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  1. Has anyone noticed that there are no chicken producers on the island? It's all imported.
  2. I'm all for food security but surely the farmers should produce what is required and where there is a demand. 40,000 sheep are slaughtered each year at the meat plant. That's approximately half a lamb per person per year. I sure as hell don't eat that much lamb and I'm sure a lot of others don't neither. Even without cheaper imports I doubt the demand is there. Therefore why are the farmers over producing lamb that is surplus to requirements? Not all meat is of the same quality so are the farmers asking what will sell? Or are they just producing what they want because they know the meat p
  3. From what I have heard, yes it has, a few months ago. What conclusions have been drawn is anyone's guess! But surely a government funded review should be in the public domain?
  4. Not sure if this is the right version but it gives the jist. https://www.gov.im/media/303501/fat_stock_marketing_scheme.pdf IOM Meats is just the trading name of the Isle of Man Fat Stock Marketing Association Ltd.
  5. IOM Meats is a private company not a government department as many seem to think. Therefore the losses cannot be disclosed. But the amount of government funding should be in the public domain. In the Tynwald questions & answers from 21st June it is stated that £435k had been provided for the current year plus a further £295k paid. So £730k had been paid out in the first 6 months of this year. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the funding needed for the year! Maybe under the freedom of information act someone should ask what the total amount of funding paid to IOM Meats is
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