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  1. The police apparently left a dog in a police van unattended for at least an hour. Dunno if it's true or not but he's posted video footage which I can't be arsed clicking on.
  2. Howard


    It's a view which happens to be backed up by scientific research. As a conservative, and not even remotely a socialist, I believe we have a moral duty to protect the vulnerable from parasites and exploitative operations. If you want to talk about the nanny state, let's look at the drug laws as I think a lot of individual debt can be attributed to drug addiction and inflated drug prices. Wonga's problems have nothing to do with caps imposed on their interest rates.
  3. Howard


    A good question. I would say the banks need to accept lower rates of pay per month. All too often the banks will refuse to accept a rate below a certain amount, as they are fixed on short-term profits. They also refuse to give a "break" from loan repayment based on circumstance. At the same time, they should take steps to preclude this scenario altogether by reducing the liberal giving out of loans.
  4. Why are Welsh people so good at singing anyway? Is it genetic or social?
  5. She was already a member of the Onchan group, then she left it at exactly the same time this "Joan" coincidentally just happened to show up repeating the exact same things and now she re-joined the group. As for the "too ill" claim, are all the other admins (all three other admins) who left at the exact same time also coincidentally "too ill" all of a sudden? Also, the claim of any "violent threats" is totally made up.
  6. Well, she left the group and then Joan mysteriously joined it and started posting exactly the same mental claims and exactly the same GIFs aimed at an MHK. She really needs to take a long hard look at herself in the mirror and headbutt it.
  7. We do have a strong government. It's just that it's completely controlled by various interests.
  8. Yeh, Shelly has started posting as "Joan" and James is now posting as "Bill".
  9. No, but the prevalence of drugs, the whole drug war (which is really a war on poor people / perpetuating a class system), the trafficking of drugs by the intelligence services to fund their operations outside of the eyes or controls of institutions that would otherwise provide democratic oversight, is all a matter of historical record.
  10. No, I was using a primitive language in order to communicate with primitive people.
  11. I'm not singling out one company. Anti-trust laws would go beyond that.
  12. No, it's well known the whole 60s movement was a PSYOP by the intelligence services. Where do you think LSD came from?
  13. The purchaser is irrelevant. It is the seller who is preventing open competition by reducing the pool of buyers to those who would not use it in a way that would compete with their near monopoly hegemony.
  14. That isn't the establishment. Those are institutions which are used by the establishment. And the "anti-establishment" movement you referred to was created by the establishment to promote their agenda.
  15. The whole left vs right thing is made up anyway so not a helpful way to measure output. I am neither and the BBC can't be pigeon-holed into either of them. The BBC is, as I think has already been mentioned, very pro-establishment. It's basically an arm of British Intelligence. Declan, there are disagreements and rival factions even within the establishment but they'll never disagree on the fundamentals.
  16. It's actually very simple: the BBC are too left-wing on domestic and social issues, and too right-wing in their hawkish pro-war coverage (including fake news).
  17. John, the problem with the Liverpool Arms was not the pub itself but down to human input. I will not further elaborate.
  18. I think it's sickening. Surely the Government should be bringing in anti-trust laws to put a stop to such covenants?
  19. "There's so much in the 21st century that is stymied by bureaucracy and mediocrity and committee." Benedict Cumberbatch
  20. BBC are well known liars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_the_BBC#Israeli–Palestinian_conflict
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