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  1. A quick use of the search function will show he never used the pretentious phrase "adjacent isle". Try again.
  2. I, too, love the music of Mozart.
  3. You're not so slim yourself, ya fat cow.
  4. Only for five weeks. That should give the rest of you time to come up with an original retort.
  5. But they fail to see the big picture and see how intangibles do lead to tangibles and vice versa. Also, I'm not sure I'd go with any bean counter on the island who hasn't already switched to oil.
  6. Saying there was a £26 million loss is just a short-sighted, small-minded interpretation from a low IQ bean counter who can't think outside of a silo mindset. In the grand scheme of things, there was no loss to the taxpayer.
  7. Everyone interferes in everyone's elections. Get over it, you losers
  8. He stopped being funny long before Borat. This latest escapade is nothing more than mocking disabled veterans.
  9. Maybe they had something in their eye.
  10. It's easy to find savings. Not so easy to take on the "deep state" and drain the swamp AKA the civil service. Even Margaret Thatcher tried to take on the civil service and she couldn't get anywhere. If anyone here has suggestions on how to take them on, please do speak up.
  11. Go ahead, Rob. Make my day..............
  12. Thank you for bringing this serious matter to our attention. It is being looked into and we will provide an update in due course.
  13. I'm watching Game of Thrones. xxxx
  14. Wishing everyone on Manx Forums a Merry Christmas. Howard xxx
  15. I find it quite odd that not many on here see the problem. This may turn into a real shit storm yet. They can moan and put up a fuss all they like. What's done is done and there's nothing they can do about it.
  16. Congratulations, Mr Quayle. I'm sure I speak for the silent majority when I say I'm very happy that someone of your acumen, ability, experience and overall good nature (not to mention charming personality and witty sense of humour) is now the Chief Minister. I'm very excited and optimistic about the next five years and wish you the best of luck.
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