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  1. Ramsey Post Office still do foreign exchange (or at least they were in TT week).
  2. Just walked past, cars queuing all round the estate backed right up to Peel Road. Couple of guys out directing them though and seemed to be working well. They're gonna be making some serious money today!
  3. So they used the excuse that the machines can’t take Manx pound coins to justify using a system where you can’t use ANY money?? Outstanding 👏
  4. That happened to me last month. Was meant to fly to Manchester in the morning, changed it to an evening flight which made the trip not worth doing. You should be able to change flights for free and just pay the difference in flight cost or cancel and get a refund through the website (says so in the email I got) but, like you say, it doesn't give you either of those options. I eventually managed to get someone on the chat option on the website, explained what had happened and they said they would only refund the tax! I went into full Karen mode on them and they quickly backed down and refunded it all so may be worth looking at doing that then re-booking?
  5. Yeah he definitely hasn’t had flu. I was the same previously, put really heavy colds down to flu, it wasn’t till I actually got it (and was diagnosed with it) that I realised the difference. Bed ridden for a week and felt like crap for a month, Covid was a walk in the park compared to it (obviously vaccinations helped).
  6. Didn’t they have a load of free bands on up at the grandstand as well? I fancied watching a couple of them but couldn’t face the bus back (they need to put a toilet on the later buses back to Ramsey! 😣)
  7. Think it depends if you have kids or not as well. I definitely won’t be leaving the Island till mine have fled the nest. 10 year old daughter has spent the weekend out and about with her friends, going to Costa, building dens and just having fun enjoying her childhood. If I was back in Manchester I’d be worried sick every time she left the house without me or her mum.
  8. This is the post he sponsored:
  9. Worcester Sauce under the cheese, add spring onions or mushrooms if you’re feeling fancy, job done.
  10. Agree completely and like I say I want the races to continue so they can make those choices but it does need to be made safer. Also it’s often not a “family” decision about if they race or not, it’s a family decision on if they stay with them if they do race (which they are going to do no matter what- that’s the selfish bit)
  11. Why did you edit your reply? I said I thought the riders with kids or partners were selfish (particularly the kids bit), bloke on his own not so much. Not everything is black and white in this world, like I said I’m not a racing fan but I want the TT to continue just in a safer way where possible. We just don’t seem to make much effort to make it safer which with every death is more and more damning.
  12. I’m sorry but that’s a poor argument. People would partake and watch bare knuckle boxing shows if it was still allowed, doesn’t mean we should facilitate them. I’m not into the races but wouldn’t want to see them go. As others have said they need to be made safer, seems the easiest way be far is by reducing speed so let’s start with that. I know one family that’s been impacted by the races and I know one current racer, my opinion is it’s an incredibly selfish thing to do when you have kids/partner but it’s their life and their decision. If the IoM government are going to run and profit from these races they have a responsibility to make it as safe as possible for the riders and they really seem to be shirking from this.
  13. Agree with this, there needs to be some encouragement/punishment for these plots to be used (should also apply to empty commercial buildings). I think the island looks good compared to a lot of places across though, recently visited family back in Manchester and the surrounding areas were shocking, amount of litter everywhere was appalling along with general upkeep. Obviously we can and should do better but it’s still a really nice place to live in my opinion.
  14. Secret Pizza in Castletown is very good I think.
  15. Apologies for the random question but does anybody know why that random cycle lane appeared on Lezayre Road a couple of years ago (from milntown to the DoI depot near Cafe Rosa). Was it someone just messing about? You can still see the really poor markings and then it just veers across the road into the depot.
  16. I’ve seen workers outside having a break every day this week so presume they’re still knocking the last loads out.
  17. I saw a copper vaping whilst driving a police van a couple of weeks ago, not the best look!
  18. Those rolls are sensational (although they should be called muffins…)
  19. Doesn’t really tie in with this does it: I like cars and I like Clarkson - especially his resilience when he tells the simple truth as he sees it and is lambasted for having the temerity to express an opinion that is not a result of hivemind groupthink. He’s so lambasted that he’s had his own newspaper column and countless tv shows over the years. What resilience he’s shown by continuing to express the same dogshit opinions that have made him a multi-millionaire.
  20. My son reckons more kids are wearing masks at his school in the past week as well.
  21. Yeah I’ve flown through a couple of times recently. It’s crap but has been for a long time and you go there expecting it (although the last 2 times I’ve flown from there I’ve had a fast pass through security and got through quicker than I did at the Isle of Man airport). Thankfully not had to pick anyone up from Manchester, they have managed to make an almighty mess of that. My mum will probably still be expecting early 2000s level of service and organisation over here though..
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