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  1. I don’t think that rule applies any more. I reported two outrageous posts a few weeks for doing exactly the same thing and got two warning points for my trouble. If the rule that was so important once doesn’t exist anymore it would have been nice to have been told. Saves getting warning points that never expire.
  2. With the ability to transport ‘spice’ on a fingernail, a magazine or a phone card, pretty damn easy.
  3. ecobob

    Breakfast Clubs

    The schools didn’t care Donald. The secondary schools, when privatisation was introduced as part of the schools’ devolvement policy giving financial control to the head teachers, were just glad to be free of the financial burden. It went out to tender with no obligation for health or nutrition. It was all about making money - for the school and for the successful bidder.
  4. ecobob

    Breakfast Clubs

    If only. Sadly, when the catering in schools went out to private tender any chance of a balanced meal went out the window. It was all about making money for the individuals concerned. Cheap sausages, white baps, doughnuts. Cheap carbs with poor nutrition but with excellent profit margins.
  5. I got caught in it too. Five rozzer vans and a dog van. Thought it must have been something fairly big but as you say, no mention. Loads of marks in the road though.
  6. That’s not going to happen anymore. Reason and logic can also lead to discovery and discovery isn’t wanted either. Much better to encourage emotion and outpouring of hatred. Keep the proles occupied on one another’s misdemeanours rather than focusing on the huge pile of shit at the top.
  7. Yes. That would make interesting viewing.
  8. Yes. Yes I am totally aware of that. I was writing it as coming from the perspective of the IOM government as opposed to the civilised world.
  9. I don’t think it was financial in other places. I think they bowed to world pressure about animal cruelty. Good job we’re not bothered about that load of bollocks here. Not when the blue rinse brigade want to get to Marks for their pot of tea.
  10. I suppose what I’m wondering is that it must be a damn sight cheaper to go down 800mm than 1.70 metres. I’m guessing that tremendous money saving will show up in the final analysis. (Sarcasm)
  11. From reading the posts here I see that the excavation has not gone as deep as the original plans and budget projections. Does anyone know if there’s a valid reason for this apart from trying to speed things up and look as though they’re still on budget?
  12. And we’re off again... that didn’t last long.
  13. They’ve been running the show for 2000 years. The insanity is that you expected anything different. Aye. Harmer. They couldn’t wait to get Crookall out of Peel and they got Harmer instead. How ironic that they now look back at Crookall and think he wasn’t that bad after all. Could have been worse though, they might have got the dentist.
  14. What is this fascination with cruise ships. Pile of old dirty gas guzzling beasts that rip up our sea beds. Most of the channels run across the old queenie beds. You’ll not find many queenies in Douglas bay any more. Their habitat has been ripped to shreds. Bloody load of old shite just so some pensioners can come onshore and marvel at Douglas town centre and buy a pack of batteries from Dealz.
  15. This is very bizarre. I appear to be being attacked by two posters for no other reason than I met this guy face to face and liked what he had to say. I have not and have never offered him continued support all I’ve done is to say that he is offering something different. Dont you want something different? Are you entirely happy with the current administration and the governmental system? Here’s the thing. If you want radical change then that change is going to come in the guise of someone different. If it’s a painter, a chimney sweep, a nurse or a lightbulb salesman then it’s unlikely to be different. It will be much of the same old same old that’s its always been. Here comes someone who is undoubtably different and it seems to scare the shit out of some of you. Even to the point of suggesting I am gay because I liked what someone had to say? Really? What is it that enrages you so much? Is it his ‘gayness’, is it that he’s American, that he’s black or just that he’s so different to what you already know, vote for, complain about and repeat? Wash and rinse. Over and over. It intrigues me. If you want change you’re going to have to learn to embrace change. Maybe it will be him or maybe it will be someone else but whoever it is it’s not going to be your ordinary man or woman in the street. And if you continue to jibe, disrespect, call names and insult anyone who is most certainly different and who is brave enough to put himself or herself on the line with their beliefs then you will continue to be part of the problem not the solution.
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