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  1. The last place I want to see people "think for themselves" is on public roads! 😄 Seriously, that's why we have a system of rules that are commonly agreed on and everyone should abide by. Helps to minimise accidents.
  2. No, it's safer not to know. It's probably through the roof thanks to these doctors.
  3. Let's face it: we're an international laughing stock, featured on Fox News, the Daily Mail and China Daily. 2 months to go now. Tick-tock Tick-tock Tick-tock Tick-tock....
  4. But they're NOT unmarked! There are huge, concentric eliptical circles painted on them! Yeah, if they were truly unmarked then fair enough. But they're not. And that's where the confusion arises. Just wait til the visiting TT crowd shows up. You go down there and tell them they're a bunch of dipsh*ts for colliding with each other and see how you come out of it.
  5. I'm thick as well, then. I try to avoid these two areas as much as possible, but if there's no alternative but to navigate one of these bizarre creations, I too treat it like a roundabout. I was under the impression everyone else did as well but from what you say it seems that's not the case. Anyway, fun times ahead come late May. >;-}
  6. Just wait until the "cashless society" is introduced. Then there will no longer be any option to engage in direct two-party trade for goods (or services) by private treaty. Everyone will need the approval of the all-powerful 3rd-party payment system. So this WHO "initiative" is only the start. We'll soon find strict limits enforced on everything we need to buy in the shops: "Sorry, payment's been declined, it says here you've already had 4 cans of Coke this week so your sugar limit's maxed-out. Real ale? Nope, sorry, same problem. Crisps? No can do, sorry - fat and salt limit exceeded. Cigarettes? Ha! You wish!" It'll be Big Brother on steroids. Seriously.
  7. Agreed most people won't take a blind bit of notice of WHO's pronouncements. However, when those pronouncements get taken up by local health authorities and healthy, normal adults with modest alcohol intakes are suddenly re-designated by their health services as "problem drinkers" - they might just sit up and take notice for a change.
  8. Everything is a poison. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dose_makes_the_poison My beef is with the unaccountable, self-anointed busybodies who've singled out alcohol and why so many people place unquestioning faith in their edicts. This is the main problem we face today: the mass media has rendered us so brain dead and compliant we let others do our thinking for us, never questioning what the ulterior motives of these omniscient beings might be. Well, not me. In fact I think I might just take up smoking again purely out of spite. >;-}
  9. Greetings, all, I've always had excellent liver function test results over the years but that all changed a couple of months ago when I got quizzed over my ferritin levels, which are apparently elevated. Previously, only ferritin levels over 1000 were regarded as requiring further investigation, but that limit has been lowered - and it must have been more than halved, because my readings came out at less than half of the old limit. As a result of this change, I've gone from a negligible risk drinker to a chronic alcoholic overnight at the stroke of some busybody's pen. And not even a Manx Care busybody's pen! No, this comes from the World Health Organization no less. You didn't know we have global government? Well it seems we do! The WHO have decided that the safe alcohol limit for anyone is now zero. Yes, you did read that right: ZERO. You have a pint of shandy on a Sunday afternoon down on the Prom and you've breached their new guidelines and clearly in need of intervention or the next stop for you will be Skid Row. Now I don't know whether I'm more furious with the doctors here for following these new guidelines, or with the supranational, unelected, unaccountable panel of busybodies who implemented this momentous change with no public discussion or governmental oversight whatsoever. Who do these people think they are with their "Global Strategy" to tackle the lower classes who enjoy, as I do and shall continue to do, an innocent beer or two a couple of times a week? Read all about their meddling here: https://www.who.int/teams/mental-health-and-substance-use/alcohol-drugs-and-addictive-behaviours/alcohol/our-activities/towards-and-action-plan-on-alcohol So if YOU get called in and quizzed over your completely harmless pleasure and regard this as the unwarranted interference in your personal life that it clearly is, tell your doctor you know exactly what their little game is, tell them to get stuffed and walk out - head held high!
  10. Well, clearly I need to know my stuff before going into combat if I'm to avoid looking like a twat. Nothing further to add at this stage. Thanks, all!
  11. No mention of the fences (not in my deeds anyway). The driveway does have a covenant for upkeep of the driveway, though.
  12. Hi all, The stormy weather we had over the weekend blew down a fence that was on the border between me and my neighbour next door. I thought it would be fair if we both chipped in half the cost of getting it sorted but he seems unwilling to cough up. He's previously declined to chip in towards the cost of maintaining our shared driveway, too. Can anyone recommend a knowledgable lawyer in the subject of neighbour disputes who doesn't charge a mint? I'd like to get a half hour's advice on where I stand to kick off with. Cheers.
  13. GD4XXX


    Free and easy junk food delivery. Junk food's bad enough on its own, but having a huge choice of the stuff on demand brought to your door at the touch of an app multiplies the problem by some order of magnitude I would imagine. If the trend continues in years to come, expect to be able to order 'feeders' to spoon-feed you your fried chicken kebabs on your sofa at home 'cos you're too morbidly obese to even make it as far as the front door.
  14. Well, regardless of intent, people need to know it is not just some form acknowledging they've had a medication review as appears at first sight from the layout of the form. I'll have to pay attention better in future and READ the things I'm expected to sign FIRST! 😄
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