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  1. If we make such cuts then it will destroy any appeal the Island holds to businesses looking to relocate here and the cycle will become self perpetuating We already pay for basic services as it is.
  2. In his latest interview with Paul Moulton MTTV, the Chief Minister actually goes on record and states that the Public Sector Pensions deficit would actually be funded by £50m cuts to Health and Social Care if there was not a sufficient budgetary surplus built up by 2022/23 (it's about 2:30 into the interview). I realise this isn't a fixed Government policy but can you imagine the consequences of a £50m cut to health and social care on this island? So it makes me wonder what will be the tipping point for the people of the Isle of Man? We hardly have a recent history of political protest [except a few pensioner protesting about gas, and children protesting about the climate]. Would the people of the Isle of Man sit back and except such cuts to services in order to bail out the public sector pension fund? My suspicion is we will see a combination of stealth tax rises and Nation Insurance scheme fiddling to produce the magic C.£50m (apologies for the MASSIVE image of HQ, I can't shrink it!)
  3. That can't be true. Allan Bell and Fast Eddie told me Isle of Man Government can have no debt. Surely you're not telling me they weren't totally truthful with me?
  4. We talk about 'pension commitments' just how much if a commitment is it? Why can't the scheme be left to fail like so many other private pension schemes. If it's going to become a choice between closing schools and hospital wards or paying the CS a pensions. It's the schools and hospitals that win everytime.
  5. What are they supposedly future proofing? Future proofing would be moving them to the Wild Life Park so they could continue to lose money along with the other animals there.
  6. If it truly is a one way ticket to an off island event and they don't come back then £350 is a bargain and we should send all senior DOI management!
  7. I notice it's called project of the year. Not result of the year.
  8. If an audit is really needed, just rip up the existing register and start from scratch. There are buildings on the current one that don't need to be on it and possibly others that should be included. Point in case is the rat-infested dump at the end of Queens Promenade passed off as a stable.
  9. On The Bus


    That explains it!! I always wondered how Shoprite was 'Manx to the Max' when they sell Waitrose/Iceland/Sainsbury's branded products at 40% more than the UK equivalent store!
  10. There's literally no way everything 'heritage' can be kept. Nor should it. Some people just want to throw bubble wrap over everything and preserve it in aspic. That just can't happen. I'm all for cataloguing them, but if they don't serve a purpose pull them down and let's get some brownfield developments up and running
  11. Why would government do this? Isn't a heritage audit something for Culture Vannin or one of those other namby-pamby taxpayer-funded quangos to do?
  12. Something to do with nobody (except him) being qualified to hold a bus operators license
  13. Make sure you're sitting down when they announce the new "Douglas Horse Trams Sidecar TT".
  14. Would this not be acceptable?
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