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  1. Have you got it sorted ? I have some kit for doing SD rework - PM if you want me to take a look at it.
  2. matty

    Radio Scanners

    Not so difficult now to decode TETRA packets and traffic, it won't decode the encrupted traffic (yet) though.... http://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-tutorial-listening-tetra-radio-channels/
  3. Almost took a cyclist out last week, when I was fly fishing at Cringle, slammed his anchors on and came to a swift stop as I was casting. Apart from ignoring the highway code, some of them also seem to have problems reading, or perhaps just ignoring the no cycling signs around the reservoir.
  4. Good PCB prices on the link there - just need an excuse to use them Could you try a driver for an 'earlier' version of printer - this might give you a denser print - or can you find a 'generic' PCL5 driver ?? I've quite got into working SMD kit recently, find it less of a chore to do than through hole components - pic of a kit I built recently:-
  5. Are you using it for through hole devices or small pitch SMD work? Wondering if the registration is close enough on the printer to perhaps run the transparency through twice - enough to 'thicken' the toner already there? Never tried photo etching before, (I should have a go), but have successfully used the toner transfer method with the 'Press 'n Peel' sheets - even managed double sided prototype boards This method is also meant to also work with glossy magazine pages. Chap I know has been using a pen type plotter with a 'paint pen' to do his track outlines (large groundplanes,
  6. How does keeping Tesco (a shop) out of Castletown help bring in shops? Not everybody believes that Tesco is the answer to all lifes retail problems. The fact remains though - had Callows Yard been developed properly and provided a proper retail experience that was valued and needed by the people of Castletown there would be no need to be hanging the retail future of Castletown on a last ditch deal with Tesco, and more people would already be shopping in Castletown. I haven't met any of my southern friends that would desire to have a Tesco in Castletown, in fact I would say most of th
  7. From the link above on the UK rejecting Tetra, I'm a bit concerned about this:- "Broadband data servicesHowever, instead of a private network – which the government deems too costly – the suppliers selected to run the ESN will be expected to enhance commercially available broadband networks with more coverage, resilience and security, using priority access for emergency services traffic." Tetra does have it's own limitations and problems, but who in their right mind would attempt to replace it with 4G ?? Tetra can be setup for meshing and device to device comms, you simply can't d
  8. Never really seen anyone have any joy with WiFi repeaters, 2.4Ghz is crammed enough in urban areas as it is, 5.8Ghz is also getting crammed. Stick a wireless access point in one of your CAT5 sockets, and set your router's wireless channel down one end of the band, the access point at the other end of the band - to try and keep them from causing mutual interference. Any wireless CCTV type cameras (video, rather then WiFi), wireless baby monitors and wireless video senders also usually use the 2.4Ghz band along with your wireless - some of these also now use 5.8Ghz - these can totally ki
  9. It's usually copyright reasons - the compere will probably be under contract to not 'broadcast' 'shows' by his current agent / employer etc, so if he's doing a standup routine etc, that won't be able to be streamed/broadcast - but handing over awards and shaking hands won't be restricted and can be streamed / broadcast. So we are allowed to see some of what's going on , but not anything the money boys don't want us to. That sounds a lot like the day today Government of the Isle of Man. The compere maybe under conract to a particular broadcaster / company / agency not to broadcast any
  10. Very nice ship Tattosh - spent about 6 months on the build in Rendsburg on this one - installed getting on for 6 x 19" racks of satellite & A/V distribution - sort of (quality & expensive) kit you would have seen in a leading Cable TV distribution network at the time. Sailed through the Kiel Canal a couple of times, then did sea trials in the North Sea - moored later at Cuxhaven.
  11. Some proper tin-foil hat brigade going on there !!
  12. 105mb downstream sync in Union Mills for me, 2.5mb up since new profile changes. I'm probably around 300- 500m away from the local cabinet over the copper. Ports still capped at 40mb though, so I'm seeing 38 - 40mb on a speedtest. If folks can login to their router and check the sync speed, that will give what your router is capable of, any speed tests over a wired connection are typically 90-95% of what you see as your sync speed (apart from the capped 40mb VDSL ports). Try a few tests with a wired connection, if a wireless connection is very much lower than wired, might be wo
  13. It's usually copyright reasons - the compere will probably be under contract to not 'broadcast' 'shows' by his current agent / employer etc, so if he's doing a standup routine etc, that won't be able to be streamed/broadcast - but handing over awards and shaking hands won't be restricted and can be streamed / broadcast.
  14. Weren't they trying to push the Coastguard onto using TETRA a while back? It wouldn't be practical for the CG to use it though - Marine VHF that they already use is perfectly fit for purpose, they can use handheld radios to talk to each other, ships, SAR helicopters etc - if it isn't broke, it doesn't need fixing!! It is possible to demodulate a lot of TETRA traffic now, with software defined radio - even using a £10 TV USB TV dongle with a hacked driver as the RF front end. http://tetra.osmocom.org/trac/ Vid here showing on air frames being decoded:- The idea of TETRA
  15. Yup, that's the one I heard as well. Tough titties for crApple users That's it? LTE here gives you up to 42 and actually delivers that, at least in the CBD. No idea further out, but the new stuff they launched is actually fast as fückery. Surely giving such a small place as IOM super mega speeds everywhere should be well possible? 10 - 12mb seems to be the general global average - although it may peak 40 -50, - probably late evening / very early morning on a 'quiet' network.
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