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  1. It's a tired old tactic forum bullies have come up with over the years: > Poster A takes a disliking to poster B; > Poster A accuses poster B of being a banned poster C; > Poster A uses their own alt account, poster D, to repeat the accusation that poster B is poster C; > Poster A uses another alt account, poster E, to repeat the same accusation; > Poster A succeeds in getting poster B banned.
  2. Kind of looks like he's had a little too much lucozade with his beans on toast and is bursting for a p---.
  3. There really has been a massive increase in the past two years in interest in flat earth theory.
  4. We stupidly let too many old people come here to retire, to avoid inheritance tax, and having never paid a penny into the Isle of Man but they are now eligible for free health care for life and as they get older the cost skyrockets.
  5. Does anybody else keep getting appointment cancellations and new appointment times sent to them? I may have enough to start a bonfire at this rate.
  6. Been saying this for a years but I've been mocked for saying it and called a conspiracy nut or accused of making stuff up. It's a fact. These consultants are taking the absolute p----.
  7. I don't think anyone would disagree with that.
  8. Oh I don't know, maybe the several thousand posts about it?
  9. You're right about public sector management though. I have worked in government and know many of them post on here during office hours.
  10. It's okay. I can see they're trying to get me removed from the forum by accusing me of being a banned former member. I'm not that member, but it is a tried and tested strategy they've used effectively many times before. This place is a bit like Children of the Corn. Anybody who doesn't go along with the views or agendas of the core membership who've been sadly posting here for decades and think they're Paul Krugman or Bob Woodward and this website is the equivalent of the New York Times or Washington Post, is immediately in the cross-hairs to be chased out, either by bullying them into no longer posting or else just make up lies to get them banned. It's nothing new. It's just business as usual really.
  11. I'm not TJ and you're not exactly aging well yourself, you bitter and twisted old cow.
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