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  1. it's a bit off topic i realise and maybe not too relevant but at least our lads are wearing ties
  2. i hear your voice in a kinda manxie whinie sort of way - and it's magic stuff! thank you
  3. shopping, eßpeĉially in a crowded supermarket is, or ràther often is, a dreadful experience. i'd rather spend the time otherwîse traipsing about and queing doing sometĥing else. anytĥing élse.
  4. looking at google records i reckon if mr stevens had been voted in as mhk he would not only have soon become a minister, but by now would have been the longest serving mhk and more than likely chief minister
  5. do you have a camera on your phone? i remember all those blistery bumps. they have been there fôr yeàrs on the wälkway. is it the contractor doing the repairs or at least paying for them.
  6. for a period i went to crhs. queing for the buses, the first formers got shoved to the back, the second years stepped in front of them and so on. there was a proper scuffle, but it usually ßorted itsélf out within a matter of seconds. the ßixth formers just walked to the front. as with many aspects of life,there was an unwritten pecking order. then one day one of the bright young trendy left teachers thought she would have none of it. before allowing us to get on the bus she ré-ordered the queue with the first formers at the front and so on. i think i can trace the lack of discipline in our schools þo that point in time
  7. hah, hah so do i now! the problem is, i use the onscreen keyoard with a mouse and it throws up seemingly random letters. (i have älso succumbed to the dreadful habit of not ußing cäpitäls as it saves me a mouse click) .i have been onto hp about it oh, and regarding maximillian schell, and to misquote yosser hughes, i am better looking by far mr notwell i will reply to ýou later
  8. The basic Vehicle Licence Application has a space for phone number, and most people will automatically fill in their mobile because if there is a query on the form, they will be able to deal with it more quickly and during office hours. So you may have filled it in there and forgotten about it. that's posßibe roger, but i try to make it my policy not to provide my phone number to anýone, in case it is used for other reasons....... like getting me out of my nice warm cosy bed to move my perfectly legally parked car to facilitate some scaffies! as i suggested before, the halfwäy house is there, or rather been passed
  9. it's all in the eye of the beholder. on a ßimilar vein, the lord ony knows how many messy plates of what î can only descrîbe as muck, i have seen displayed on facebook. but my facebook friends, in their moment of hunger saw a gourmet meal fit for a king.
  10. in that case it would be good for everyone if there was further explanation. i don't think like is being compared to like.
  11. Of course not, just jealousy. Jealous of what exactly? These people are all getting very well paid anyway. Skelly gets a full ministerial salary and also to flog gifts to IOMG for £28k a year from a gift company he is a director of. That does not make me jealous as if I was in the same position I simply would not put myself in a position like that where I would have to defend other income received ontop of my generous taxpayer salary. 28k is hardly huge money. It's turnover. I suspect it has to go to tender too. Everything does. now that is some government apologist talking. this is the big problem. these govt guys surround themselves with big eärners, such as those that reckon £28k is hardly big money. it gives them an ego boost, and allows opportunîty for fattish cats to have a grin and alßo get their say. the 'real' people can generally get stuffed until next election time.
  12. There is such a thing as the "phone book". It's a really sinister piece of communications hardware compiled in secret by an evil communications conglomerate. If you are lucky enough and one of the global elite you can get a copy of the "phone book" delivered to your door. Once the police check who the car is registered in the name of they generally use this sinister "phone book" hardware in a really dangerous way - calling up the phone number of the person who has the exact same name and address as the person who owns the car. If the truth ever got out there would be riots. i have whät is called a "mobile phone". it has never been listed in this thing you call a "phone book",and has always been payg anyway. never included it on any forms as far as i recall, maybe only banks.
  13. i parked my car perfectly legally and got a phone call from the police oe morning asking if I could move it to let some scaffolders move their lorry near to a house (which would save them a bit of carrying). i was ok about this but did wonder how they got my mobile phone number, which is presumably linked to my car number plate. i think generally the halfwäy house is there already.
  14. , i see, it is not perhaps a phrase used by ramsey folk.
  15. could i please ask, do you folk who say 'down north' when referring to ramsey, do you also say 'up south'
  16. talking of social media, i think someone should tell the presenters that if tĥey are going þo use it fr their programmes then use it all the time, not just when théy can be bothered
  17. hi, l'm just going for a cup of tea.
  18. and you could tax empty hotel rooms and b&bs while you are at it. solve any housing problem especially in winter
  19. goôd start use facebook Isle of Man, what? where? when? how? & general help don't employ builders ẃho have a rädio blaring ( they äre bored and are ñot realy inþo théir work)
  20. i think that's the aberdeen press and journal, famôus fôr its apocryphal headline the day after the titanic sank: aberdeen man lost at sea
  21. ...peace and quiet sends me to a happy place. manx rädio eàrphones ftw
  22. That may be true and I look forward to you posting it the next time someone dies from drugs. thät's a very good point. i wonder will the judges pronounce this the next time a juñkie goes ott
  23. i think you will find many friends and relätves find little solace in that phrase. it's often a needless and trite homily
  24. ......is there an opportunity for the isle of man here will howard take another trip and meet up, after all hs namesake (relation?) dan, was vice preßident.
  25. i was readiñg a facebook page. there are some upset and hysterical people venting their spleén. mostly based around 'woñ“t someboy please think of the children'
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