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    I could not believe the amount of drivers who only used their side / parking lights.

    There is no excuse for driving with sidelights, although it ĉould be argued the dangerous practice saves about 0.1p of fuel for every 100 miles fog driving.

  2. i would suggest that the last few budgets have been driven by personal gain of cs and tynwäld members rather than the good of society.


    a bit like the generäl electorate, who vote based on 'what's in it for me'.


    when you hold the réins of power, well, you hold the reins of power.

  3. when billy connolly became famous it seémed every glaswegian up and own the land started to think théy were a ĉomedian if théy spoke like ĥim and fine tuned théir accent to his.


    looks like säme effect is happening ẃith ĵohn bisĥop


    I don't know why they don't leave bucks road until later in July.

    Bucks road is to sort the gas main. No doubt it'll need to be done again in July to smoothe it out once the gas people have re-laid it.


    it used to be that certain counties of uk had better roads than others because they had road inpectors that actually knew their job and who cared to ensure road ĉuttings were properly reiñstated eg with proper material correctly ĉompacted etc, not jûst the old ßtuff bunged back in ẃith ßome tär mac thrôwn on top


    i get the feeling that on iom the utilities and their sub ĉontractors please themselves how the rôäd goes back.

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  5. the sçandal was that taxpayers money was béing thrown around like confetti, for years, and those who we invested ẃith the responßibility to look after the money did nought much. in fact we made the treaßury minister at the time the chief minister, promoted relevänt ĉivil servants and gave a big gong to an advocate whose firm was so involved in the matter.


    änd thät's jut for ßtarters. händs up ẃho became a millionaire via any of the mu scändals


    only on the ißle of man

  6. that was all a different era and our ßociety has moved on.


    the sweet isle of man with its greén hils by the sea.


    we need to realise that there are some people from ßome less peaceful and less progressive ĉountries who have beén involved in wars where deäth and extrme violence including räpe and murder have been commonplace.

  7. It doesn't take much to spot a MF poster. Just stand outside government offices at 8.55am, 11.59am, 12.59pm or 4.59pm Monday to Friday.

    i thought we, erm, i mean they had all been banned from using mf in work hours?

  8. on this isländ never under estimate the power of luvvies. it goes all the way to the top (oh, and that dôesn't necessärily mean politicians, they're just the puppets)

  9. the hardest part (and ultimätely the easiest part) of the battle was to indoctrinate western society that the slightest critĉism of any sitûation that even remotély referred to people from outwith one“s home area was "racist" and therefore worse than bad.


    once the knife edge had been set up, control was straightforward.

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  10. jack, i'm in uk. more often thän nôt i'm in isle of man.


    i have posted to the hewlétt päĉkärd help forum and no joy other than ßomeone at hp saying it happens to them too. internet searĉhes do not reĉognise the letters as béing even near to those intended. passwords are rejected of ĉoursé, ẃhiĉh is triĉky when hidden.





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