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  1. And yet many people don't seem that bothered about having a chance of avoiding flu by getting a jab. Coronavirus on the other hand is causing people to lose their minds.
  2. Good heavens Manxy! Could you not just have gone with 'escaped biological weapon' or something like any normal conspiracy theorist?
  3. Ha! Nigel Farage is a positve Liberal in comparison!!
  4. You're wrong. I'm not that strategic, I think you're giving me a bit too much credit Neil. I'm not sure anyone else would view my posts as trying to get people banned. I'd be interested to know if they did. I'm not sure how you can say it's as plain as day?
  5. Of course he has the right to air them. As have I the right to air mine. Which I just did. I'm not reporting him (there's no grounds), I'm not asking for him to be banned (again, no grounds), I'm just expressing my opinion, that's all.
  6. Of course you don't. I shant be engaging any further with your idiotic trolling. Good day.
  7. You constantly elude to racist views. You play a clever game with words. You manage to keep yourself on the right side of moderation. I'm completely with Teapot, posters like TSE add much needed comedy to this forum. You just add bile and hate.
  8. I'm always happy to be challenged and corrected if done in a civilised manner. I don't see how I'm playing the victim card? I just find you ignorant in your exchanges with not only me but others. I've already said I probably worded the post that seems to send you into a frenzy badly.
  9. Trouble is, it's hard not to respond sometimes. I can see why people get into it with him.
  10. Yes, I responded to your snipey comment as you hoped I would. What's wrong with you man? What do you get out of this?
  11. Read back through the exchanges, expecially the part where you're labelling me as lazy and ignorant. They're quite strong words to be bandying about. I'm more than reasonable and will happily admit to mistakes or take on board critism but that's not how you work is it. You do this round and round escalation thing all the time trying to keep yourself on the right side of moderation but often failing. You instigate quite a bit of the tit for tat that happens here, not all, but I'd say the majority. It's a shame, I get the impression you could have alot of interesting stuff to offer, I honestly do but you seem determined to spend your time causing mayhem. You can come back with some smart remark but I know it and I'd say the majority on this board knows it. You're not even subtle about it. I will not be reporting any of your instagatory posts, it's not in my nature to do that but how some folks have got themselves banned yet you often escape unscathed is completely beyond me. Any fool with half a brain can see your way of operating.
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