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  1. Yes the police sometimes a ‘advertise’ that they are out to catch speeders in certain areas yet if you or I warn another motorist of their presence in such circumstances then it can be construed as an obstruct police offence…
  2. Not much of a smart initiative if you broadcast it to everyone first
  3. Boards of Canada. Brilliant sound!
  4. There is no walk away. We’re in too deep and have signed a very long lease.
  5. Interesting but how do you calculate the capital gain on land that has been in family ownership for decades/ centuries and forms part of the principle private residence? It’s probably easier to introduce a development tax but that is what a s.13 agreement does in part
  6. Said it many times before, don’t blame the developers. They don’t magic the land up. Blame those who sell them the land.
  7. We're now onto birth right and lineage of both CM candidates. Jesus wept.
  8. Some English Universities do treat IOM students as international students.IIRC Cambridge do The Govt won't fund higher degrees. I imagine that your daughter's friend will have received assistance for her undergraduate degree but funding usually stops thereafter.
  9. I imagine in the UK, where it is still possible to buy property, between £100 and £150k that there will be a crash in the not too distant future. Wages are rising, there are goods and services shortages. These will fuel inflation and interest rates. Thereafter when the cheap mortgage deals come to an end and the homeowners find themselves on a much higher than expected standard variable rate, the defaults will ramp up and the arse will fall out the market.
  10. When done properly, being an MLC is an absolute job of work. Previously it has been a home for dossers but the likes of August -Hanson, Poole-Wilson and Lord-Brennan have put a shift in and done the job properly. We need more people like that to replace those last two who have redigned
  11. I really think we need to move away from the mindset that it is a place of second chance for those that didn’t make MHK.
  12. I don't think it will be the graveyard of failed MHK's it once was anymore. Poole-Wilson and Lord-Brennan showed that and look how successful they were in going the other way. As an MLC you need a lot of common sense and a decent amount of literacy. They (should) spend a lot of time pouring over draft legislation and working in tandem with the AG's Chambers concerning amendments. You can see why the likes of Cregeen and Boot would be out of their depth.
  13. Young people are leaving probably because they want more than what’s on offer on the island be it job variety, entertainment or just choice in general
  14. I wouldn’t know but paying out on the FTB scheme is no guarantee that you won’t be paying out for housing benefit for those people in 35-40 years time.
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