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  1. ecobob

    Message For The Dti/iom Government

    Any chance of that in English Derek? Anyone know how big it is inside?
  2. ecobob

    which is the most unbiased news source?

    Just as you've always done then?
  3. I've said this before but here I am saying it again. Stuff like this does keep happening. Even us dimwits on here we knew we were being sold a turkey with this one. Same with the bendy buses, flying to the moooooon and numerous other pie in the sky deals. But every time we are told we know nothing. I remember Eddie Teare creaming his pants over the film stuff. He was so sure, so certain that he was backing a winner that in the end even I believed him. Yes, that's how gullible I am, how gullible we all are. I don't know the answer. We keep voting the buggers back in because there isn't an alternative. We need to find an alternative and an alternative will eventually come but there will be a lot more guff like this to wade through before the people finally say enough and start putting together an alternative. But while we're stuck at home watching x factor and drinking beer we're never likely to find an alternative, which I think is all part of the plan.
  4. ecobob

    How to you make cider from fresh apples ?

    You need to do a second fermentation for that. Once the first is over you bottle it, add a bit more sugar, seal it and very day you need to 'burp' the bottle to get rid of the excess carbon dioxide. It's not a fine science, you can have a few dodgy moments some of which can include losing an eye. So be careful. My worst experience was making mead for Christmas. I had it stored on it's side in a gallon jar with a rubber bung in the iid. I lived in a bedsit at the time and the mean was on a rack at the bottom of the bed. One night approaching Christmas i was woken by an almighty POP sound to find the bung had been pushed out by the pesky carbon dioxide action still ongoing after the initial ferment. I cannot tell you what it's like to have your entire bedroom floor covered in a gallon of sticky mead - but it wasn't good.
  5. ecobob

    How to you make cider from fresh apples ?

    My father and you would have got on well. My brother took him once to a wine brewers' meeting and they asked him how long he left his wine to 'rack'. Rack? I just wait till it's stopped bubbling then I drink it, was his reply. He only went once.
  6. ecobob


    Who are them two fellas?
  7. ecobob

    Sayle Gallery going into Administration

    You're right. I think cafe Villa are helping though. It seems to be far more busy than it was when it belonged to Mr D from Peel. A better menu, better food and better cooked. After reading @b4mbi's post I've just walked along there with my three hounds and sat outside having one of their vegan breakfasts (very nice it was too) and there are loads of people sitting outside having breakfasts and drinks. That al fresco cafe feel to the place really attracts people and maybe it might be the start of other places opening up and giving the whole arcade a new lease of life. 't would be nice if it did.
  8. ecobob

    Sayle Gallery going into Administration

    Aw. Where’s the fun in that? In that case, damn you to hell Costa Coffee!
  9. ecobob

    Sayle Gallery going into Administration

    As much as I detest the Costa Coffee Empire, it might be fun to watch them move in next door to Davisons.
  10. ecobob

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    No, that's glaringly obvious, and together with your toxic and manipulative posting tactics tell me all I need to know about who and what you are.
  11. ecobob

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    I've seen the Philippines. It's a shit regime.. Why do you think so many of them are over here running nursing homes and working the tills at TESCO.
  12. ecobob

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    And what about the 'decent' people themselves? Don't know how it is for you over in Bernard Mathew land but here we have huge swathes of what you might consider to be decent people taking drugs on a regular basis. Not just musicians and arty creative types but teachers, lawyers, politicians, nurses, doctors, architects, accountants, farmers, firemen (and women), psychologists, college lecturers, members of the IOM constabulary, churchgoers… all of whom you might assume to be 'decent' and normally law abiding people - apart from the fact that they take drugs. Following your benchmark, do they all fall from grace and instead of remaining decent are now scum in your opinion? I've said before, you will never understand this. You are far too far removed from the reality of the situation to find a solution. Your views are more of a problem than the individuals themselves. If you want another country to look at look closer to home to a country in Europe. Look at the model Portugal has created. No short sharp shocks there just common sense and guess what, it's working! https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/dec/05/portugals-radical-drugs-policy-is-working-why-hasnt-the-world-copied- ithttp://time.com/longform/portugal-drug-use-decriminalization/ https://mic.com/articles/110344/14-years-after-portugal-decriminalized-all-drugs-here-s-what-s-happening#.zI1Hcm4pC
  13. ecobob

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Hope's not enough. You need to get out on the streets right now Rog. You can save us. (you might need to take a flask and some sandwiches).
  14. ecobob

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    Ain't that the truth. I'm not sure I agree with the claim that the Turners are ' an establishment family'. Or, if they are, then there's no doubt that JT has the capacity to seriously annoy the tits off anyone that has dealings with him so I could see that if there was a chance for 'payback' then that chance would be taken. A bit like the case involving the Irvings.
  15. ecobob

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    And really, take a close look at the regime there. It may have cut down (literally) the amount of drug dealers on the streets but the repercussions from that regime have been huge a far reaching. And then there's the question of culture. It would never happen here. You know this. So it's a non starter. Unless you want to start it yourself? Vigilante style? See how you get on?