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  1. There were people queuing outside, there was no organisation, travellers didn't know where the hell to queue and no-one around to tell them and if there is a tannoy system down there it wasn't being used. Maybe you where there, I don't know, but you obviously weren't there when I was. I don't think the world turns for me, far from it, but the image it gave of the island was bad, very bad. I'm not demented thank you and I can take that people may not agree with me, I however don't have to descend to trying to ridicule someone with an alternative viewpoint.
  2. But it shouldn't, that's the point. There were people from all over the world in the airport and the impression given was far from good. I would also expect the person being grossly overpaid to run the shambles to be on the premises, she wasn't.
  3. Actually I've travelled extensively. What I expect is someone being paid (I understand) somewhere in the region of £1,000 per day to be able to organise check-in for a couple of flights without the complete cock-up we saw this morning.
  4. No been here for years but so absolutely livid this morning I've finally been pushed to say something
  5. A friend leaving the Island this morning and absolute chaos at Ronaldsway. No organisation, queues all over because there is no indication who should be where. Where is Reynolds? It's the weekend, she isn't here!! I'm only in the check-in but have been told security is rammed as well. Isn't it about time this overpaid woman is held to account. Locals saying there is no point complaining because nothing happens so come on MHK's represent the people who pay you and get this chaos sorted out. So many foreign nationals disgusted by the mess.
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