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  1. Make a call to the health and safety work inspectorate at St Johns. I’ve been dealing with them in another matter and they’re very helpful. There should be a safety plan and a risk assessment for this business and it has obviously not been adhered to. And don’t apologise to anyone on here for your distress. Double fire ceiling or not, if I was sleeping above premises where the fryers had been left on I’d be bloody angry and want some answers too.
  2. I gave MR another chance this morning. I lasted the few minutes it took before the first piece of hellish music was played. I think I’m done now. Such a shame. I have such a lot of respect for both presenters and they’re doing their best but the programming is not something I’m ever going to get used to - or want to get used to.
  3. This is because there is no alternative. We are ever hopeful that this time round it will be different but it’s impossible for that to be the case while the government system exists in its present state. With no alternative, we carry on every five years alternating between hope and despair. I’ve said it before but it’s insanity but without an alternative choice we carry on buying into it. I was accused here once of having rose tinted spectacles as I truly believed government were doing a good job in the circumstances I didn’t believe in conspiracies, or spin or dishonesty within government, I thought it was all paranoia I’ve had first hand experience of it up close and personal these last two week and I can tell you that it stinks So, what is the alternative?
  4. You’re so right on both points. It’s been years since I listened to any news but when I did I used to listen to Radio 4 Today programme and if a major incident occurred and government were at the bottom of it then the members or ministers would be grilled about it, often without mercy. Why isn’t that happening now? A major emergency incident was declared and our local radio puts out an interview with the CM about how the gov are going to give fifteen defected homes a cheque for £500. How come not one media person has tackled him about the unsecured hole? Would this be allowed to happen in the UK? Not a bloody chance Why is it different here? Your second paragraph is also nail on head. It’s that despair that’s spurred me on to keep the truth out there in the face of nothing to see here move on.
  5. Indeed. He has a bit of form when it comes to bullying ladies. A bit like how you can tell the character of a person by how they treat the waiter, similarly, you can tell the character of a man by how he treats ladies, especially vulnerable ones.
  6. I know this is a highly irregular idea, but couldn’t they just have replaced it with, a clock? How are we going to know when our parking tickets are up now?
  7. People are displaced. They have lost everything. Some are living in a hotel room and having to pay to eat out every day. The allowance given by the insurers is £10 per person per day. They have had to buy clothes, toiletries and they are using extra fuel in their vehicles to travel back and forth from their temporary accommodation to check on their properties and to meet with contractors, loss adjusters etc. Their homes are filled with dehumidifiers and air blowers. High energy appliances plugged into home owners electricity supplies. Some may be compensated for energy bills in the future, some not but for now they are having to pay the additional costs. They are already hugely out of pocket. £500 will help of course but it’s nowhere near enough and it’s nowhere near what the government is capable and should be offering right now.
  8. Indeed they will. And the government know it. Why else would they have planned, organised and begun remedial works in less than a week? Works that were recommended after the 2015 floods? They’ve been caught with their pants down and the world has watched it happen. Now they’re trying to win hearts and minds with a £500 payoff and a programme of works, visits by the CM and a public meeting. All to take the heat off one thing. That contractors, employed by IOM government left a 3 metre breach in the flood defences at its lowest point, open and unprotected the night before a yellow weather warning was issued. And, that they left their machinery in the river in such a place that created a dam forcing water through the breach, flooding properties that had never before been flooded This was not a flood. This was incompetence. The residents know it, the government knows it and the insurers and loss adjusters know it.
  9. The figures being bandied about from loss adjusters are more like 100k per property. Some were completely contaminated by sewage and even the upstairs contents have had to be destroyed.
  10. When was the original completion date Dave?
  11. You mean well mate, but you really really do need to stop giving out references. It’s not fair on blokes like Stu.
  12. I’ve just taken a look. White shirts on white background. Why? What a awful awful way to represent broadcasters all with their own personalities - dress them all the same and in the same colour. I’m a pretty blue sky approach kind of guy and I don’t find much to moan about but that page is so utterly utterly bad that was feel as though this is all a bad dream. This can’t all be really happening, can it?
  13. I listened for a bit this morning for the first time and that was my thought too. How very convenient now that there is no platform now for interviewers to speak to politicians, CEO’s, top civil servants etc and for us to hear their replies. Very convenient. In fact, if MR got their money from the government one might almost think it was deliberate... Wasn’t it only last year that there was talk of government wanting to shut MR down? Sounds horribly like a deal was done. Take the heat off, stop asking us awkward questions, and play some music instead.
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