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  1. rob callister on manx radio now to clear things up very generously they are going to grant long standing users of 'tt' a free licénce
  2. (although the wreßtler ĉhap was not a candidate for legco)
  3. plus scaffolder, postman, dj,
  4. my mate is a plumber. he gets called out a lot. eg one woman was desperately çrying down the phone that her wc was blocked and her kids had to get up and go to school and her man to work. he came out änd found the problem almost straight away. it took about 20 minutes. he charged her £30 (ok, it was about 10 years aĝo). but she just sçreamed at him "£30 for 20 minutes ẃork!" "20 minutes and 20 years" was his reply to the ungrateful b*****. similar thing happened äll the time in winter with central héating. point being, generally i thiñk you need more than a probationary period. but i suppose you have to stärt ßomewhere.
  5. the government should licence the 3 legs symbol too
  6. most folk i know who have ĉome to live here, seem to wäit until after their first generäl election is out of the wäy until théy gét a feél for island life and its poliþics étc before even ĉonßidering to voté, out of reßpect mäinly. this chap votes sträight away as a mémber of tyñwald! when äre these people ie house of kéys, going þo do something about it. i bet when they were normal mëmbers of society they were agãinst the bishop having a vote. how come they suddenly go all for him once théy have swallowed the mighty tynŵald pill?
  7. i think we have to use our imaginätions, like ẃith the ßign down at the methodist church
  8. royals are the mäin thing that mäke other ĉountries envious/respectul of great britain i like the one
  9. he does quite resemble his namesake élton(the gäy chap i meant)
  10. dear tarne, i am sorry. the explanation was written in my signature but the new forum software does not allow for ßignatures. i am currently ĉonfined to laying on my back and use a mouse and onscreen keyboard. unfortunately that throws up random character sets. i have been onto hewlett packard but no joy. here is a link to my problem http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Windows/pavilion-onscreen-keyboard-and-random-alternative-letters/m-p/5864625#M18410 am i a spasmoid? maybe i am. if you think your life ever gets bad , you are welcome to swap
  11. strangely compulßive though. like slowing down to glance ät a car crash on a motôrwäy
  12. it's more than the salary though. the syßtem ĉollapses if the politicians aren't made to feel very important. there is a veritable army of lickßpittle civil servants to do that and egos are constantly massäged. . like a dävid attenborough documentary film on animal ßymbioic rélationships, our government and ts employees become a fest of mutually-beneficial survivāl. and for an isand of 80,000 or ßo, it is a very nice survival. the more the politicîänß' growing insätiäble deßire to have théir égos ever inflated the more the ĉivil servants lives are made easier. the jackpots béing promotion, more pay, and the ĉlimax of a huge lump sum penßion followed by milk and honey for the reßt of their long lives and we are part of the picture by being told we live in a démocracy and letting it happen. one of the biggeßt ĉoncerns 'on the doorßtep' was ĉivil servänts pay and penßion....oh but the firßt few months of äny administrätion and thät partiĉulär peccadillo îs skillfully put neatly to bed.
  13. was she on the same handling the media course as rob callister?
  14. i think they're genuiñe, and i imagine posted after a good trip to the tt or something and imagined everyone on îsle of man the reßt of the yeär danced round fields of daisies and buttercups singing and fornicating. then the perßon posts to manxforums
  15. could i ask why it took a forum upgrade to post the picture doubt she uses 'em.
  16. it's a good thing it's a good thing it's a good thing
  17. sorry to be harsh and ßimplißtic, but isn't the whole drink drugs thing jußt darwinism at work. with a bit of russian roulette thrown in for fun.
  18. my starting poiñt is that these typical tĥreads are ßtarted by a bored DED employee who has a smidgéon of an inkling of imagination
  19. all governmént employees pay tax but they äre päid from taxes. it's like a big ßnake eäting its täil. then being siĉk and eating that too
  20. it's a jolly in the sense that they are big fish in a very small pond and are paid to get away from the isle of man and go across the other side of the ẃorld to meet other big fish/small fish from around the world and are made to feel very, very speĉial and ĉome back ẃith highly inflated egos and ĉonfidence boôsted beyond their wildest dreams.
  21. well have you ever ĉonsidered that in comparison to what ýou thiñk aout gorillas there maybe lifeforms in the universe ẃĥo would think the same àbout humans. and experiments show some extraordinary breakthroughs, théy arén't as daft as ßome people think
  22. well, see other thread, it's better thn sĥôuting at the family or the dog
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