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  1. Busiest day of the year. Shit happens.
  2. Don't knock the horse trams, Stu. They carried 9 people across the last fortnight!
  3. What do you mean by the big one?
  4. The TT apologists would thrive off it. They seem to draw some weird satisfaction from remembering all of the 260 deaths.
  5. Sea Truck Ferries are warning of significant fare rises due to new international regualtions on sulphur emissions that start on 1st January 2020. It means they will have to buy low sulphur fuel which is significantly more expensive than the stuff they use now - they warn this will have a significant affect on prices customers pay. The other option is to buy exhaust scrubbers that seemingly are controversial and not 100% effective. So what's the Steam Packet plan of action for this and how much will fares go up?
  6. Bus spotter alert!
  7. The TT will end itself. Whether it's in the next two days or two decades. People have posted previously about 'the big one' - a scenario known to planners - where there will be double digit fatalities and serious injuries, the hospital will be inundated and the system collapses. God forbid it ever happens, but there is certainly a chance of it. One of those bikes ploughing in to a grandstand would be like a bomb going off. MHKs have the power to prevent it by simply ending the TT. But for now they will care more for the middle aged gammon vote.
  8. Tired of having your bullshit highlighted?
  9. I bet you didn't see that coming!!
  10. He loves a big one does 'fat shaft'.
  11. Maybe we should ban being an angry keyboard warrior? It can't be doing your blood pressure any good, can it? You already seem delusional so it can only get worse!
  12. Questions that none of the TT apologists can answer (or are willing to answer): What background checks are carried out on the marshals? Considering they come in to contact with vulnerable people and children this should be a basic requirement. What training do they receive in restraining and apprehending a suspect? Considering they have the power to do this surely they should be trained in how to do it responsibly and avoid unnecessary injury. What professional standard are marshals trained to in terms of crowd control and interacting with the public? Considering they are stewarding the deadliest sporting event in the world, surely they should have some basic training? Stewards at football grounds have to have a minimum level of training and are arguably in a less dangerous position.
  13. Snowflakes? Says an apologist for a sport where they won't go out in the rain?
  14. Hopefully we will find out with the impending court case. It can't be a cut and dried as some TT apologists are claiming it is.
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