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  1. what was the story about the mhks going for bumsex up nobles
  2. My thoughts exactly, cant believe they would do that. Was it put out to tender, plenty more suitable people out there to run this operation surely.
  3. wasnt aware there are other options for line rental over here?
  4. Oh look, just 1 page back in the thread. They may have been from Ann Summers will ensure i read everything u post from now on. island comedian.
  5. Saw in news the other week. Isn't this McMullan the same man that was openly slating the DHA a few months back? Now working for them as a subcontractor. unbelievable. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/up-up-and-away-for-police-drone/
  6. main concern, where the heck are we getting our handcuffs from. ann summers?
  7. Yes, that fowler guy is rather unique.
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