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  1. As is often the case with our quick fire social media tell all culture, the public get mixed up about what is in the public interest with what is interesting to the public. It’s a dangerous mistake.
  2. You’re right. He isn’t clever and he’s not behaving in a way I would consider fitting for his position. Here’s a suggestion Mr Callister. How about you sit down with Mrs Edge and work out a way where the pair of you work together for the good of Onchan and the Island. You are so transparent and this childish backbiting does nothing to support the people who you are supossed to represent. It’s an absolute embarrassment to witness. No doubt you have your mealy mouthed Onchan supporters egging you on but people are fickle Mr Callister. Behind your back they think you are a fool. Drop the drama, drop the ego and do the fucking job that you are paid to do.
  3. That’s the fella! I could just go one now!
  4. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the chippy that used to be in port st Mary up the side street. There used to be queues out the door and down the street. Can’t remember It’s name but it was the best fish and chip shop on the island. Probably in the world.
  5. A greasy battered delight.
  6. I do realise this is your attempt at humour but your postie, your dentist, your policeman, your kid’s teacher, your bus driver, advocate, bread maker, bin operative, electrician, pilot, and many more people you may interact with in a daily basis will have been using cannabis if not on their break then certainly the night before As for this doctor, due to legislation his actions can’t be ignored. He probably thought buying it in was a better bet than stalking some fifteen year old in a skatepark. A change is coming but not fast enough for
  7. This news is years old. I remember someone sending me the cutting. Someone I used to work with told me that if you think something happened 2 years ago then double it and add 2 years so I’m guessing it’s 6 years out of date.
  8. Tommy (fingers) Tang.
  9. John Barnaby does look a lot like Derek Flint. Or Derek Flint looks a lot like John Barnaby. I never know which way round it goes. Anyway, he looks like him.
  10. There used to be a huge celebration in the fields of Sulby valley but it got a bit too big for its own good. This year there’s a much smaller celebration being held in an adjoining field. A lot of people do celebrate and have continued to do so for many years. What do you plan to do this year Druid?
  11. It’s only a guess... but has this guy really really pissed off some people who make decisions? There seems to be a lot going on for him and none of it seems particularly good.
  12. It’s been a bit of a disgrace I’m no longer homeless and moved into a small house just before Christmas. It’s got gas central heating and gas cooker and hot water. I’m living on a very small amount so don’t use the heating and boil water on top of the wood burner. My bill for the first month was £16 for the gas and £5 standing charge. That’s 33% extra on my bill for the privilege of giving Manx gas my custom. If you’ve got loads of dosh then maybe it’s not so bad but for those living on the breadline it’s a bit pants.
  13. I do have a friedn who works in the post off ice (but we don't mention it) and he's a really fair kind of chap and he says that the mangers treat the posties like crap in every way, moral is low and it's generaly a shit and unhealthy place to work. Moneys not everything. Even a fare wage for a job you like isn't enough for human beings when they are tested appallingly. Don't do that thing where becasue they get a good wodge of money - and they undoubtedly do - that there might not be something really shitty going on down there and instead of making the debate about how much money thier on how about concentrating on what is actually going on down there when they're sripping assets, streamlining services, cutting costs all round when as the sultan said there's an internet boom in parcel sending and they still can't make any money? Could it be that there are indeed far too many top staff on huge salaries and that all this sludge is being created by them, by civil servants who have given Mrs Edge the ammunition they needed to take the heat off. Keeping their jobs will be the priotty over making a profit I imagine. whats going on is a disgrace and it's going on just about everywhere where th G word is mentioned.
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