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  1. The thing is, the people who admin the Onchan Residents group actually have jobs and families so they don't have time to p-ss about micro-managing the site. It's only when someone is a deliberate nuisance that they finally lose their tether.
  2. Howard


    Seen it all before. Weather modification is definitely happening.
  3. Howard


    You may be interested in this thread. It was satirical (dumb people thought it was serious) but did include some interesting replies about the debate over con vs chem.
  4. How would using correct English make for a boring forum? It might improve it as it would preclude many of the low IQ types from engaging.
  5. You really are obsessed and totally wrong at the same time.
  6. No, you're wrong. Only my version is acceptable. Take my word for it.
  7. No, it isn't. Your version is wrong. Just accept it and move on.
  8. Crab people, finding a dark cloud in every silver lining.
  9. I think it once speculated on here that people from dog poo free Governor's Hill were bringing their dogs down into the main village to take a dump where all the riff raff live. I think it's a reasonable hypothesis which deserves investigation.
  10. In the context of Neil's post, Gladys' is the correct way to write it. We know there is only on Gladys under discussion.
  11. I don't live in Onchan, thank God. I think there's something funny in the tap water there.
  12. That would be Gladys', not Gladys's.
  13. Gladys was my favourite moderator.
  14. I still think it's not good value for taxpayers. Surely it would be better to have her working and paying it back, rather than the taxpayer spending thousands on her upkeep for nearly two years (and probably come out unemployed and living on benefits, further costing taxpayers thousands)?
  15. Howard

    Wild goats

    Well she can sod off. If she wants to make an issue out of these goats and push for their murder, I will stand against her at the next election.
  16. Seems quite ridiculous to me to send her to prison for any length of time. As it says, she even paid back the full sum. It would be better for everyone including the taxpayer if she was simply allowed to return to work and pay off the sum total of the fines that had been accrued. It sounds like she is not being treated equally under the law at all. It's like somebody has it out for her in the judicial / legal system and has pushed for this.
  17. Howard

    Wild goats

    The photos are totally out of context. How do we know some person isn't chasing them towards the camera? It's not normal herd behaviour for these goats. They're trying to make a storm in a teacup. Been driving past the goats there for years and never had any problems. The main problem on the road is stupid drivers going too fast and not paying attention to what's in front of them.
  18. Will the whole Promenade be closed or what? Does anybody have a link to a map of affected areas?
  19. Right on schedule. Cueball's blog gets referenced and within five minutes TheTeabagged is on the case to try and deter people from reading it. I'm sure poster A, B and C will be along shortly to agree. Why not pre-empt yourself and also confirm in advance of the weekend that Bob Collister has totally nothing to do with its almost inevitable removal by the weekend.
  20. You're right. It was very insensitive of me and I will refrain in future. Please pass on my sincerest apologies to all the spastics for whom you are speaking.
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