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  1. You are Tim Groves and I claim my £5
  2. Jaqpanese Highway proposed speed rise to 75mph Unrestricted road Peel-St Johns speed limit...as fast as your car can go Spot the difference...
  3. If a person gets frustrated about speed limit compliance then perhaps they shouldn't be driving. I also can't see how you can justify not doing away with derestricted roads on the basis that some people may still crash in currently restricted areas. if policing is an issue a few speed cameras might act as a deterrent...but then you find that people are anti cameras because they don't think the law should appliy to them.
  4. https://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/speed/speed_is_a_central_issue_in_road_safety/speed_and_accident_risk_en
  5. The time difference over a mile (slightly longer than Sulby Straight) between travelling at 40 mph as opposed to 50 mph is 18 seconds. Where is anyone travelling to that it would be vital to save 18 seconds over that distance?
  6. At what price though? There are visitor fatalities and serious accidents most years.Was it last year that someone threw it down the road within minutes of the Mountain going one way?
  7. Just in case anyone doesn't think speed is a major factor in RTC's https://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/speed/speed_is_a_central_issue_in_road_safety/speed_and_accident_risk_en
  8. Seriously your argument here is fundamentally flawed. Of course I can say that 40mph is safer than 100mph. It is an undisputed fact that speed plays a major factor in the incidence of RTC's. Hold on to your view if you wish, its akin to saying I've smoked 60 a day for the last 50 years and I don't have cancer.
  9. I don't know please explain why there are accidents in such circumstances, they happen all of the time even when the road is closed to oncoming traffic. You've qualified your stance to now require 1. good visibility 2. the right car/bike 3. driver competence. Even without the prevailing subjectivity in those requirements they makes for a lot of writing on a road sign.
  10. We'll have to disagree on this one. I would say though that closure of the mountain road through accident is not an uncommon occurrence despite what you say
  11. The mountain road as an open road just isn't safe enough to be travelled over by Joe Public at 100mph without any specialist training..
  12. How about the fact that all of our unrestricted roads are single carriageways with adjoining roads which are not slip roads (some of which are hidden) and which are not as straight as a die like motorways yet motorways most of which have 3 or 4 lanes travelling in the same direction are restricted to 70mph? I'd call that a no brainer for restriction
  13. Christ almighty I can't believe this "let the people decide" approach on such an absolute no brainer.
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