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  1. The Duck of Atholl

    Plans for lord street

    Hopefully the intended occupants are all tied in with agreements for lease so there really isn't a reason not to progress this
  2. The Duck of Atholl

    Understanding the Law

    I don't wish to get involved in the endless bickering that now prevails in most topics on the forum but i will make the following comment. There was a time when politicos would use this forum as a barometer of public opinion. Nowadays any points worth considering are lost in a sea of infighting, there is no longer any credibility.
  3. The Duck of Atholl

    Understanding the Law

    I question the judgement of a driving instructor father who is happy to allow his son to ride around the roads on a vehicle that contravenes the construction and use regulations. I'm not saying dad isn't technically good at what he does but that's not the point i'm making. The bike wasn't road legal, if the lad had been in an accident he would have been on to a hiding to nothing regardless of whether or not (a) the engine was engaged or (b) the accident was his fault. No way would I allow one of my kids out in or on something that isn't road legal.
  4. The Duck of Atholl

    Isle of Scrotes

    Racism at it's best.
  5. The Duck of Atholl

    Voting numbers

    Too many representative layers for too few people. It is the root cause of a lot of the Island's problems and the reason the big problems never get tackled
  6. The Duck of Atholl

    Understanding the Law

    There are some, I wouldn't say many. If people have bought them from a local bike shop and they 'tune' them they've just voided their warranty. That said I be live you can go onebay and buy illegal kit bikes that break the law. I suspect that some twat will fuck about with one, have an accident and then the heavy hand of legislation will come down on it all.
  7. The Duck of Atholl

    Understanding the Law

    For the record electric bicycles have to be pedal assist (no lever or twist grip) with assistance only up to 15mph after which the motor cuts the assistance. This is why they aren't subject to registration or compulsory helmets or licensing.
  8. The Duck of Atholl

    Understanding the Law

    Agreed. If it's in breach of the Construction and Use Regs it shouldn't be on the road.
  9. The Duck of Atholl

    Do qualifications matter?

    I've got a fair few qualifications. I did a degree at 18 and have gone back in to full time education a couple of times to post grad requalify for other careers. In doing so I took big risks as a man with a young family and no income but the rewards were there if I passed the exams. I also went to a crap school in a council sink estate but worked hard and did alright. I was surrounded by people who were too cool for school and did fuck all. Lot's of them now carp on about "the University of life" and the importance of experience because they have nothing else. They want something for nothing in return. I agree, experience is important, i've got it by the bucket load but i always smile to myself when people moan or cry foul about why their experience doesn't trump qualifications. Qualifications show commitment to learning and application outside of the workplace when others are out having a good time spending money you don't have, you're inside bashing the books with no guarantees of anything at the end. If you want the job that much show it and get the papers.
  10. The Duck of Atholl

    Manx Radio

    Could be good as long as they have the money to see it through. Ramsey already has one derelict structure heading out to sea, I doubt it wants another one.
  11. The Duck of Atholl

    Don't worry - Howard has our back..

    Let me get this right. Howard is off to London because the uncertainty surrounding Brexit could have a damaging effect on the Island yet Skelly says the Island is prepared for a no deal Brexit....
  12. The Duck of Atholl

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    A complete twat. He's milked the euro gravy train whilst feigning disapproval for it, he perpetuated the £350m NHS Brexit saving lie and then got Euro passports for his kids. WTF?
  13. The Duck of Atholl

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    You have a point. I'm a keen cyclist and riders breaking the law or riding without consideration for other road users really winds me up. I'd like to see more pulled and ticketed for indiscretions to get the message across.
  14. The Duck of Atholl

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    I have little faith in education and training as a safety panacea. For example the dangers of drink driving are known to all drivers unless they live (and drive) in a cave. However, drink driving up this year despite the big campaign. Why? Human nature...being both or either (1) I know I'm safe to drive after a couple of pints (2) I'll never get caught.
  15. The Duck of Atholl

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    I'm not missing the point. If someone is travelling at 35mph it isn't down to a following driver to take the law into his/hers own hands and break the speed limit to get past. I agree a learner may fail their test for failing to make progress but that doesn't mean they are breaking the law. There is a minimum speed limit on a motorway for good reason, that being that the permitted speed of vehicles on a motorway is quite high. Two different things