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  1. He was head to head with Liz Smith also from the AG’s Chambers. They were both interviewed for the post quite a while back. It seems the deliberations have taken quite some time.
  2. To be so cavalier about other people’s lives and well being is truly shocking etc…
  3. Man jumps up and down about statistical non issue Meanwhile every 20 minutes in the UK someone is injured by an uninsured driver.
  4. A responsible cyclist would be bemused at the introduction of mandatory cycle insurance as insurance is risk based and cycling just doesn’t represent the risk to justify insurance.
  5. So daily there are cyclists breaking the law by riding the wrong way down Finch Road including past the police… If this was such an issue the police could deal with it without the need for registration
  6. Perhaps we should look at those countries where it has been a roaring and worthwhile success and then consider why other countries don’t bother with it?
  7. Not sure how bicycle registration would have avoided this. It has hardly been a panacea for accidents involving motor vehicles.
  8. A none evidence based torches and pitchforks campaign
  9. I thought you had to be elected for 2 terms to be pensionable and you don’t receive one if you are already of pensionable age.
  10. It isn’t redundancy though is it? Redundancy related to the position no longer being required . In thisThe position remains but a different elected official occupied it.
  11. Simply outrageous. I really hope there is no buckling on the part of Govt on this.
  12. The quality is mixed. It’s this whole “standing to hold Govt to account” thing that really gets me. FFS if you are standing it should be because you feel that you can play a part in the day to day running of the Island. We only have 24 from whom to form a CoMin. Also as we hAve seen this week some of those that were going to hold Govt to account have been pretty silent.
  13. I had some indirect involvement in a couple of senior DHSC appointments. In the process of which some observations I made were either not considered resulting in additional costs or said appointees leaving shortly afterwards in bizzare circs. I doubt much will change going forward
  14. I think Ashford’s position is untenable. He should resign from Govt.
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