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  1. That’s not true. It’s been ‘all right’ for many, not just the elete. A lot of positives have come out this for many people, even for the ones who’ve lost a lot. A lot are reconsidering their whole futures and reassessing what is important and what they’ve been forced into.
  2. Some serious shit brewing. Just imagine how this might end if these people were gunned up and black?
  3. There’s a definite Facebook vibe thing going on here tonight.
  4. Fat shaming is never nice. Despite that, I did laugh out loud when I read your reply. Honesty and transparency and all that.
  5. Yes, well a lot of people will be missing out on all the drama of course and they’ve been thriving on that for years so it’s possible that may happen. It will be a lot more likely of course if people keep writing on the internet that it’s going to happen. Self fulfilling prophecy and all that. There you go again trying to control what can’t be controlled. Aren’t you exhausted with it all?
  6. I think you’re thinking far too far ahead of yourself there Golfer. There’s a plan, all being well it will move forward. If things fuck up it will go backwards. There may be many backwards and forwards before a true forward occurs. It may be a year, it may be three years, it may never open. No-one knows. We all living through a virtual experiment. Even the ones that will know don’t know. Put it out of your mind. Control what you can control and leave the rest. It’ll save you disappearing down the eighteenth hole.
  7. Has anyone ever met anyone who actually likes that ‘jokey’ format? It ‘s entirely possible that because we are all old farts we don’t like it but I was just genuinely wondering if you or any of your friends or family think the whole thing is a hoot? Please answer below.
  8. I think you’re being a bit unfair there Neil.
  9. Some people have to go through a load of shit to be able to speak their truth.
  10. That is *exactly* the kind of blog people in here have said they would appreciate more from Rob Callister instead of his daily movements (pun intended). Jason’s done well there. He was always an excellent teacher and well spoken of by his peers. His previous didn’t seem to correlate with the man we saw in front of us. It’s good to see him here writing just as ‘himself’ but also as a member of government. Nice one.
  11. Ha ha. Too Old Skool 4 u.
  12. You’ve been pwned mate.
  13. At one time I used to drive all over Europe. The Spanish roads were my favourites. Almost empty, huge, and through the best scenery. I used to make up time elsewhere so I could cruise at 40kms an hour, sometimes for the whole day. It did my mental health the world of good and I arrived at my destination calm, refreshed and upbeat. It’s amazing what you can get used to.
  14. How does that fit in with the general assumption that the money earned by hospitality during the TT period carries them through the winter? And they now working a year in arrears? Pretty poor show tho. And now the MCN has got hold of it it won't do us any good at all.
  15. Nice bit of gaslighting going on there Larry. Your grumpiness has been stirred by me challenging you on your turn around on two posts: the first where you ridiculed Rachel Glover's professional experience and the second grovelling and smarmy post that followed her reply. You showed your true colours there matey and I called you out on your bullshit. I see no evidence elsewhere of people starting arguments with you for stating an opposing view. Thats what this place it for - to hear opposing views - and to challenge them. It's all part of learning innit.
  16. This is what Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish parliament is using to make decisions about the future plans to ease lockdown. Today, despite the drop in the 'R' rate she made it very clear that there was to be no easing up in any of the restrictions.
  17. Given the chance, just about anyone who had previous dealings with him would have tipped the rozzers off, trust me.
  18. Just to get back to B and Q (boo hiss bring back Feltons to Peel) and to put a bit of a smile on your face and warmth in your hearts. A forum member previously unknown to me went to B and Q today and got the cement I needed for my stonework job and left it outside my house. Isn't that lovely? We're a lovely lot during a global pandemic.
  19. I hardly knew who he was until recently but yes, I concur. The lady on the Mannin Line put it far better than I can remember. Her point was mainly about the use of 'construction workers' and 'horticulture workers". Apparently over the course of a few days different words were used to describe said workers. Words that were ambiguous and open to interpretation. And this is the point. If we want people to not bend the rules then it has to be made ABSOLUTELY clear what the rules are and who they relate to. Even HQ agreed with her and said they'd do better next time. They just need to be sure that when they release a statement it's been scrutinised thoroughly before publishing. Throughly. Everything is open to interpretation as we have seen thats why is has to be crystal clear. It saves people like the police having to clear up the mess afterwards. Joined up government is a statement been bandied about for years but NEVER was there a time for egos to be put to one side and true collaboration put in place.
  20. Christ. He'll be sitting at home shitting bricks right now. More bricks than we've seen on the promenade.
  21. Thank you. I haven't had my first coffee of the day and I'm I'm a bit slacking in insult. But yes, add yucky drooling sleaziness to my "too late" comment.
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