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  1. But he's still a better economist than you!
  2. I hope your Thank you, wrighty. You have summed this up perfectly. You are also the most qualified person I can think of on here to speak on this subject. It's a shame some forum users don't show the respect you deserve.
  3. And what's the contingency plan for running out of money for the health service?
  4. It's the whole "too big to fail" argument that was played out with massive corporations in the 1980's and to a degree the first decade of this century. Only this time it's being played out with the economy of a small semi-autonomous island. The idea that the UK is going to bail us out is flawed. While the Government of Boris Johnson don't hate us in the same rabid manner as Corbyn did, they also owe us no favours at all. It would be far easier to let us fail then install a replacement authority made in an image of their own liking.
  5. You've made a valid point. That's why he had resorted to childish insults
  6. And knows just how bad things are getting
  7. Enjoy the mushrooms! See you tomorrow!
  8. Right I'm off for a bit. Channel 4 have got Trainspotting on their app (and it disappears in a few days) - great film, if you haven't seen it then watch it!
  9. We don't. We maintain the current testing regime and contact tracing. Tests being conducted on island will vastly reduce the time it takes to process them and make fighting Covid-19 more effective than it already is, therefore meaning we can start to re-open the domestic economy.
  10. Teapot and Dilligaf. You do amuse me greatly! You can't accept the gravity of our current situation, the economic reality, or views that differ from your own.
  11. More likely to be magic mushrooms to make someone that delusional.
  12. I think lockdown has finally got to you. Enjoy your ban.
  13. It's interesting that the UK is insisting that Churchyards and cemeteries must remain open, while the IOM is absolutely certain that they are a massive risk to the virus spreading https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52339266 I wonder what we know that the UK doesn't?
  14. You're a sensitive soul aren't you!
  15. Yes, I was. You can use examples from other countries to model our exit strategy on (as both Alf Cannan and David Ashford have said the island will). But our situation is far more controllable that Spain where the virus has truly run rampant and unchecked.
  16. This is one for the Manx Forums archives. This will not age well. Let's revisit this in 12 months time. 'Nobody will lost their house' - are you for real?!
  17. Fake news. They've extended their state of emergency until May 9th. That doesn't mean they aren't starting to ease lockdown for certain people.
  18. Do you have any friends who have recently tried to top themselves because they're about to lose their family home? Don't try and get all morally superior on this. It's a shitty situation for all of us. There's really no point debating with you as you can't see past staying hidden away under a duvet until the knight in shining armour comes to save us all.... do you understand a vaccine may not even be possible? There's great efforts being made, but they could all prove fruitless.
  19. We're not Spain. Far from it. We have the borders locked down and have the power to turn the situation around.
  20. In a completely altruistic world you would be 100% correct. But how do you define 'everything we can'? In that case why don't we go one step further and close Shoprite, Tesco, M&S, Co-op,... We can't do that. It's just not possible. As I and others have pointed out - there is a very finite amount of financial support available. At best it will keep a section of the Island's society fed and with a roof over their heads until the end of June. Once that money runs out the shit will hit the fan. People will no longer be cowering from fear of a virus, instead they will be on the street demanding to know why the welfare system has collapsed and their lives destroyed. There's a very fine balancing act needed and if it's done wrong either way then the results will be catastrophic. It's clear that you favour the 'Rapunzel' option - keeping everyone locked away for their own safety ad infinitum. I favour the 'Goldilocks' approach - finding the balance that is just right and won't result in economic armageddon but will still protect the elderly and sick from the virus to the greatest degree possible. As has been said, it's going to take big decisions from politicians. Not all of them will initially be wildly popular. But then sometimes the best option isn't always the easy or most popular. As an island we should be aiming to have the domestic economy open and out of lockdown by 15th June 2020. That's achievable and obtainable if the number of active cases continue to fall away. It would also give the Island's workforce a chance to save all they have worked for. The border will sadly take longer and it's dependent upon the UK and Ireland to get their acts together.
  21. That's alarmist to the extreme. More people are going to die from Covid-19 even if we remain in lockdown for a million years.
  22. The way some of you talk about construction workers is a disgrace. Although I'm sure it's probably super easy to judge from you Ivory Towers on Athol Street and the like. These are proud men (and women) who are asking to be allowed to provide for their families, pay their own bills, and generally stand on their own two feet. They've been failed by the Government in being provided with assistance so they should at least be allowed to support themselves. Many of you wouldn't know one end of a shovel from the other. If you deny them then you'll end up creating protests like this. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/04/17/reopen-maryland-protest-planned-in-annapolis-saturday/
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