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  1. Which equates to very little. A lot of people join groups and then literally never visit them again. There are only twenty people (at most) who actively and regularly engage in the group and it's fairly repetitive. People don't regularly read the posts. Most people who do read the group might scroll through it quickly to see if there's anything controversial or if there's a funny argument to read through and laugh at. Controversy leads to greater engagement, until someone disagrees with James and the post gets shut down, but even then you're not seeing over 7,000 people actively participating,
  2. I'd be damn fussy too if my decision might be the difference between a person being killed or not.
  3. Sounds like it would make it too "busy". I prefer the current minimalism.
  4. Let's not forget Jesse Ventura (INDEPENDENT).
  5. Yeh, I like those three legs as well. That's an example of modern art done right.
  6. McCain's Chips have been cashed in. RIP.
  7. I'd love to do a eugenics study on these people to see where it all went wrong.
  8. Also an early example of Keynesian economics in action.
  9. He could have at least re-painted the walls of the house around the design. They definitely need it.
  10. No, you're just repeating the same erroneous claim. The fact remains that habeas corpus was violated.
  11. Yes, it was a breach of habeas corupus. Just like the US Patriot Act. You do realise an Act by a legislature can breach habeas corpus? Not too bright, are you? "Facts" that happen to be wrong.
  12. No, they were actually rounded up and arrested under a "collar the lot" policy before being sent here by the Prime Minister, Mr Churchill.
  13. Uh, okay. I'm actually just going off his record. I agree about people standing for the House of Keys. We only seem to get the worst people. I'm not even sure what your weird "Mrs Puppet" comment is about. I'm a dude, dude. Yes, let's look at what these clowns have actually done for us: totally ruined the island and bound it to a future of massive debt and suffering by most people in order to prop up the salaries and pensions of civil servants and politicians who are total wastes of space and add nothing to the net value of the island's economy (except a few good apples).
  14. He's a waste of space, but no more than any of the others.
  15. We should cut all MHK and MLC pay, as well as the senior civil servants. It continues to amaze me the sheer cheek of the top civil servants when they recently vetoed a suggestion that the lowest paid civil servants receive a pay rise specific to them, instead insisting that an across the board percentage rise be maintained. This shows the total contempt the management have for the rank-and-file who actually do most of the real work in the public sector.
  16. What is this, a forum of savages? Do none of you drink wine? I guess most of you are just lager drinkers from the Rover's Return.
  17. That's a good point but we did have the mass incarceration of thousands of refugees, the overwhelming majority of whom were innocent German Jews who had fled from the Third Reich. The whole thing was massive breach of habeas corpus (paging John Wright) much like the mass incarceration of the Japanese in the United States. What happened and how this was allowed to happen will become increasingly relevant in the 21st century as we face the challenges of global terrorism from certain quarters of society resident in the United Kingdom and other parts of the western world but who utterly despise th
  18. I disagree. We need less civil servants, which will mean less need for people to pay taxes to sustain them.
  19. Yes, I can because I know what I'm talking about.
  20. Who didn't like Germans, Austrians or the Japanese? You can't just make stuff up about an entire generation of people.
  21. I wasn't talking about quality of life. I mean the people were better. They weren't a bunch of lame ass snowflakes offended by everything.
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