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    One possibility is that they're terraforming the planet to make it more like their home planet.
  2. I support doing away with expenses altogether or at the very least reducing them by two thirds.
  3. It's very amusing for anybody to suggest it's "beyond his wildest dreams". Have they looked at the rest of what Tynwald has to offer? Some of them look like they have terminal head damage.
  4. I've been predicting on here for years that Chris Thomas and Alfred Cannan will both be Chief Minister at different points in the future. It's fairly obvious. Why would iehter of them consider that job beyond their wildest dreams? They're both highly competent for the job, far more so than the current or previous job holders.
  5. Could you elaborate? I like smart people with integrity and passion for making the island a better place for everyone; I guess it should be no surprise I support Thomas.
  6. I'm not Chris, I'm Howard, you spazzer.
  7. Don't buy into all that nonsense about overturning Roe v Wade. It would never happen.
  8. And? All appointments in history have been partisan.
  9. According to Buster, the sleeves on the suit are too long. That comment really cracked me up.
  10. It's actually very interesting that nobody has started a thread about that list. £2,000 on a website that a ten year old could probably put together with £20 pocket money.
  11. What a hideous individual you are. Chris Thomas is very well regarded by his constituents and the general public because he is highly intelligent, a good communicator, engages with people, is very approachable, and more to the point he is personally responsible for pushing through a reform agenda over the past few years, which is entirely in keeping with everything he said in his position as a backbench MHK. But he is also very modest and doesn't go around trying to take credit for things, so you won't see him posting photos of himself with advertorials promoting himself all over Facebook like
  12. I don't dispute that both options are acceptable. Acceptable isn't good enough. I think we should strive for perfection.
  13. Yes, your bizarre obsession with TJ really is boring, but let's not project your boringness onto him, as it's not his fault you're a mentalist.
  14. Howard


    And yet still a better poster than you, and much more popular, no matter how many fake accounts you use to attack him. The forum's alleged near shut down had nothing to do with him.
  15. Trump isn't even accused of an indictable offense.
  16. Uh oh, Rob Callister's name has just appeared in the actively browsing members list for this topic. Isn't the Keys in session?
  17. No, I was exclusively referring to English grammar. You can link to as many websites as you like; I'm a more credible source on English grammar.
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