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  1. Hopefully won't come to that, ha ha.
  2. What is the best way to go about finding Trades people on the IOM. We are hoping to replace our roof and other repairs needed and maybe use our very large attic as living space. Thank you any advice would be appreciated
  3. I didn't know that. Thank you
  4. Hi Gladys, I have joined the same group as you and found them very supportive and informative. However, I would have like some local support. ME support group over here appears to be supportive to Fibro sufferers so will I go that route. Thank you for your advise
  5. Mr Sausages, I disagree with everything you have just said. Are you suggesting any group can exclude any person with the said condition because they don't have access to Facebook. I think you will find most support groups have many different forms of contact and make them available to all, excluding no one. And hopefully The IOM Fibromyalgia group will see that other forms of contact could be acceptable, eg email etc.
  6. I tried that it didn't work. Anyway the point is if you set up a support group it is not just for a group of people of your choosing it's for anyone with the said condition! Isn't It???
  7. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia, I was pleased a few months ago to hear of a set up local support group Manx Radio had them on Women Today on afternoon. Despite trying to contact the group it appears you have to be on facebook to access the group, despite contacting the group by e-mail I have no response from them. Surely there are other ways of contacting people with this long term condition. A Question am I being excluded because i choose not to go the Facebook way? Are there other people on the IOM who are in the same position? Many years ago when my daughter faced with Dysl
  8. I do normally try to avoid the worse bits of the road and know where they are, however, last night I just forgot about the bad state of repair of this road.
  9. I have this morning received a reply from Mr Andrew Barton. He did try and answers some of my concerns about the Health service, questions of this maybe can only be done from the inside. I think it was a fair answer and at least he bothered to find out. He answered my other question fully and I'm happy with his response Yet again last night having to drive down the prom road after being thrown about in my car, goodness knows what damage is being done to my car as i hit a rather large pot hole in the road. My grandchildren who are five insist on having the story CD on louder then normal w
  10. Sorry it should have said have not yet received a reply, its my brain fog.
  11. I was shocked to hear the lack of interest of voters on Manx radio this morning, or is it just a lack of informed information available. I know as A Garff voter I'm very confused. I think everyone needs to engage themselves in the forthcoming Election. Its important to use your vote wisely so we can make changes to secure our future and that of our children. I'm interested in The Health Service and the quality of this service. The Prom road which i have to use daily and it is so poorly maintained. I have so far only received two leaflets in the post, only one had an email address the othe
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