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  1. Agreed. Really harsh considering some of the bullshit that's allowed to slide on here. Just in case I'm suspend or banned or whatever for this................
  2. PottyLisa


    I suppose they just got lucky. I wonder how many after show assaults could have been caused by the show but never, for one reason or another, been attributed to the show. I find it hard to believe that some of the bullshit you see on there just magically fizzles out when the credits roll. Then again, it could be argued that violence/suicide etc involving guests was always going to happen, show or no show.
  3. PottyLisa


    The lie detectors are treated as absolute truth by him and used as a stick to bully and harrass. Having seen the way he's treated participants who have failed the test in the past I can easily imagine a scenario where this guy is mentally vulnerable, possibly incorrectly exposed as a cheat on national TV and given next to fuck all aftercare. I would argue if he wants to use the vulnerable as entertainment he is absolutely accountable when things go tits up.
  4. It may well be that the likes of Violent crime and domestic abuse would definately exclude you but nicking a packet of sweets from a shop when you're a kid may not.
  5. It must be quite the internal struggle!
  6. You've cracked him like an egg @Bobbie Bobster nice one!
  7. Oooohh, Paul's getting angry!!
  8. Pretty much, yes. Although this lot seem a little more tenacious.
  9. Oh dear. Not when they're weedling their way into schools they're not. Seriously, what's wrong with you?
  10. Spoken like a true copper......
  11. Yes it is.. Editewd to add that was in response to RS's rather crude but wholly incorrect observation re knob cheese.
  12. I have tried many different kinds of vegan cheese before. All rank. As Teapot says, Camembert man, it's where it's at!
  13. Oh stop it you petulent old tart!
  14. And that would be a pretty sensible take on thing RS. You didn't even have to resort to hysteria to convey it!
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