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  1. Perhaps we need to start looking at staffing efficiencies. There are so many non-jobs in Government. £10m savings from that should be a target
  2. Very sad news. RIP David. He was one of the best presenters Manx Radio have had (for current affairs). He was a good old fashioned journalist that knew how to research the subject, ask probing questions, and just do it in a way that was interesting to the listener. He will be missed.
  3. Thank you Derek, the voice of reason! Those with their TT-branded blinkers on are not able to see the massive grey areas surrounding the current arrangements. It's simple - if the barriers are no in place and secured then the road isn't closed. God forbid if an unsuspecting member of the public should stray onto the road because the barriers were not in position and end up being injured or killed. The TT 'course' has a 75.5 mile border with various roads joining. If the road is to be considered closed then the marshals need to have it locked down and 100% secure each and every time (no ifs, no buts) otherwise things like this will happen. Wondering why there is someone on the course while the barriers aren't in position is a bit like wondering why you're getting wet after you tear the roof off your house. The Road Racing Act clearly states A marshal, in exercising the powers and performing the functions of that appointment, is subject to the same liabilities, and enjoys the same immunities, as a constable - maybe they need to have a word with the police about getting them to help improve the basic standards of marshals?
  4. It's funny. Just because people don't agree with the verdict they are convinced there is some kind of conspiracy...
  5. Moorhouse will be tabling emergency questions in Keys once he hears you've mentioned seagull and Isle of Man in the same sentence.
  6. You can only piss with the cock you've got. The choice was far from outstanding! Did Onchan do any better returning Callister and Edge? Granted Moorhouse is comedy gold with his 'Save Royston Vasey Post Office' campaign, but there are equally bad constituencies.
  7. Is that why you stopped listening then?
  8. Max we clearly don't agree. My issue is there were no barriers closing off what was supposedly a closed road. Your issue seems to be whatever did or didn't happen once he was on said road. There's probably no point arguing further as we will never agree. I'm happy this guy was found innocent and I do hope he sues the organisers. A generous donation to charity would be excellent.
  9. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53084&headline=Trial of man accused of driving on closed roads begins&sectionIs=&searchyear=2020 No private driveways there. Also, waving a red flag at traffic? What's that about - if they have the powers of a Special Constable wouldn't they be using recognized hand signals? or were they just making it up as they went along?
  10. If the barriers had been in position he wouldn't have been on the road and there wouldn't have been an issue. That's quite the allegation.
  11. But just enough value to get you worked up. Do calm down old chap.
  12. That would still be a massive allegation in itself. Interfering with/tampering with evidence to alter the outcome of a court case is a massive no no. Is that something you believe happened? How did he come to be on 'the course' if he didn't access it from an open road junction? Remember he was heading home, so it's not like he just drove off his driveway onto 'the course'. The organisers should just admit they dropped a massive bollock on this one. Apologise to the man concerned and pay some compensation for the emotional trauma and reputational damage caused by being arrested at his own home for something that he has been found innocent of.
  13. Max you didn't answer my question. Are you accusing the Deputy High Bailiff of some how twisting/skewing a legal verdict? If the road was 'closed' then the appropriate signage would have been in place. Did he ram raid the barriers or something? What part of the Road Racing Act did he break by (in your words) 'abusing the marshals'? Disagreeing with them isn't abusing them. If the road wasn't closed then they have no special powers.
  14. Max are you prepared to go on record and confirm that you are seriously accusing the Deputy High Bailiff of some how twisting/skewing a legal verdict? That would be a very, very serious accusation. it's understandable that you're upset as your side lost, but quite another to be accusing the legal system of being up to something like that.
  15. Wow, wishing someone an early death on social media? How crass!
  16. Not sure it's extraordinary or anything like that. It's just that he is the first person to actually challenge the charges laid out by the TT mob... I notice the Facebook posts from the Constabulary Media page have been disappeared since the event...
  17. You are of course entitled to your opinion.
  18. The emphasis is on the oraganisers to ensure that appropriate (and required) signage is in place. Did the car ram the barriers and signage out of the way? To claim the marshals weren't supported is a bit removed from reality - was this case not taken to court? Unless you are perhaps suggesting something untoward has happened with this verdict? It's possibly a good job they're no longer allowed to use their 'discretion' - making decisions that (as amateur) they are not trained to do.
  19. False. They also need to have the necessary signage and barriers in position. This was highlighted a few years ago when a chap decapitated himself by riding into a rope that had been strung across a 'closed' road. Now they have to stick little flags on them.
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