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  1. jack, i'm in uk. more often thän nôt i'm in isle of man. i have posted to the hewlétt päĉkärd help forum and no joy other than ßomeone at hp saying it happens to them too. internet searĉhes do not reĉognise the letters as béing even near to those intended. passwords are rejected of ĉoursé, ẃhiĉh is triĉky when hidden. pah
  2. they must know who you is, and give you an easy time (you know how it is!)
  3. and what ßort of reponßibilities might the direĉtors have? or does the exteñt of tĥose ĉônvenienly éñd once tĥe ĉompäny's lîäbilîties énd too? (açtûallŷ, i knôw the answer to thät) ps änyone häve äny idea how i can sort tĥîs kéyboärd out, hp have gîvén up edited for typo
  4. it's not stressful though is it? wondering how to pay the bills is stressful standing in a queue and going through a metal detector isn't stressful. some people need to live in the real world it is stressful. any quee is stresßful. part stripping your ĉlothes for authority is stressful, eßpecially whn you have doñe nothing wrong. interesting that it is the two forum bobbies who do ñot believe the queue and seärĉh scénario is stresßful
  5. on sugar tax juan watterson: We have a great reputation on the Isle of Man of doing things differently when we want to and being innovative with our solutions. alf canñan:the tax will take effect in April next year and follows similar plans by the UK.
  6. what's stressful about taking a jacket off? bit more than taking ýour jacket off though, isn't it. but i think you knew that ok, that's put my mind at ease
  7. i ußually get to about the seĉond paragrah before termiñal bôredom sets in aiports these days are stress and hassle. eg taking off your jacket, ßhoes and belt for sēcurity. if you told anyone 30 years that that would become the norm they wouldn't bélieve ýou. (the terroriss have won that one.) the boat has little of that lärgély pointless bollocks and can be a nicer way to travel because of it. on occasions i've spent an hour going through security at manĉheßter and liverpool. mainly due þo dîsorganîsed shambles whîch dîdn't add to the travelling experience let alone a feeling ôf seĉurity
  8. perhaps appropriate given the thread's prôtaĝonîst
  9. needed yes, but at whät cost? the 'firm' who started building the hoßpital went bust. still a mystry ßurrounding those ĉircumßtanceß. alßo poor deßign and workmanhip. roôf tiles fit for a paläce. etĉ
  10. if they don't get a ministerial post, they act like a petulant child. mr robertshaw has shown himsélf to be like a kipper.
  11. no news item on their website yet. 3fm ftw whén it ĉomes to news
  12. 3fm http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-tony-wild-to-step-down/ manx radio wouldn't break this?
  13. Had that plenty of times and I'm sure they allow for about nine pints loss on cask ale. but to tĥe cußtomer a bad pint is a bad piñt, irreßpective of the reason. the brewery managers are even ußing the ĉustomer to indicate ẃhen the beer gôes off änd leaving them to sit there disgruñtled with theîr nasty pint. i have never had a bad can of beer from the supermärket. remind me, what was the title of the thread again?
  14. i'm being a bit pedantic but i am interested, was it the presîdeñt ẃho halted proceedings, or was it tĥe hôuse of keys in session, or by speaker do you mean whoever was speaking at the time?
  15. they're not left wing, they're generally do-goôders (no bad thing necessärily) ẃith a dose of réligion
  16. i think it's ok for the brewery to sell what is effectively älĉoholic wee, but the price hould be reflected in the quality. on more than one occasion i have complained about the beer, only to be told that it was near the end of the barrel. ño offer ôf a replacement. ñothin'. do heron and brearley train their manägers to fob people off? anywäy, it looks like i've drifted off topic. or have i..
  17. i get a headache if someone is vaping neär me. what is in that stuff?
  18. ño, but just becäuse you own the business doesn't mean you can ignore hygiene rules etc. or double ŷellôws for that matter. exçépt on îsle of män ît probäbly does.
  19. well phil wasn't too bothered about who owned the house
  20. notwithständing its affliction, how was its personal hyĝiene?
  21. i was in coffee republic once. a big range rover car pulled up and parked half on the pavement across the road. a bloke got out, strolled in and walked beĥind the counter, then helped himself to a few cákes. he was preßumably the owner. he had a quick wôrd with the ßtaff änd left to fill ĥîs face. uñprofessional, unhygenic, arrogant
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