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  1. Yeah I was probably a bit harsh on the doc, for managing to get the abortion bill through alone he deserves re-election. I’m hoping Haffinin gets in just for something different and to see what he can do. Dreading the thought of DJ Gammon getting in, sad indictment of the Island if he does.
  2. Off out to vote soon and still haven’t made my mind up from a pretty uninspiring line up. Didn’t receive one manifesto or any visits so these are my general, uninformed impressions Allinson- misgivings about his judgement on the marina but his politics generally line up with mine and he did achieve in his first term with getting the abortion bill through so will probably get my vote. Cowell- just seems to be on a improve Ramsey ticket with no general policies, also quoted he’d only take the knee for the queen so no chance Hooper- voted for him last time and could have seen myself doing again, however the whole Lib Van candidate fiasco and his response to it means I can’t this time around. Kinrade- possible vote, pretty uninspiring but seems quite normal compared to some of them, doesn’t seem to offer anything different though. Mann- hahahah Parker - was intrigued when he entered however apart from not wanting to legalise cannabis I couldn’t tell you anything he stands for. Saw a couple of questionnaires that most of the other candidates had completed that he hadn’t bothered to, strange campaign Singer - hahaha Spencer- leaning towards her for my 2nd vote. More females are needed in the house and she seems clued up on the climate challenge we face, disappointed she appears to be for brexit but seems ok on most other things.
  3. This should be posted out to all voters in Douglas East, bravo!
  4. I love the Isle of Man, moved here 15 years ago and can’t imagine moving back to the UK anytime soon. Can’t understand why anyone would chose to live in Douglas though, seems like the worst of both worlds to me.
  5. On the one hand I like that he’s one of the few candidates to put forward ideas on how to deal with the problems he mentions. On the other hand nearly all his ideas are completely batshit mental..
  6. This is where I stand on it at the moment. As offshoremanxman says the marina is never going to happen but it is a worry that Allinson couldn't see it was a complete non starter. I voted for Allinson and Hooper last time but it's looking likely I may vote for neither this time round. I can't vote for Hooper after the whole Josem/Williers debacle and am really on the fence with Allinson.
  7. Here you go, it’s from a strange anti vaxxer but a decent take down of the story:
  8. Same as the Ramsey coop car park. Lost count of the number of times I’ve had to go to Shoprite as couldn’t get a park.
  9. I think the person claiming they found the razor and got cut may be a bit of a fantasist. They claimed they once got disembowelled and walked into a police station holding their intestines.. I’ll link up the Twitter thread if anyone’s interested.
  10. It’s not policy, it’s just because there’s nothing on the shelves..
  11. Just got an email from them confirming this.
  12. manxchester

    Manx Care

    They (Manx Care) put it on Twitter apparently, since shredded, sorry, deleted.
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