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    The ice will melt first?
  3. Howard


    What's the answer, CH? Don't leave us all in suspense!
  4. I've heard a high ranking civil servant use the N word during a meeting.
  5. I don't understand. What is your new avatar supposed to be?
  6. I've worked in government as well and that's a fairly accurate description of how management operate; although, to be fair I was never on the receiving end of any of that -- I was fortunate to have nice managers. That said, it's similar in the private sector as well, at least in the big companies. There are some well known ones.
  7. The sad thing here is that every worker in the factory responsible for this has probably been shot or sent to forced labour camps.
  8. This site with its trolls is just not worth the effort. Especially when you could just disappear without question into non-existence like in Orwell's 1984 with room 101.
  9. I'm one of the more serious posters here, actually. I could write up a long essay (as I have many times before) and I just get childish abuse from people. Is it any wonder I've reduced my output to one-liners?
  10. You really think I'd be popular in Tynwald anyway? I actually have a political philosophy and personal integrity. It's probably why I get so much abuse.
  11. None. It would be a massive PR success though. I'd voluntarily donate the £7k to charity and make all the other MHKs look like complete knob heads (if that's even more possible).
  12. I wouldn't. If I was an MHK, my first step would be to propose a private member's bill or table a motion for the removal of expenses.
  13. Your "fag packet" computation was previously official policy at the Department of Economic Development. It was well known to be a waste of money. They've changed their tune all of a sudden. You can see it's an obvious case of Keynesian economics at work: the aim is not to generate revenue from the cruise ships but to simply flow money into the local construction industry as a misguided way to spur economic activity. It doesn't really work when most of the people doing the work are brought in from across and take their salaries back with them.
  14. Cruise ship visits to the Isle of Man do not contribute anything to the island's economy. In fact, they cost the taxpayer each year.
  15. This is literally my only login. Got nothing to do with any of those other people.
  16. Howard


    I'm not actually saying any of this. I'm just offering up suggestions that conspiracy analysts might propose.
  17. Howard


    Okay, another possibility is that this is just part of UN Agenda 21 and the agenda to depopulate most of the world's population as per the Georgia Guidestones so we can be controlled. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones
  18. Anyway, Neil, what's with the new avatar? Have you gone bald and developed a minge on your face in real life?
  19. Not at all. I am a very infrequent visitor, often go years between phases of posting and not posting. I couldn't even remember my earlier login details last year so I signed up again. Not rocket science, is it?
  20. I'm not calling flat earthers idiots. I just thought the meme was amusing. For the record.
  21. I've been here over ten years.
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