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  1. PottyLisa

    Right wing Terrorism

    It's a marching anthem for the Serbian Nationalist Paramilitary, the Chetniks, apparently.
  2. PottyLisa

    Upsetting the nutters

    It looks like this thread's upset the nutters Strange, some of the upset people don't bat an eyelid when humanity and decency are attacked but get into a bit of a froth over a manaquin. Snowflakes indeed.
  3. PottyLisa

    El chapo trial

    Bit late to the party but.....
  4. PottyLisa

    UK Establishment exposed

    Not only that, he revealed the guy's address and insinuated he was some sort of paedophile. Plus, rounds up his Facebook mates to intimidate this guy further and spread disinformation. Views @homarus ? I'd be very interested to hear them.
  5. PottyLisa

    Garden Photos

    I couldn't post anything funnier than Teapot's to be honest so that's that.
  6. PottyLisa

    UK Establishment exposed

    True, must be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  7. PottyLisa

    Garden Photos

    An extremely well trimmed bush Druid. It looks great. I thought mine was tidy!
  8. PottyLisa

    UK Establishment exposed

    A Pied Piper for idiots and knuckle draggers.
  9. PottyLisa


    Ta, I don't tend to log in at the weekends so I've just seen it.
  10. PottyLisa


    What happened? I got a notification that I'd been quoted by Dilli but then, thread gone. Probably a barrage of abuse no doubt
  11. PottyLisa

    How police beat TT bike thieves

    Wasn't really worth the wait I'm afraid PmJ.
  12. PottyLisa

    How police beat TT bike thieves

    And what are you basing this sweeping generalisation on?
  13. PottyLisa

    Manx Gas Standing Charges

    "Man in the street test"? Is that a fancy way of saying we tried it on but couldn't get away with it. This Plenderleith guy doesn't seem the sharpest.
  14. PottyLisa

    5G Network Radiation?

    Possibly not, it demonstrates a certain level of ignorance and an inability to understand scientific evidence.
  15. PottyLisa

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    I'll only really do that in the FE topic. Who's to say we can't be civil even if we do disagree on certain things. x