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  1. Insurance becomes expensive and prohibitive if you have those year on year costs for a family
  2. I take it from this reply that you can't back up your IOMG statement. No matter. Love and peace man.
  3. As stated earlier it does matter what you call it from a sake of perception and as stated earlier not all road users have to display a disk Highlighted is the statement you made which you are choosing to ignore. The IOMG page refers to it as vehicle tax. You made the statement but now don't appear to be able to back it up. If you shot from the hip just man up and say you made a mistake without this needless obfuscation about trolling. Again as I said in an earlier post if you are correct I am happy to accept that. i don't find apologising when I am wrong such a difficult thing to do
  4. You said in a post above that the IOMG refer to it as Road Tax. Now you are pulling quotes off a Wikipedia page that doesn't even have one single reference to the Isle of Man on it. Your reference regarding the future of VED is interesting but doesn't represent the current position which has been the case since the mid 1930's. I'm not trolling I'm just being factual. Sorry if that is an issue for you.
  5. Exactly Gizo. He argues the term of phrase isn't important but it is. The common misunderstanding remains that it pays for roads which of course it doesn't. they are paid for out of general taxation which means that very tax payer regardless of whether they use the roads pays for them. I've also been on the Govt web site. I can find lots of references to Vehicle Tax but none for Road Tax. Happy to be corrected by PB
  6. It's a vehicle tax not road tax... Pedestrians, cyclists and horses are exempt no vehicle tax, they can still use the roads without displaying a disk, thanks.
  7. As a duck I recognise some familiar canards when I see them. This thread has some old chestnuts "pay road tax" (whatever the fuck that is) "should be insured" (most societies see little risk posed by cycling so require no insurance) and "gay lycra" (just downright homophobic) If you don't like the sentencing carried out by a court then drive sensibly.
  8. This dude is just about to contact his IP lawyer...
  9. I 'd much rather turn down the honour but frame the offer letter. It's more credible to call something out if you have actually refused it.
  10. I agree about the honours system, redundant Victoriana. Should give one to Longworth for maximum irony. I also suspect there are a fair few staunch Manxies who've rolled over to get their belly tickled with a gong.
  11. I agree, a long service award would be some recognition.
  12. Ok let's call it an infatuation if that is more acceptable to you semantically.
  13. I cam to the island through a life long love of motorcycling some years ago but that love has now dwindled. I don't watch the racing per se although due to work matters I did find myself watching the superbike race start the other day and I did think am I watching someone here who might not be coming back from this? The first lap was completing as I left the grandstand and by the time I got back to the office that poor man had died. Living in a first world democracy we should cherish our freedom and liberty to do certain things, things perhaps other's might not like. On a personal scale none of it is really for me anymore but that doesn't mean I would stop it because of that..
  14. Less climbing deaths as in best IOM tradition the mountain would be shut most of the year.
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