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  1. Compared to the other stuff living hope has done this is small-fry but it pisses me off so I'm going to piss you lot off too by sharing it They advertise "Open Mic" nights around the island. At the Creek for example or at one of the coffee places in Castletown. "Come along to an evening of fun, music, talent and good coffee" they say. "Whether you're musical or just after an evening out with friends/family we'd love to welcome you" they say. In fact, they say, "We will have a keyboard, guitar, cajon drum and microphones set up. Anything from country, to classical
  2. There are loads of reasons why LH is not a normal, anodyne church. One is that it encourages its followers to see the world in terms of "them" and "us". Members of LH are told that anyone who does not attend LH is broken and immoral and to be pitied. Being told that isolates people and makes them afraid to ever leave the smug comfort of the group. They are told to mistrust modern life, modern science, politics, philosophy, anything that's not the bible! Andrew Selley who is the South African that Stanfield takes advice from posted the following on FB recently: ""The god of this ag
  3. Who the hell eats sausage rolls for breakfast, even if they are free-ish?! The breakfast advertised in the link is organised by South African Andrew Selley (Jonathan Stanfield's close friend and advisor). Note that they're going to discuss Hate Speech at the breakfast. The South African government has proposed legislation that makes it an offence to use speech that may incite hatred. (No, i have no idea either how they are going to police that law or how they're going to define hatred or prove that someone's words caused the hatred but read on...) You may assume that a godly man like
  4. When the congregation was asked for money to buy the big house for the pastor, the account that the money was going into was in the names of Nakos and Nelson. Even if there was no wrong-doing going on when they took the money for the house, you'd think they'd know better just from the point of view of how it looks than to put a (soon to be disqualified) former director of a company whose financial dealings were "tainted with illegality" in charge of presumably unrecorded, anonymous donations that were solicited with promises of heavenly afterlife.
  5. No. I'm not. Not sure how to prove that to you. Shall we just get back to the topic of the thread?!
  6. The comment that got removed wasn't me! I just (lazily!) copy pasted its summary of the article.
  7. "A pastor at the Living Hope church has been forced to quit as a director after admitting unfit conduct over his role in the collapsed Louis Group Isle of Man." Would you trust your eternal soul (and a good proportion of your money) to this lot?!! When they're not getting money out of their supporters by threatening them with curses and hellfire, they're mismanaging money given handed over in good faith (scuse the pun) by investors. http://m.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/limited-supplies-of-the-manx-independent-in-the-shops-1-8330208#comments
  8. The bank account the money was paid into was at Barclays and the account was called Nakos Nelson re Holly Cottage. Nakos was a director at Louis Group. Nelson is a director at Barclays.
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