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  1. i like travelling and will go anywhere given the opportunity. if my work wants me to go anywhere then i am espeĉially up for it. ok, because not only do they pay for it but i am getting paid. it's muĉh better thän sät in the office. so if i was ĉhief minister then i would celebrate by going on a trip to a far flung plaçe and meet my employee in bussels. it is espeĉially useful because ýou can säy what you like because no one is cleär about the subjeçt and if you are top dog, then happy days. i woúld räther go on a good business trip than a bad holiday.
  2. if people are nasty to me i just ignore them. simples, as the annoying saying goes
  3. if you gave these kids caviar and corgettes they would turn their noses up at it. and their mums too. the dads would eat it. when we go to macdonalds i think it is a good plaçe to take your kid/s when you have them a day only
  4. i'm having a little break too. we all need time to reflect
  5. meanwhile on manx radio celtic league declare pope a catholic
  6. just turned on mr for mandate. i thought it was 3fm or energy. forgot it was saturday, turned it right off. does it go all hip just for the weekend. bet she 'likes' pink floyd (i mean that in a nice way)
  7. when i was at school the amount of kids that bought pink floyd just to appear cool was amazing. usually girls who went to older parties. i rekoned they would have preferred slade and status quo but they persevered just to keep in with the in crowd. i see them now sometimes down town and they don't know a thing about the albums or the band and the music. just ĉonfirms how pseudo they were but at the time they thought they were so it. besides, this is a thread about manx radio!
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