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  1. Do ITV 4 get paid for the coverage? Can you point to some evidence on this.
  2. I know he's a doctor but I don't believe that it is a victimless crime. A while back I heard a debate/discussion on the radio about cannabis and how it has got stronger over the years (now called skunk?) leading to mental illness, psychosis, paranoia etc. Now this doc may have a trusted supplier so he knows what he's getting but many don't.
  3. If you've screwed a few million out of dodgy company dealings i guess a dent in your professional pride by being banned as a director can be lived with.
  4. The Teddy Smith account was always gushingly pro RC like some eastern bloc propaganda machine. If that account was ever linked back to RC, bearing in mind his views on 'truth' in social media, I would say his position would be untenable.
  5. On account of the money already having been spent I will get behind it and wish it success. However, i would like to know who got sent..politicos are a waste of time.
  6. I thought they sound nice but look ugly. I find that squashed super car look a bit 70's. Give me a curvy GT any day
  7. It depends what you mean by "our particular nature" and what constitutes a "manx civil service"
  8. It might seem like a cover up but lots of accident claims are settled out of court without admissions of liability. Now we all know that there was a monumental f*ck up here and you don't need a report to tell you that. However, this matter may well be in the stranglehold of insurers now who are calling the shots as to what may, or may not, be disclosed.
  9. Hilarious! Some aggressive bike riders here...
  10. I disagree. I think it is clear that the non cycling fraternity on here have used this example of domestic violence to have a go at cyclists in general. For the record notwithstanding his injury his behaviour is inexcusable and had his partner been my daughter I would have taken matters into my own hands.
  11. Oh well, bit of a shame really. Licensing, insurance and registration will put paid to kids on bikes. Just as well they can sit inside all day on their phones.
  12. I welcome this technology. Anyway it shouldn't have too much of an impact on an Island of this size.
  13. I just don't think sports such as football are as popular participation sports as they once were. Back in the day the menu for participation primarily (for blokes at least) was football or rugby. Nowadays there is so much more to do as well as the fact that many just gym as their pasttime with no particular goal or purpose beyond that.
  14. "He said he thought he had last paid for a licence in 2016 but had wanted to save money" . I think a confession puts matters beyond reasonable doubt...
  15. Dude forges a VED disc for a vehicle with no duty paid for 5 years, drives around with no insurance, denies the charges when first questioned and ends up with an 8 week ban and a £1100 fine. I think he got off quite lightly really.
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