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  1. YouTube or Vimeo to record videos is a good idea too. People have very little patience for reading anymore. Maybe BigClive could give people tips on that.
  2. Even on his group where he has full admin control, most people just ignore his posts and scroll right past them anyway as they're very boring and repetitive. Most people only stop to read if they see it's by someone else, someone normal and it's about something different than the usual, which is maybe a couple of times per week at most. I can't get my head around Twitter. I get the point about how it forces people to be precise, but people with ideas that aren't just a repetition of the usual conventional viewpoints will need more text space. I think a coordinated use of different mediums
  3. I doubt it would be taken as domestic abuse completely in isolation. It would be in the context of other things, part of a pattern of behaviour.
  4. I think we should get rid of the horse trams. What point do they serve? Just walk or get a bus.
  5. What I don't understand is why the original poster said "hello world" and not "hello Isle of Man".
  6. I am sorry to hear that. Best wishes.
  7. So probably a lovable rogue to you?
  8. Who's the island's best DJ? That's my question. If only I could find a thread on this forum where the question of island's best DJ was discussed, including by rival DJs..........
  9. *finishes article* *sigh of relief*
  10. Wait, I didn't finish reading the article before posting that. Please tell me it isn't an underage bum.........
  11. I don't think it's fair to post an article on this without including a photograph of the bum so we can all make a determination.
  12. He threatened to sue me as well. John Wright, would you represent me please?
  13. Yes, Neil. Sadly, the irony ---- that Corrin has been "doxxing" people (including teenage girls) by contacting their employers and causing trouble for them just because they happen to disagree with him on the politics or even just the animal groups --- was apparently lost a number of the morons replying.
  14. But of course you do, Neil. Get over your odd obsession.
  15. Although so are they, so maybe they all just mutually agreed to go and be assholes separately.
  16. My understanding is that they finally realised he was an asshole.
  17. I see no evidence that the author of this thread is him. It seems like paranoia to me.
  18. Fritz is definitely a real person but using a fake name. Not Vader, definitely a different person.
  19. An old poster here who left years ago.
  20. Following the admins of those groups is a bit like a saddo version of Game of Thrones. They take themselves and their groups far too seriously.
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