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  1. We all know motoracing is inherently dangerous but racing around the TT circuit with the current rocketships is a quantum leap beyond that. I don't think the course can be made any safer and so the only mitigating factor i can see is speed. How about restricting machines to 90mph? Although slower it could lead to some very close racing.
  2. If the accusation is upheld I would have to say I have little faith in the reasoning of someone looking to deliver a project as ambitious as the Ramsey Marina who is foolhardy enough to drive on a road closed for the motorcycle races.
  3. I don't think spending £100m on a deepwater birth is justifiable. There aren't the tourist numbers coming here because the weather is pretty miserable. People used to come back in the day because "going abroad" i.e to a non English speaking country was more difficult. Cheap holidays to Spain cured that and now people jolly off for weekends at the drop of a hat very cheaply everywhere...but not here. If the Island wants to present a USP then, as distasteful and disruptive as some might find it, I think it's motor racing and road closures for other events. I really don't think that a deepwater birth and trip to the Laxey Wheel is the answer.
  4. He was guilty of the offence. He shouldn't be looking to be play the victim or sympathy card. I don't think the paper should have run the story. I am a cyclist.
  5. Introduce speed limits and speed cameras. Nothing to worry about unless you are breaking the law.
  6. Poor driving standards exacerbated at times by a lack of appropriate speed limits...that's the bottom line.
  7. Fair point, I was just exercising my ever growing cynicism
  8. I suspect the dude living in his camper in the car park during TT was probably being a bit disingenuous. I'm guessing he'd rented his house out for the duration as opposed to the 'difficulty of getting home.'
  9. As a very keen cyclist I have to agree with this. It is a sad state of affairs and one of the reasons I rarely ever ride in a group. One of the issues in my opinion is that some of these guys are uber competitive when they go out and it is all about riding each other off their wheels. As a result they take chances and ride inconsiderately in order to ensure they aren't "dropped". It really fucks me off. In contrast I ride predominantly alone and acknowledge every driver who carefully overtakes or gives way to me even if I have priority at the junction or roundabout.
  10. Insurance becomes expensive and prohibitive if you have those year on year costs for a family
  11. I take it from this reply that you can't back up your IOMG statement. No matter. Love and peace man.
  12. As stated earlier it does matter what you call it from a sake of perception and as stated earlier not all road users have to display a disk Highlighted is the statement you made which you are choosing to ignore. The IOMG page refers to it as vehicle tax. You made the statement but now don't appear to be able to back it up. If you shot from the hip just man up and say you made a mistake without this needless obfuscation about trolling. Again as I said in an earlier post if you are correct I am happy to accept that. i don't find apologising when I am wrong such a difficult thing to do
  13. You said in a post above that the IOMG refer to it as Road Tax. Now you are pulling quotes off a Wikipedia page that doesn't even have one single reference to the Isle of Man on it. Your reference regarding the future of VED is interesting but doesn't represent the current position which has been the case since the mid 1930's. I'm not trolling I'm just being factual. Sorry if that is an issue for you.
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