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  1. ecobob

    Manx Gas Standing Charges

    It’s been a bit of a disgrace I’m no longer homeless and moved into a small house just before Christmas. It’s got gas central heating and gas cooker and hot water. I’m living on a very small amount so don’t use the heating and boil water on top of the wood burner. My bill for the first month was £16 for the gas and £5 standing charge. That’s 33% extra on my bill for the privilege of giving Manx gas my custom. If you’ve got loads of dosh then maybe it’s not so bad but for those living on the breadline it’s a bit pants.
  2. ecobob

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I do have a friedn who works in the post off ice (but we don't mention it) and he's a really fair kind of chap and he says that the mangers treat the posties like crap in every way, moral is low and it's generaly a shit and unhealthy place to work. Moneys not everything. Even a fare wage for a job you like isn't enough for human beings when they are tested appallingly. Don't do that thing where becasue they get a good wodge of money - and they undoubtedly do - that there might not be something really shitty going on down there and instead of making the debate about how much money thier on how about concentrating on what is actually going on down there when they're sripping assets, streamlining services, cutting costs all round when as the sultan said there's an internet boom in parcel sending and they still can't make any money? Could it be that there are indeed far too many top staff on huge salaries and that all this sludge is being created by them, by civil servants who have given Mrs Edge the ammunition they needed to take the heat off. Keeping their jobs will be the priotty over making a profit I imagine. whats going on is a disgrace and it's going on just about everywhere where th G word is mentioned.
  3. ecobob

    Go On Then, What Were You Kistening To?

    Woah I love that. Just bought a copy. Bit of ecstatic dancing for me later when I over up a bit. Cheers Baba.
  4. ecobob

    Flat Earth?

  5. ecobob

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Because i look in once in a while to see if it's sorted yet or not. this is the only place I look. If your enjoying yourself then fair play. Each to their own and all that but I have o say it would drive me round the bend talking about it,
  6. ecobob

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Thats what I was trying to say.
  7. ecobob

    Flat Earth?

    I was earlier. Home now. Sound like.
  8. ecobob

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I'd be interested to hear from The Scutineeer about where all the money is going. Not that I don't trust your opinion Dil but I'd rather have a chat with the organ grinder instead of the monkey.
  9. ecobob

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Is it not sorted yet. I don't know how you lot can bear still following it. You had all the nines at the beggining and now all the stuff about the end. I prefer my life where I nee know anything. I pick ally news from manx forums. Thats how much I care. Do you really like it all? I'm fascinated, it would rive me mad having to keep up with that lot every day for months and years on end.
  10. ecobob

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Is that the reason then? I liked your 'thrownnby Hermes' comment.
  11. ecobob

    Enterprise Development Scheme.

    Vader made sure it dint happen.. He didn't like how the chinese treated t their elephants or their monkeys or something like that. My memories a bit hazy on the reason but he was proper ranty about how they should do business with the Chinese. maybe the Dfe listened to him. Someone had to one day.
  12. ecobob

    Flat Earth?

    Stayin' in tonight Paul?
  13. ecobob

    LED lights

    Jesus Holy Christ when did LED lights get so popular, Is there one household on the Isle of Man that doesn't own a set? How many of them own five sets and up? Bloody hell, driving from ramsey to laxey tonight (i would just like to point out that thafully I wasn't dryiving) I spotted hundreds of them everywhere in garish hues of that hellish LED blue that hurts you eyes and those off white ones with a blue tinge that look like the ones they put in the lavatories in Gkasgos to stop heroin addicts shooting up. Seriously, with LED's - less is more, Anyone epileptic travelling along that road tonight would be at serious risk of having a soft towel put between their teeth. Too much. Too much light. Too much flashing. Too much cheap.
  14. ecobob

    P.O Strike Begins.

    So, how come, with all these price cutting measures having taken place to good effect, and how come with the post offices full of people spending money on parcels to eBay and amazon and gumtree and stuff, and how come if someone there at the PO has the acumen to make these cost sitting measures, and how come even with them selling off their huge post Offices and cutting down their wags bill - so how come then that they aren't making any bloody money? What the actual fuck are they spending it on? I'm delighted Mr Scrutiner is posting on here. The forum needs to look after him. We need more people like him, in the know, willing to tell the truth. This could end up being a platform for the truth, who would have thought. Anyway be nice to him. (I've been in the pub all after noon and can't do sentences)
  15. ecobob

    cycle lane , Lezayre Road?

    Thats kind of like what Charlie Brown said, only his post was funnier.