars, no kerosene jet fuel, no heating oil, no natural gas, no coal) and reduce the island's population, we can have low carbon emissions and minimal climate change, just like the island did in the 1700s. But that's not what people want, or are even prepared to talk about.
  14. BallaDoc

    Mound Of Mud On TT Racer's Grave

    To be fair, they do have a point because according to the photo, best gravedigging practice is not being followed here. There should be spoil boards or similar to collect the excavated soil and protect the adjacent turf. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/355244/response/903287/attach/5/Cemetery Procedures Nov 15.docx
  15. BallaDoc

    Bexit (who the f#*k cares)

    My point is that I don't think anything much will happen when we leave. The things which will happen in the next few years and decades will have little to do with Brexit, and much more to do with the larger forces of geology and climate.