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  1. They generally are set up by people who care. I was one of the organisers of such an event a couple of years ago. I didn’t make any money out of it. It was done for the love of the sport and to bring something to the Island
  2. There didn't appear to me to be anything in the advertising literature saying it was a classic event. It was a festival of motoring (not further described) so bringing your Skoda Octavia or whatever was par for the course. Probably better IMO as it makes the whole gig less exclusive and more accessible for the average Joe. Two closed road runs and a police escort lap is mighty fine hospitality...
  3. Covid has brought it to an end and to be honest taken the decision burden of ending the TT off everyone's hands. I think it is fair to say there was evermore discomfort in having it continue prior to that. If it does reappear after a quick vaccination then I guess it is here to stay!
  4. There's always a lot of talk about the cost of Govt, but who is actually going to tackle it? No one has the cajones to do anything about it because (a) it means an awful lot of reorganisation which would be hard work and no doubt farmed out to consultants (b) even if you managed to get as far as (a) no one would want to take on the unions.
  5. Stu Peters promises very little (a safe election pledge) and has already stated he won’t seek to take up a Govt post. As for candidates like this I say “what’s the point?” Pressure of public opinion on social media has far greater impact on Govt decision making than some post middle age dude shouting the odds in Tynwald. Any solutions in his manifesto? Nope. Just this is the problem and that’s a problem.
  6. I think that is a pretty nailed on assessment Roger.
  7. I said this before. The problem will be that an increasing percentage of successful candidates will want to be those who don't want the responsibility of governing but just want to stand in opposition, question everything and deal with Mr & Mrs C/K/Q's planning/parking/bins issue. Governing a 'country' is hard, immersing yourself in local minutiae is easy. You can spot those who can't do the former a mile off... there's enough of them.
  8. Had to give this a like Declan for a couple of reasons. 1. It must be the first post to ever worry about job losses in the CS and 2. The possibility of falling house prices at a time when everyone is banging on that they are too expensive! on a more serious note some interesting observations although I don’t believe it would be that catastrophic
  9. Please no one say loss of independence. When was the last time a CM refused to accept a gong from the Queen for their term of office?
  10. Mate you need to have a re read of this and ask yourself whether you have what it takes to be a representative of the people
  11. People who are of the opinion that speed cameras are revenue raising machines make me laugh. If you don't break the speed limit then they don't raise a red cent.
  12. There wasn't much room for negotiation on those points and the commercial aspects of the heads of terms including user, and term were not within the remit of the AG's to negotiate. The AG's go through the lease and say this is shit, this is shit and this is shit and the department says thanks, it doesn't matter it is happening come what may. That's how it works. The AG's are not the final arbiter on this. Cutting a shit deal is not against the law and it is the Departments and their political masters who have the final say.
  13. Half the Island would have been in uproar if the Liverpool crossing had ceased. As it is the other half are in uproar due to the cost. Damned if you do, damned if you don't?
  14. Agreed. It's already cost a lot in terms of time and attention that was best spent sorting out other projects
  15. Let's not blame the companies. No-one forced anyone to sell to them. Landowners got greedy. With regard to social housing nothing will change. At the first sign of potential eviction, occupiers who are house blocking will be straight on to their MHK.
  16. All of those places have far more going for them than the one street shithole that is Douglas
  17. Ok rocket scientist can you now explain how the answer you received relates to homelessness or will you now concede that it was a pointless and ill thought out question that was going to illicit nothing of any merit on the subject?
  18. There is a lot of demonising of developers and foreign investors buying up the properties they build thus forcing up house prices and/or leading to too much greenbelt development. However, what gets overlooked are the greedy landowners that have profiteered from the selling of such land to developers. These are good old "Manx as the Hills" landowner/farmers who are quite happy to feather their nests in this way...but they don't seem to attract the flack. So the next time everyone is up in arms at the next tranche of Dandara development we should perhaps bear in mind that they haven't magicked this land up from nowhere, a Manxie has sold it to them.
  19. you're right but what is equally worthwhile is in the eyes of the beholder
  20. Exactly my point. It was a crap question which referred as much to the moon landings as it did homelessness. In short moronic
  21. You asked if she'd done anything meaningful so don't shoot the messenger dude. It probably puts her a way ahead of most of the rest in introducing a constitutional change that no-one else had the minerals to do in the preceding20 plus years
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