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  1. I thought you had to be elected for 2 terms to be pensionable and you don’t receive one if you are already of pensionable age.
  2. It isn’t redundancy though is it? Redundancy related to the position no longer being required . In thisThe position remains but a different elected official occupied it.
  3. Simply outrageous. I really hope there is no buckling on the part of Govt on this.
  4. The quality is mixed. It’s this whole “standing to hold Govt to account” thing that really gets me. FFS if you are standing it should be because you feel that you can play a part in the day to day running of the Island. We only have 24 from whom to form a CoMin. Also as we hAve seen this week some of those that were going to hold Govt to account have been pretty silent.
  5. I had some indirect involvement in a couple of senior DHSC appointments. In the process of which some observations I made were either not considered resulting in additional costs or said appointees leaving shortly afterwards in bizzare circs. I doubt much will change going forward
  6. I think Ashford’s position is untenable. He should resign from Govt.
  7. What’s the difference after tax?
  8. The very definition of the gig economy. Lots of people feel sorry for people onZHC’s because of the lack of security/shit money but many people want to work flexibly
  9. Fair play if they have. It’s been about a 20 year long game they’ve played! I suspect their price is their price. They aren’t worried about RB
  10. Fair play. We only got one because the bread was so dire on the Island
  11. Do so. One word…Panasonic
  12. Buy the dough? The machine makes it.
  13. I owe Ramsey Bakery a great debt. I thought their read was so poor and overpriced I started baking my own.
  14. What about the museum in Peel?
  15. Actually it is a position that might be of interest to someone like Paul Morris. He is well known at the Manx Bar and headed up one of the biggest firms on the Island as well as being an acting Deemster Also having retired from practise some years ago he is less likely to be conflicted.
  16. All the more reason for making the next AG a woman then
  17. I think that is a huge chunk of cash to be throwing at this project at this time. If it costs £5m to tell Peggy’s story I’ll tell mine for £3m
  18. I think Walter is happy in his role as SG.
  19. Liz Smith. JQ’s right hand person. An experienced solicitor from the UK, been in Chambers circa 15 years. Was appointed a director under JQ and a few years ago the executive director. Sat the bar about 3 years ago.
  20. The current executive director of legal services is a strong candidate
  21. Worked for him for a few years. RIP
  22. It wasn’t procured via the regular procurement team.
  23. I lost my mom to lung cancer many years ago. She’d smoked 20 embassy a day until her late 50 by which time her smoker’s cough forced her to give up. when we gathered for the solemn announcement of her terminal cancer diagnosis a few years later all I could think was “well what did you expect?” I didn’t shed any tears, she wasn’t a victim but the author of her own misfortune. In TT speak it’s called dying doing what you loved best.
  24. Barely anyone glances at the scoreboard for information. It was just a bit of peripheral decorative activity in recent times.
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