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  1. The Germans do, or at least did, give their children a choice of military national service or a community service. Both of my cousins opted for the latter. Slightly off topic my German teacher in the late 1970's was a former German Junkers 88 crew member called Ernst Specht. When asked about it he would only say that nowadays he only flew gliders. Powerless flight obviously being the pacifist aviators choice!
  2. I really can't see how this new entity can change anything. Will we see an improvement of service, shorter waiting times etc at the point of access? I doubt it. When/if it does fail the excuse will be that it was under resourced/funded. Well show me a health service anywhere on the planet that wouldn't say that if asked today.
  3. School discipline always comes up with this sort of thing. Everyone wants more discipline in school...but not for their kids. Have rules regarding dress code and haircuts then when the rules are enforced there's facebook uproar and even local TV coverage. Juvenile discipline in general is one of the great hypocrisy's of modern times.
  4. Lawful or not it most certainly wasn't within the spirit of any direction notice or regulations. Was it necessary? Not at all. Zoom or Teams could have dealt with it. Why did they do it? Probably to get a landmark photo of the team on the job from the get go...which has now backfired on them. Dropping the ball in week one by way of a public health related matter doesn't bode well.
  5. As mentioned above the outcome of the General Election will be interesting. If the Great Manx People (I love that phrase it is up there with "boarders" as a keeper) are so truly outraged by all of this then I fully expect that to be reflected in the outcome of the General Election. However, I suspect that it will all be forgotten at the ballot box.
  6. Loving the fact that the Robot is called “Rona”
  7. The footy. Don’t forget how the great Manx people, proudly independent,who have lived here since the Vikings suddenly develop some immediate Liverpudlian or Mancunian ancestry each season
  8. Looks like a floating wind farm
  9. Any commercial lawyer, AG's included, may have little or nothing to say on the actual price at the outset (that is really the client's responsibility) but more on the ability of the supplier to vary the price, the product, the terms of the contract or the termination provisions of the contract ( can the supplier cut you off at the dtop of a hat or are you tied in forever and a day?) The lawyers don't control the purse strings but the client will be very quick yo throw them under a bus if they don't raise these points and the client gets burned.
  10. I don't think anyone should run if they aren't prepared to take up a role in COMIN. I think there are a fair few candidates like the idea of being elected and then spending the entire term shouting the odds from the backbenchers. Anyone can do that.
  11. One thing i did pick up on reading the transcript was that Dr Glover at one point says that the AG's pushed back on her contract and she follows it up by saying words to the effect of that you don't negotiate with Apple. Therefore it may have been that some of the contract terms were considered onerous. I would expect the AG's to question any contract terms it considers to be onerous and highlight them to it's client department.
  12. True but if the carrot was a Summer opening of "boarders" perhaps they might.
  13. well that went remarkably smoothly. It was very slick, if they had the gear and a 24hr shift system I think they could have this knocked out the park within a a couple of weeks
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