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  1. It is pricey but food is great. I saw The Other Place in Ramsey is up for sale, food was very good in there but interesting staff!
  2. Not the best of starts for them despite what spin they try to put on it. Hope it works for them but fear the worst.
  3. They've confirmed it's not in Ramsey. Advertising for a chef but won't say where it is 🤷‍♂️
  4. DoI vans and street furniture also seem to take this option. I remember when they were doing some work on Lezayre Road and they had temp traffic lights blocking the pavement for about a month as they couldn't be arsed moving them when they'd finished work for the day. "With the Angles now" is a popular one as well!
  5. I used to be responsible for updating some sections about 14 years ago, can confirm it still looks exactly the same as when I’d updated it. Also, tried to get a form for a type of benefit last week, obviously no chance of filling it in online but thought I’d at least be able to got a copy printed off. Nope, got to email the department who then post out a form (not that it tells you this anyway, only found out because I emailed them to ask where the link for the form was!), obviously wrong form was posted as well… 🙄
  6. Problem with the engine on Mannanan this morning, stuck in Douglas at moment.
  7. Its not even just financial businesses, I've been trying to start a small business over the last couple of years, every (and I mean EVERY) government department has been an absolute pain to deal with, seemingly more intent on making it difficult to get started then provide any help. Its got to the point now where I'm just going to cut my losses and walk away from it, its not worth the stress.
  8. We only had one knock on the door last night and it was my son and his mates 🙄, Rest of Ramsey seemed pretty busy though when I was driving round to pick up my daughter, nice to see the kids out and enjoying themselves and most seemingly pretty polite and thoughtful.
  9. The problem for me is that they won’t put up proper costings for projects. I’m sure they all do bits for constituents (which they should and am happy to hear about) however when they’re quizzed on govt costs they go quiet, one example is Hooper (or the DoE) refusing to give costs on the subsidies of Logan air London flights. No reason at all the public shouldn’t know this, they’re so secretive about it that you can’t help but think somethjng underhand is going on.
  10. Micro Brewery equipment being installed in their new place today I believe.
  11. If I was a 20something looking to relocate (or for a reason to stay on the island), between this and the car crash of an article by an elected MHK, I’d definitely be looking for a more welcoming place to live.
  12. They changed their opening hours recently and are open a lot more now. It is a good spot and they always seem busy, will be a shame to lose them.
  13. This is the exact situation we found ourselves in, went with the 5 year fixed as well just for peace of mind, god knows what the economic situation is going to be like in 5 years though!
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