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  1. It really was our finest hour. Look at society today. Look at society back then. You see what I mean?
  2. I am very supportive of war. I hope we have another world war sometime soon to help reduce the excess population.
  3. At risk of what? Intelligent debate?
  4. I don't know why the thread about Cueball's blog was removed soon after Rob Callister showed up on the thread.
  5. I think you're imagining things. There was never a post on here to begin with. Yes, you saw it and posted in it, and so did I, it did happen, but now it didn't happen.
  6. I've been sampling a bottle of Bulgarian wine tonight. Paging John Wright. I have to say, it's quite delicious and will most likely purchase it again. The vineyard is based in the Thracian Lowlands of Bulgaria. I believe they are also famous for growing peaches there. Do they do peach wines? If anybody else has recommendations for wines, please post.
  7. I also know top civil servants who hold the same opinion so don't let these wasters get to you.
  8. I agree with that. I know people who got straight A*s all through school and then went on to get first class honours degrees and they are among the dumbest people I know. People shouldn't put so much of their esteem into these useless educational "achievements". Be true to yourself, value knowledge for its own sake, and you will be a happy person. Edited to add: it's also true that there are civil servants on 70k+ salaries who barely even have a few O level passes.
  9. No doubt his favourite scene is where Winston is confronted by Edna Birch's minge.
  10. He's not permanently banned though. He's only banned temporarily until 2036.
  11. If I was in a wheelchair? Run over their foot.
  12. I wasn't talking about this case.
  13. What would you do if someone slapped your bum, John? I'm not being personal, I am just curious what an advocate would do lol.
  14. I love the Japanese tourists scene from Crocodile Dundee.
  15. Was it a member of the press or a person linked to the case who did it?
  16. There are a number of employers on the island who have an obnoxious attitude towards Isle of Man law. At the same time, there are some very good employers. It's just a shame they are a minority.
  17. I was talking about the new Green Party, John.
  18. Never a truer word was typed on this forum (hyperbole, probably). Liberal Vannin are finished. So is Corrin. They are now an irrelevance. As for Hooper, I do expect he'll go independent, though not after exploiting Liberal Vannin's resources to get him re-elected next time around. A typical below average career politician. Though as things go, above average overall. We'll be seeing him for another couple of decades no doubt.
  19. Hooper is not doing alright either. He is really not doing "alright" here. No doubt he'll be re-elected, yes, but he's a waste of space, as are so many others who are re-elected. Such is the price of this absurd thing we call "democracy" where we actually leave it up to ignorant people to vote who is leader. What we need is a Caesar.
  20. Are you trying to be funny? They may have two members now but they literally only just started up a couple of months ago. They've already achieved more than any other party in such a short frame of time.
  21. Liberal Vannin are finished. The Green Party are going to annihilate them in the next general election.
  22. I would too but the younger generation growing up with "smart" phones have the attention span of goldfish.
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