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  1. “And the eyes in his head see the world spinning ‘round” are the actual lyrics Paul Note, round world, spinning, round not skimming ‘round, like a stone of a flat variety. x
  2. I don’t know who Tarzan is but I did once support my weight on my elbows for Jane.
  3. It used to be like that in Africa when I lived there. Five men to make a pot of tea and it took a good half an hour. Africa. Isle of Man. Aye.
  4. ecobob

    Bus Vs Taxi

    Doorless taxis would also solve this problem.
  5. Christ. They’d better not visit the blacksmith in Laxey. He’s already spitting feathers at the government. If they went in there and saw his stuff... there may be trouble ahead.
  6. I did at the time say the knockback was ‘personal’ toward the applicant That post rather confirms it. However, it’s extremely irresponsible, unprofessional and also very subjective. You kind of get a feel for how well a business is run by their social media presence and if that’s a typical response then, well, let’s see but my guess is it will hurl from one crisis to another. What a shame. What a wasted opportunity. And here’s a tip. Never ever wash your business’s dirty laundry in public.
  7. Yes but that would have meant predicting the future. Today’s prediction (based on science) stayed that it would rain heavily from late morning on until tomorrow . By the time the Senior finished the organisers probably decided they were lucky it finished in the dry and called it quits Of course, if they’d had you and lightbulb in the office meeting to discuss closures, you could have told them categorically that it wouldn’t start raining today till 5pm. You missed your chance there today boys.
  8. It was supposed to rain but it didn’t.
  9. Usually so quick to spread his bile but, like most of his kind, decides to retreat when called out in his bullshit. Well done team.
  10. Obviously, or they wouldn’t have been able to make their statement in the first place. Or maybe now they’ve realised they’ve dropped a bollock and are now trying to change the subject? The gaslighters are out in force today. Must be the sun.
  11. A nice bit of gaslighting to add to your word salad. More red flags than Peel prom.
  12. Says the man who’s just announced his death from three years ago and is now using word salad to cover up his numptiness.
  13. When did it happen that because someone believes in something you don’t they became dickheads? Can’t they just be people who have a different opinion? What is going on here. I see it on Facebook all the time. All that hate and bile because someone cares to declare an interest in something someone else doesn’t care about. I’m glad I’m getting old.
  14. That’s not true. It’s possible to be in love and to fall out of love. In case you hadn’t noticed, it happens all the time. Things happen, time passes, we change and what was once our heart’s desire no longer interests us. You can’t accuse someone of not loving in the first place. Well, you can, but it’s an arrogant assumption to make. And unkind.
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