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  1. They've stopped work on reinstating the road until they work out what to do about the cracking concrete. My money is on them having just used standard concrete but rails expand and contract in heat. The new train tracks have no expansion gaps and it's pushed up on the new concrete and hey presto CRACK! They should rip up all the track and concrete and just lay tarmac with no track.
  2. WKRAP has a point. It's piss poor news coverage as usual from the Nation's [hospital radio] Station. You could send some journalists out to get to the bottom of the Douglas Promenade delays. You could do some factual reporting on proposals to privatise the airport. You could even investigate how two other commercial radio stations get by without costing the tax payer a million quid a year!
  3. Fuck off, Neil. #LycraCunt Did you mean to reply as Neil or did you forget to log in as Rushen Spy?
  4. It's the same the whole world over. It's called trade! Sadly the Isle of Man produces next to nothing that isn't made better/cheaper anywhere else. That's why we have such a high trade deficit. Some people can bang the drum about local produce until they're blue in the face. But local producers will only ever be hobbyists/small time Mickey mouse scale producers.
  5. Why? The Government would only squander the money on the bloated civil service and the pensions blackhole. It wouldn't actually help local traders. It would only make things more difficult for the low to middle income local residents, many of whom rely on the likes or Amazon and eBay to be able to afford some of the more luxury items like new TVs and things. The answer is to reduce the tax burden on local bricks and mortar retailers by cutting the extortionate business rates charged by the likes of Douglas Borough Council. Rates that are then spent/pissed away on ridiculous vanity projects and keeping an army of pen pushers in employment.
  6. You don't like being shown to be wrong, do you? #LycraCunt
  7. The Promenade is more than just Loch prom. Don't you notice that when you're holding all the traffic up?
  8. A bit of research and I'm told there's no further work on the northern end of the Promenade until they work out why their crappy concrete is cracking up. So the long-suffering busineses have to endure an extended loss of parking.
  9. Companies are constantly closing and opening. Just part of the cyclical nature of our economy. Trading conditions are difficult at the moment. Residents seem to have very little disposable income and are being rinsed for every penny by the government in stealth taxes and increased charges. I believe we'll see several small businesses on Douglas Promenade being the next to close as they're trade has been decimated by the 'improvement scheme' and horse trams.
  10. Moffatt is the Jeremy Corbyn of Manx Politics. He makes the opposition so unpalatable and extremely left wing. That in turn discredits any real opposition to the shower of shite that are in office . I can hear Bernie firing up his Soviet issue typewriter to shoot off another 'opinion piece' for his followers.
  11. There's nothing wrong with the Government's Propaganda Machine reporting this. Just as long as it's viewed in context. The Island's finances are still trashed. The Pensions Blackhole will decimate things for decades to come. We're saddled with loss making radio stations and horse trams, that nobody is prepared to deal with. Aside from that, shout it from the roof tops! We're in the money!
  12. In the same vein, why can't the heritage railways be farmed off to volunteers? £7.5m a year they lose. How much of that is in management salary?
  13. Where did you get your time machine? Wouldn't mind a trip back to Woolworths.
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