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  1. PottyLisa

    5G Network Radiation?

    Possibly not, it demonstrates a certain level of ignorance and an inability to understand scientific evidence.
  2. PottyLisa

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    I'll only really do that in the FE topic. Who's to say we can't be civil even if we do disagree on certain things. x
  3. PottyLisa

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Bloody hell Paul, you've just made a good point!
  4. PottyLisa

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Well then I'm afraid you're mate is an idiot, drugs or no drugs. I've been in some right states as have alot of people I know and never once has anyone been dumb enough to disregard gravity. Plus, I find all those stories a little cliche.
  5. PottyLisa

    Astronomy Stuff

    It really shows up the extent to which it's been battered by meteors strikes and such over time. It really has taken a bit of a hiding.
  6. PottyLisa

    Donald Trump

    That was based on grudging recognition of his assistence from the SDNY and a glowing report from Mueller's team. The contrast seems quite strange. He's given them a lot of information, didn't he say he looks forward to sharing more? Congress want him back before them at some point before he has to report to prison in March and he seemed quite damning of his former master in the little speech he gave at his sentencing.
  7. PottyLisa

    there's no fucking food at bastard mcdonalds

    Quite ironic how a lot of them look the same!
  8. PottyLisa

    there's no fucking food at bastard mcdonalds

    It's Forum art China. The way I see it he's satirising the absolute dismay some may feel being faced with the prospect of a MacDonalds with no food. A stunning performace I thought, the language makes for gritty realism. Now please, lighten the fuck up. /peanut
  9. PottyLisa

    Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers

    From what I can see the Versa seems to have the edge as far as fitness tracking goes, all the information is collated nicely in one place whereas the AW can be a bit fragmented, depending on what you're tracking. Decisions decisions! Thanks Bees.
  10. PottyLisa

    Pete Shelley...

    Never been that fussed by them, same as the Ramones really, awful bands, great T Shirts!
  11. PottyLisa


    I quite the one next to the floating head.
  12. PottyLisa

    Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers

    I think I'm starting to lean towards the AW GG. It seems like a more complete experience averall. The main drawback looks like battery life but as long as it'll last the day that's not really an issue, a night time charging regime will countyer that, same as most smartphones nowadays.
  13. PottyLisa

    Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers

    Thanks Manxy, an interesting read.
  14. PottyLisa


    You could always start an introductory post I guess in the General section listing your hobbies, interests and trigger points