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  1. Maybe his antivirus really is good and has disabled all his accounts.
  2. Good for you. I admire retired people who are wealthy if they've worked hard for it. I wish you the best in your retirement.
  3. Are the vet mafia the group of around a dozen really ugly fat dykes with horse jockey avatars who appear out of nowhere anytime someone says anything critical of certain vets?
  4. You literally took the words right out of my mouth, except only good people's hearts.
  5. Or retired, although I can't believe someone over 55 or 65 would be so immature.
  6. Can't believe you lot are still at it, assuming you're even different people. You all must either be unemployed bums or very wealthy and not have to work for a living ---- which is it?
  7. What group? Could you post screenshots?
  8. I seriously doubt Neil Down is that person, although please be advised that "outing" people's identities is against the forum's terms and conditions.
  9. I remember there was a thread about death and how we wanted our funerals or something several years ago, when he was still an active poster. I think people were debating whether it was appropriate to make jokes about the dead or something, and Lonan3 said he wouldn't be bothered by it. I can't remember the words now, so have probably got it totally wrong, but a photoshopped image of a grave was posted with words like: He got the joke and pressed the "like" button, for the record.
  10. What about clue neutral passports for libtards?
  11. I think most of us are just waiting for Teddy to come back and explain himself, or for Rob to disavow Teddy. The past several pages have just been a bunch of clowns posting utter crap to try to bury the issue.
  12. You're right. But do you think it's stopped? It hasn't even gotten properly going yet.
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