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  1. Who picks up the tab for these returnees flights? A member of my family got rinsed in making a return journey to get in before the border closed.
  2. In some respects I guess so. When/if people do start to die then perhaps the right to roam mob might take a different view.
  3. 49 cases and our first ICU case. That's the reality of the situation.
  4. "There is no harm whatsoever..." = famous last words
  5. As a cyclist who has played a reasonably significant part in the cycling community in recent years my take is... STAY AT HOME! Trying to justify exceptions for one activity over another is not what everyone should be doing at the moment. The authorities, experts, police etc have made it clear that they want people to stay in as much as possible. An hour outside doing the permitted activities is enough. The self isolation argument falls down when every man and his dog drags a bike out the shed and the place ends up like Box Hill on a summer weekend. In so doing there will be more accidents and more contact. Then the walkers will want to stay out, then the runnefs and before you know it every mother fucker is outside enjoying a 6 hour leg stretch. It is currently a 21 day lockdown FFS just play the game that the authorities want and stop bellyaching and spouting self indignant justification for your own activities exception!
  6. https://www.three.fm/news/coronavirus/second-case-of-coronavirus-on-iom-confirmed/ Second case...
  7. There are two sides to compliance. First; the side whereby people are responsible and abide by the requirement. Secondly; in the absence of the first report and dob non compliers in. This isn't the time for looking the other way or saying "but I ain't no snitch". We'll only keep this thing off the Island if everyone plays ball
  8. If the virus is already here then we are exhibiting a commendable survival rate. Long may that continue!
  9. The 1936 EPA allows for far more wide sweeping powers at the drop of a hat
  10. I'm guessing it is going to be a staycation year wherever anyone lives this year by which i mean probably not going anywhere at all due to the social distancing requirements that will be enforced. I think it is also a fair bet to say that the TT will not occur.
  11. He's not a kid and he's making life choices. There are many people who have also come from shit backgrounds and have made something of themselves. For most people life isn't a bowl of cherries you just have to get on with it.
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