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  1. It's at least £30 every week between Ramsey and Douglas.
  2. There's still the question how reliable their fair counting software is. I know people who think their "fares remaining" number is dropping faster than how many times they've used the bus.
  3. Which is hilarious when you consider the Isle of Man has for years been sending foreign aid to India.
  4. With him gone, how many gingers will be left at the BBC?
  5. You should join the Onchan Residents group, John. Everybody else on the island outside of Onchan seems to post on there.
  6. So he has blocked a member of the Law Society. Yet he has no problems allowing a known criminal who "conspired" to commit election fraud. That about sums up his group and how it's definitely not to be taken seriously.
  7. No, you're not, John. You are not a member of James' group. You're on a different group with a slightly similar name. The screenshots you posted are from a page (not a group) which has nothing to do with either group.
  8. No. You're getting the two groups mixed up.
  9. I thought we were talking about the cards? Anyway, it's obvious cash payments are being phased out and people will now need to use the cards in order to make use of any sort of discount. Also, you're being recorded on CCTV paying the cash, and a computer at the time of purchase is documenting your requested journey, all of which is recorded in live-time, so it's not exactly electronic-free. You can't escape the prying eyes of the state.
  10. Yes, all payments will now be electronic.
  11. I don't think people are appreciating just how significant it is that now with all payments being electronic, everybody who uses public transport is effectively being monitored as to their patterns of travel and their live-time whereabouts.
  12. You're not a member of James' group, John. It's called Isle of Man News and Politics. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IOMNewspolitics The group you recently joined is the similarly named Official IOM News and Politics. Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1949356162004515
  13. What do you make of the bus company ending the return journey option, effective 31st August? The return fare allowed for a discount. It wasn't a big discount but it soon adds up for people on low incomes. I thought Government policy was to encourage less people to use cars, more people to use public transport (or cycle). I know they have those cards but that's not going to be much use to infrequent bus users (like me) or pensioners who are paying during the peak times. Also, a lot of people I have spoken with have voiced suspicion about the number of fares on their card going down more th
  14. Howard


    I know who you are so it's really not difficult for me to dream up.
  15. Howard


    Try being self-employed and dealing with the wankers in Government. Many departments are well known to leave all payments until "final demand", but a small business can't operate if all their clients are waiting until final demands are sent. You can't accuse that small business owner of just being lazy or watching Jeremy Kyle for ending up in a scenario where a quick loan with high interest is seen as the only avenue to avoid total collapse.
  16. Howard


    Plenty of hard-working people, self-employed, who end up in a scenario where they need liquidity very quickly, with most of their money invested into assets that can't be quickly made "liquid" and turned into cash magically. It's called the real world. It's why most businesses start-ups fail. There just isn't enough liquid cash to cover every conceivable predicament, many of them often outside of our own control.
  17. Howard


    Again, spoken like a tosser who has no life experience.
  18. I guess the question is: is the dog okay? If the dog is okay, let's just say "lessons learned..." and get over it.
  19. Howard


    You must be old or something. These days nobody can work (even self-employed) without a bank account.
  20. Howard


    What a silly comment. You clearly have never lived in the real world.
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