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  1. PottyLisa

    Rob Callister

    You're doing as nearly a good a job as I at not getting sucked in to an argument!
  2. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    I'm bored Neil
  3. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    Benefit of the doubt. I stand corrected, you are indeed a prick. And I think Manxy can speak for herself if she wants to start throwing words like scum around. She doesn't need you White Knighting her I'm sure. Oh, and calling someone else a weirdo, really??
  4. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    Yeah, yeah, I know! I can't help it! I find it all quite entertaining. I need a hobby!
  5. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    I've called you a lot of things Paul, some terrible, terrible things. But I have NEVER called you scum. You seem like a nice enough fella but you tend to more bait than debate. I do not think for a second that you're a bad bloke.
  6. PottyLisa

    Winter drawers on?

    Sounds idyllic! There's nothing quite like an open fire.
  7. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    Still though, it's a bit much calling people scum bacause their views differ to yours. Seems.....familiar.
  8. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    Wow, you seem to get quite nasty when you have a mate around. You were a lot calmer in the 5G thread.
  9. PottyLisa

    Flat Earth?

    Ahh, I see.
  10. PottyLisa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Exactly what TJ would say if he was claiming not to be TJ!
  11. PottyLisa

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Shut your face TJ. Get some sort of hobby you inadequate little man.
  12. PottyLisa

    US Supreme Court

    So, It's a purely partisan appointment and not one for the good of the country. Are you familiar with Kavanaugh's views? Maybe you are.
  13. PottyLisa

    US Supreme Court

    Kavanaugh's appointment is doomed to be political. He will have the swing vote on quite a few divisive rulings that will be brought before him, many concerning women and some concerning the rights they have over their own bodies. He's being installed to push the Republican agenda. These historic allegations may not be enough to preclude him from this posotion on their own in the view of many people but they're part of a bigger picture when put together with some of his past rulings and comments. Archaic in his views, he should not be allowed the casting vote in the highest court in the US, and certainly not in 2018.
  14. PottyLisa

    Monstrous old scrounger

    I'm sure he would have the means to pay an accountant to handle his intricate and substantial financial affairs.
  15. PottyLisa

    Misuse of Tesco car park

    Dilligaf: YES! Yes you do! He did seem to have many, many fucks to give. He was very generous in that regard.