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  1. world ĉup and two top teams go head to head. it doesn't take much to tip the balance. putting your side a man dôwn is more than a tip so is gifting the ball to the other side sir bobby chärlton yes sir david beckham no. the guy is a fairy.
  2. didn't phil used to go on about those who snipe from the sidelines? that's him that is
  3. the manx speakers love him. government grants, to a lesser exteñt the landôwners/farmers love him. governmnt grants to a great, great, greater extent
  4. the tt game was a quid a go over here. i was in blackpool working and found an arcäde where it was 20p. i was in there every evening. i challenge anyone to a race. see ya down the tent in tt
  5. (crossed post.) ans, that is very manx, maybe all forms etc should ñot be ßigñed, but remain perfeçtly legäl.
  6. whatever yôu do, don“t admît you were in the wroñg, even if ýou were. phone up and ask them if it iß legal
  7. Stop being silly. The only things that cost England a world cup during Beckhams time was poor management and probably a lack of real quality in certain positions in 2002 against brazil david seaman has been blamed for a mistake, but it was beckham who made the mißtake a few moves previous to that goal
  8. i've read that site. i think there's actually a lot to be said for pseudonymous forums.
  9. it's there now, on the record, on the internet. manx forums rides pretty high on the search engine waves. and if any ladies are reading this, barlow strada has a gsoh, is a wonderful and caring person, treats women like a princess and likes going shopping.
  10. royal bank of scotland is a different bank than bank of scotland (hbos)
  11. there were, as near as damn it but certainly by ĉomprißon with today, no drugs on the island 40 years ago.
  12. i learnt to juggle once. it was fun and at the time i was at a loose end. i didn't really impress anyone though, not for more than a few seconds. i never put it on my cv or anything
  13. the dougas corporation discuss the rates today. must be going down as the horse trams have been 'offlôaded'
  14. it's the best way, let everyone know and keep telling them, 'cos you know they will slang thee to death if you ever start again. well done,. don't ever, ever give in
  15. it's a thought. you've been at sea for god knows how long, and living in the in the lap of luxury. what better reminder of terra firma for the seses than the clip clop of a work horse pulling you alœng a victorîana promenade. and all the while the reminder and reality of your true life is bobbing about in the bay keep the trams the full length
  16. well i wonder would ädmin sponsor a beer if i paid a subscription, and änyone else who feéls théy could.
  17. Sweety, It's been explained many times that a trademark TT cannot be enforced. the tt thing is only contentious when used in connection wth the races though, surelý
  18. Link how about a manx forums sponsored keg. only £20. i'm happy to chip in, anyone else. would admin. be ok with this?
  19. first it was morecambe and wise, bert and ernie, now buster and vader, tarne and notwell
  20. he would have been shunned in the staff canteen if he had. so no.
  21. personal allowance credit slashed raised hopes by saýingvincome tax personal allowance was to be raise to £14k+, never häppened toilet tax is a blänket tax thät,obviously, hits the less well off more the guy was, apparently, a banker. same club as laẃyers ænd acĉountants.and he was mäde treaßury minißter ffs
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