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  1. England may have the lowest suicide rate out of the above, but I'm sure it more than makes up for it with the murder rate!
  2. To those of us of a certain age, it lends it a certain nostalgic quality. ;-)
  3. I'll allow that one exception on the grounds that it's irritating DJ-free.
  4. It's the same pretty much everywhere, though. The Germans are honest enough to have a specific word for it: schadenfreude.
  5. Surely most people the police have to deal with are "very irritating" in one way or another. I don't see why that should make her treatment in this instance by the boys in blue and the courts any more punitive.
  6. I believe it was Nietzsche who said, "That which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger" - to which he forgot to add, "but only up to a point!"
  7. Underground car parks?
  8. Er, yes. http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/
  9. Great to hear this back again on Manx Radio's AM frequency. A million miles better than the cr*p offered by the BBC's radio stations nowadays.
  10. Is this the chap who says he never takes the bus because he doesn't want the death of insects hitting the windscreen to be on his conscience?
  11. Nothing specifically related to the Island; it's just an unfortunate phenomenon throughout the Western World these days. It would have been innovative and inspiring if the Manx parliament could have bucked the trend and shown some spine instead.
  12. It would make a refreshing change if, instead of all these "protections" for the rights of various disparate groupings not to be offended, we could see similar protections afforded to those who risk losing their jobs simply for saying what needs to be said - and what a lot of other people are thinking, anyway.
  13. A disgusting way to treat a kindly old gentleman. An hysterical and totally out of proportion response which I'll bet has made his fragile mental health even worse over the last couple of months. I do hope our wonderful "authorities" actually learn some lessons from this fiasco.
  14. Nothing at all wrong with trying to make the world a better place, but I don't see that coming to fruition when all they (the SJWs) do is throw insults around. That seems to be ALL they ever do! They call anyone and everyone who disagrees with them a "racist" in an attempt to shut all discussion down because they don't have any compelling arguments to advance.
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