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  1. Fibbing , no. Yes I was on the earlier interviews. We all did the physical, a lovely day, two lines outside the HQ were chalked down and a boom box with a tape brought outside. The run was as I described and the burpees, sit ups and press ups were done inside. The Essex and Met guy both alluded Manx family. On my return home I was called up by the Inspector who said that notwithstanding that there was an exemption for emergency services they were only going to appoint the two candidates who wouldn't otherwise have ordinarily required a work permit. A policy decision apparently. In my department in GMP we did the physical at the beginning of each training day which was every three weeks. We had to achieve a minimum score of 140. The police entrance requirement at that time being 100. I disagree with you that there wasn't a minimum bleep test level requirement, there was, just as there was a minimum time requirement for the old 1.5 mile run.The minimum level was level 9 and we had a departmental requirement of level 11. Glad you made the cut!
  2. Ha ha hilarious! I was interviewed for a transfer back in 94. There were 4 of us for 2 places. 2 were manx born looking to come home and the other candidate was from Merseyside. First up was the bleep test, both 'locals' made level 7 (9 was the minimum) whereas I made level 15 with the Scouser stopped at 17. Similar dismal performances from the locals in the gym tests ensued. Ultimately though the locals were taken on because of their origin notwithstanding that they weren't fit for service. Yes police for the locals by the locals!
  3. I was stinger trained in GMP about 28 years ago...For everything there has to be a need. Police pursuits were common place in Manchester back in the day, do we really get any here?
  4. Workaday clock of no great historic or intrinsic value removed, Council want to put up a plaque..welcome to the living museum of the IOM where all your turds will be captured and pickled for posterity (or should that be posterior?)
  5. They are only about revenue generation if you are breaking the speed limit.
  6. It isn't daft, that's how it is. The term "Jewboy" is pejorative whereas Jewish boy isn't. It's the same as calling a Pakistani a "Paki" You can't distance yourself by virtue of your intention or even whether the subject themself is offended or not. Best not to use such phrases.
  7. Ok then why bother proposing to paint it in the first place? Leave the stones in their natural state unless there is an intention to make it permanent in which case it will become a mainetnance issue
  8. I agree with Rushen Spy the three legs symbol is milked to death on the Island to the point of paranoia. Credit to this guy's enthusiam but if it gets painted it will become a maintenance issue and eventually an eyesore for the lack of it.
  9. I'm sure I remember a few years back that Eddie announcing we'd made a killing out of the industry. Does anyone else remember that? If so maybe he should be explaining himself
  10. It says that he doesn't take any additional or overtime pay although in order to answer the question they have given a value to his hourly service. I don't think it's any form of conspiracy on that front
  11. A close friend of mine had a job on the mini buses at the £10 per hour rate doing the school runs. She was quite happy but realised that the timetable needed drastic reform as there were empty buses driving around and buses pointlessly doing pick ups from miles away whilst closer buses stood idle or kids were being left uncollected or undelivered. She put it to the bloke in charge who agreed change was necessary, she drew up the new timetable and guess what? on the proposed day of implementation it was business as usual on the old timetable...so she left
  12. Always funny how most Manxies anti Englishness disappears when it comes to international football or rugby mstches or supporting an English based football team.
  13. I strongly believe there will be delays and shortages and fully expect inflation to rise as a result. Hang on to your hats we are in for a bumpy ride!
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