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  1. All social housing on the island needs transferring into one single all-island housing association. It's been a political football for too long.
  2. You can't build empires when there is no money to play with.
  3. The border is closed. What's so hard to understand? They can come back when it re-opens. Might be a few weeks. Might be a few months. Otherwise it's tough. We're fighting to stop this virus, allowing these people in just rides roughshod over it and resets the curve.
  4. It needn't be more expensive. If done for the right reasons. Everything changes after Covid-19. Everything
  5. On The Bus

    TT 2021

    The entire motorsport team at Starship Enterprise would be a start!
  6. So what country/cruise ship is it that you're stranded in/on? They've been warning people for weeks to get back. It's tough shit if they ignored the warnings and ended up stuck.
  7. He also mentioned South Korea, they're regarded by many as the best measure.
  8. On The Bus

    TT 2021

    Unlikely. It's looking like being 18 months before international travel returns to normal.
  9. Have you got a knot in your panties? It's a nightmare sitting on the sofa all day! Here's the full stats: The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Isle of Man now stands at 95. In total 90 patients have been instructed to self-isolate and four are being treated at the hospital. The contact tracing process is already underway led by Public Health. There have been 1,147 concluded tests, 187 people are awaiting results and 126 are awaiting tests.
  10. I'm not sure this fits into any existing thread so I'll post this here. The behaviour of Douglas Borough Council towards businesses in recent weeks has been an utter disgrace. Probably 80 or 90% of Strand Street is currently closed due to the lockdown, trade is decimated, yet we have the likes of David Christian 'MBE' essentially threatening businesses that they must pay their rates as if nothing was happening. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/council-cant-afford-to-drop-business-rates-during-pandemic/ Meanwhile many councils across the British Isles are making allowances and actually trying to help businesses to survive. Is the Council keeping its staff on full salary while they are absent from work? Namely the Library, various public counters at the town hall, and the Eastern Civic Amenity site while I don't begrudge the staff their salary, thousands of private sector workers have been 'temporarily laid off' and not all even qualify for Government support. I wonder why the Council is so hostile towards local businesses, or is it just that they're totally out of their depth in the current crisis? All in all the Government should enact emergency legislation to take over the assets of local authorities until this has passed. The bin collections should be arranged centrally rather than from 22 separate offices. Douglas Borough Council may not be able to afford to cut rates, but Douglas can't afford the cost and excesses of Douglas Borough Council.
  11. No I can’t because I don’t know, and I’m not sure a decision has yet been made. Cheers. Appreciate it.
  12. Can you tell us if the NSC is being turned into a field hospital?
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