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  1. Yes, if you are who I think you are that was an horrendous accident and it would have been very easy for you to end up in a dark place and stay there. You have my utmost respect.
  2. Well I have to say that this thread has meandered gently from the OT in a couple of directions without anyone getting bent out of shape. Very enjoyable and the next best thing to a proper conversation in the current climate. 🙂
  3. Yes yes all true and I know if my family were with me things would be different. I've found solitude and purpose difficult to reconcile and were this scenario to continue for months it would require dedicated action on my part. I'm not looking for any sympathy there are people much worse off than myself I was just responding to posts I could relate to.
  4. I know exactly what your friend means about disinterest. Everything is becoming a monumental effort, a "what's the point?" scenario. Food prep is now very basic and there is a constant search on Netflix or Amazon to find something to hold your attention. Work, which has to continue, is requiring superhuman levels of concentration. Hopefully we can move out of lockdown in the next couple of weeks if the virus is considered contained with those in self isolation.
  5. I think there is a strong element of truth in that. As someone currently living alone. the lack of social interaction is quite destructive. i sense a deterioration in my own mental well being most certainly.
  6. A couple of offences, going equipped to steal and covid breach. Lock him up under the latter and NFA the former perhaps
  7. Here in lies the rub. I would like to think (obviously I refrain from using "expect") that there would be a halt or give way instruction or at least something that expresses that there is no right of way over traffic on the road.
  8. I'm at Palatine surgery. A couple of times I've been sent to see Greg the nurse practitioner. He's absolutely brilliant! A really good check over and thorough examination with a "bedside manner" that most doctors will never have. We need more of these.
  9. Fair play for the admission. I have a vested interest as a Douglas South constituent. I'll admit I will give you a hard time because anyone who is the son or daughter of anybody (probably excepting Hitler) will, whether they like to admit it or not, already have an advantage...that two for one deal that some constituents mentioned. With that in mind it is only fair that you are taken to task on it. Don't forget you were first to mention your family history in that interview...
  10. In which case why are you getting so bent out of shape about the place? It appears to have had little or no impact on your life. I work with a few people who went there. Nice enough people. At least when they f*ck up I get to say I'll ask for their parent's money back. They can't really throw the same comment back to me regarding the 1970's sink estate comprehensive I went to.
  11. Maybe but it actually does. I'm sure everyone knows someone who works there. The kids have to be housed and fed and taught. Personally I think the place is a bit ramshackle and shabby and I wouldn't pay for my kids to go there but I guess it gives it a certain "Gordonstoun chic" .
  12. It's a freedom of choice thing. It also brings money into the economy by providing on Island jobs so I would say in that respect it is a successful venture... Obviously the Department for enterprise haven't had a hand in it!
  13. It seems people clammering for a say in the election of MLC's but TBH considering the standard of MHK's that get elected would it make a great deal of difference?
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