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  1. Ouch! Praise for CS in general but not Chief Officers or the Chief Secretary...probably a fair call tbh.
  2. Yeah there have been a couple of faux pas but generally I think he has the drive to be a reasonable representative. There are some absolute muted and Dillard at the moment.
  3. To be fair i'd vote for him. He takes an interest in stuff and my impression of him is that he is prepared to listen.
  4. Of personal interest to me as i am currently residing with Gary the Goose on the South side of the Quay. Likely successors?
  5. HNWI's don't come to the IOM to spend money. They are looking not to give any away at all if possible. I think they are only worth courting if yhey are bring business or employment here. Do many do that, or is the Island just a place where they limit their losses to the tax man? Don't get me wrong their tax is very welcome capped as it may be but i sometimes think that HNWI's and their relocation here are looked upon as some sort of financial panacea per se.
  6. Why would I be joking about not being eligible for service with a conviction for dishonesty? you just weren't
  7. That is quite shocking particularly offences of dishonesty. You wouldn't have got in back in the day but standards in all aspects including initial training and fitness seem to be down the toilet.
  8. Ok my alternative history is that the land has been in Goverment ownership for a very long time and previously formed part of the crown estate. There isn't any documentation or evidence confirming it as common land but it's a story that has been perpetuated because, well because they like the romance of the idea. Moreover, the more a myth is repeated the stronger it becomes regardless of the facts of the situation.
  9. Because there is no evidence to substantiate it.
  10. Who was the old fella that left it to the people as common land? I suspect that story might be bollocks
  11. At least they didn't break the speed limit...
  12. There is no need to wear a cycling helmet generally speaking. Hundreds and thousands of Dutch and Danish people go about their daily lives cycling without the need for particular riding apparel. I think it us fair to assume their hospitals do not look like the aftermath of a Napoleonic battle having been overrun with cycling casualties
  13. Modern cars perform well beyond the ability of those driving them who have had no additional training. My eyes roll when I hear people say" i'm a good driver" this self bestowed accolade usually means they are not. Fatalities aside there are plenty of car crashes on the Island. Quite frequently there are pictures in the news of cars on their roof or in a ditch somewhere. Also quite often with no other car involved so how the fuck did that happen? The answer is excessive speed for the road. That doesn't necessarily mean 100mph but people driving faster than the road should be driven on because it is derestricted. I'm not talking about the mountain road but those other roads where by being derestricted the law is allowing drivers to get into driving situations beyond their capabilities. A speed limit sign doesn't discriminate between good cars or bad cars or good drivers or bad drivers. It should be set at the appropriate speed for that road on the lowest common denominator
  14. Well I do have some. I was papered by the Y department in GMP on several occasions.
  15. I disagree. I think race goes beyond colour. I believe that the English are discriminated against here on the basis of not being Celtic but there could be also be other attributes for demarcation of race.
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