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  1. We weren't taking it seriously then either - at least most of us weren't. That"s why people went away. Because they had a false sense of security. Remember, on facebook the night before the lockdown Manx people were telling us to go out and eat - so was the CM. It's all too easy to sit in judgement. Things have moved fast, people have followed advice and they've got stuck.
  2. If you listen to the report, they had flights booked to leave India but the border was closed before the flight was due to leave. It may not be good enough for the armchair experts but they did think it was all in hand. It's not as if they thought, fuck you we're staying, they booked the first flight available to get out but couldn't. These two are two of many in Goa. As stated, nearly all the other nationalities have been repatriated by their countries. All the hotels have closed, they are being accommodated by a local family and finding food in Goa right now is becoming extremely difficult. It's also risky for them and the family due to civil unrest re "dirty foreigners". Mike knew what he was doing today but letting himself be interviewed. He's saved a few lives in his time but this was him trying to save two more. it really could be that serious. The rest of the countries are bringing their people home. We should do the same.
  3. How can there be a war if everyone has to stay home?
  4. Perhaps not. Perhaps it was media management for the sake of something else. I also thought it was overly dramatic and did wonder if it was a bit 'hearts and mind' to get the public talking about the first death, rather than the possibility of the hospital staff treating the patient without adequate PPE equipment as stated in the 'whistleblower's statement. A mite cynical perhaps? If that's too cynical then perhaps to drive home the message to the public to stop dicking about and get the fuck home.
  5. "People are wearing more ppe in the public than we have in the hospital and that's a kick in the teeth" Whistleblower nurse from Nobles. That will ruffle a few feathers. Bloody hope so anyway. While people are making swimsuits idolising our government by turning HQ into a cuddly teddy bear here is the hard reality of whats going on. if this whistleblower is talking the truth and it sounds bloody likely, people will be really panicking now about just how well under control our government has this situation, if they can't even keep our front line workers safe and alive. Standing outside clapping is one thing. Putting our front care staff in danger, unequipped and telling them to shut up and get on with it is hugely worrying and reminciencient of Haig throwing men over the front line.
  6. Aye. Maybe. That would be really shit wouldn't it. Why guess? It's totally out of our control. Put your energy into what you can control. Like keeping the volume down till it's announced. That music really is shit. Is there one single person who"s listening in who likes that? Christ.
  7. Maybe thats the best time for them to take their fucking time.
  8. Thats my understanding too. Thanks again.
  9. OK. He has no grounds to keep them away. His estranged wife took a test, it was negative and she is now social distancing instead of self isolating. Thats what I've found looking on the Gov. advice page.
  10. Thanks again. Yes I spotted that before but not the logistics of how it works.
  11. When they did the reshuffle they had to find spots for everyone so no one got fired.
  12. Does anyone know what the position is on children under the age of 18 who split their time between parents? I know of a young woman with a child under 18 whose estranged husband is refusing to let the children move between the houses. I know one of the "exceptions" to the stay home order is for the movement of children between houses but I can't find any more info. She ran the info number only to be told they didn't know and to ring 111 instead but 111 is a phone line to report symptoms. Just wondered if anyone here knew the legit situation? I'm not asking for judgement on wherever its a good idea or not. Just the facts if anyone knows them Thanks.
  13. What do you mean, what will they be like? Going off Island doesn’t change the human form you know.
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