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  1. There’s a comedy sketch by Bill Hicks where he’s talking about the press inducing fear by talking about War Famine Disaster. It’s truly terrifying. But when he goes to his front door to see it all al he can hear are the birds chirping and the trees gently swaying in the breeze. My guess is that it will be much the same here for some time to come. If it takes three years to lay some concrete and a few tram tracks then any repercussions from the actions of the adjacent Isle will take some time to filter through. And even then the birds won’t stop singing.
  2. And anyway. The new national pastime is shopping. Nothing will overtake that.
  3. This is also true. In many cultures it was accepted (by adults) as part of daily life. In some cultures it was quite common for the father of the house to ‘break in’ the oldest girl. Those cultures arrived in Britain and of course the behaviour continued. Not so much now thankfully but it does still happen.
  4. It’s more available. That’s all it is. Paedophillia has always existed in every culture but it was confined to the exchange of grubby images. Now through the dark web there’s a host of images and videos available. It’s not that there’s more of them, it’s just that they’re being uncovered due to the advancement in police technologies.
  5. The Laxey Review may be the test case. With the evidence collated there can’t be any verdict but negligence. It’s unlikely the insurers would be going after them en masse if they didn’t believe this to be the case. But as you say, who’s to blame. The government have already admitted responsibility but my guess is that the contractors will get the blame and they will be responsible for reimbursing the insurers. And no guesses for what might happen then...
  6. Damn you China. You made me go on Google to check the news (for the first time in a long time. It’s the Tories with the landslide majority. I might have known.
  7. Don’t tell me those useless young people actually took things into their own hands and queued up at the polls? How glorious if it’s true.
  8. It was wi-manx I was with once before. In the days when Matty was there. I feel the same way about MT and I don’t know about sure. Maybe I’ll take the devil I know. For £3 a month extra it may be worth it. Cheers ATP.
  9. Is that the mifi option? ( I sound as if I know more than I actually do) I once used 3 with that set up. But not on the Island. WiManx have quoted me £27 for their broadband plus which is their entry package with £17.49 line rental. Sure are offering the same package (16Mbps) for £24 with a line retail of £17.75. Manx Telecom are £27 for their entry package but they neglect to say what the speed is. Their line rental is £19.19. Fibre is cheaper at £42 a month as you don’t need a line rental. So price wise Sure is the cheapest but I don’t know what the service is like. Are they all the same? And is fibre available anywhere? I tried calling them to find out but almost died waiting for someone to answer.
  10. I’m thinking it’s time I got dragged into the modern day world and get broadband installed at the house. I’ve got a phone line but it’s been disconnected for at least a year. Who’s offering a good package these days? I only want the minimum uploads and downloads. I’ll only be watching YouTube and a bit of Netflix now and then. I’ve taken a look and despite Sure saying they offer packages starting at £19 they’re website says the cheapest is £24. Any advice? Comments? Who to steer clear of? Cheers.
  11. ecobob

    Just William

    Which woman are you mad about now? Are you still on about Bonnie Langford?
  12. The ARUP (funded by government independent enquiry is underway this week. They want to hear the views of every affected resident of Laxey, Lonan, Garff and have set aside three hours tonight to speak to each and every one. Three hours. They’re going to be busy.
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