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  1. You might get charged with murder for eating peanuts on an aircraft, the way things stand at the moment. On a flight recently we were instructed that one of the passengers was severely allergic to peanuts, so no nuts would be sold during the flight and if we had some already, the packets must not be opened until after we'd disembarked. I think it might have been wiser for the airline to decline to carry such a passenger in the first place, given the obvious legal peril they are putting themselves in.
  2. GD4XXX

    Old IOM Pics

    The riders in some of those pics are going the wrong way around the course! Was there a 180' direction change at some time in the past?
  3. Hi all, Is there such a thing as an 'extension lead' for these boards? I mean something that enables a board to be removed and tested under power out in the open without being obscured and blocked by boards in adjacent slots? Thanks.
  4. In the aftermath of WW2, it was instilled into me as a child growing up that "everyone's entitled to their opinion." Whilst I'm highly unlikely to seek out the company of Nazis, I think it's a very dangerous road to go down to have the State codify what the individual is and is not allowed to believe in. Smacks of Red China in the 1960s and their so-called 'Cultural Revolution' - talk about a retrograde step!
  5. Sigh... Funny how it's never the ar*eholes of this world that die early for some reason; only ever the good guys.
  6. That's before my time, then. What a great shame. Did he die before his time? What was the reason?
  7. Same practice? I don't recall him; maybe before my time.
  8. Haha! Yes, I know the two "very long term doctors" you refer to. The older one had a rather alarming habit of thinking out loud which took me aback until I got used to it; the other chap was just very, very nice indeed. I was really disappointed when he left. Just curious as to who this really good remaining doctor is you refer to? Are we talking a lady who's been there a long time or an amiable young chap mid-twenties who's only recently qualified? Be as obscure as you like - I can work it out.
  9. Well I wasn't going to mention the particular practice, but since you've outed them anyway... Yes, that's been my EXACT experience too. Only recently, however, it's been even worse as the admin side has gone down the crapper as well so prescriptions I order don't get issued and they just blame the pharmacy 20yds away for it all. It took me quite a lot of investigation over 3-4 months to discover the pharmacy staff were in fact entirely innocent and getting increasingly fed up with the situation. There is one doctor there you can *never* get to see because he/she (she) is so good, and another one he/she (she) who is so awful you can see her anytime you like. Just like you say, they can't seem to keep good doctors there and I can't put up with it any longer I'm sorry to say.
  10. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the process is for changing from one surgery to another? I'm not moving house to some other part of the island, I just want to swap one (rotten) surgery for a different, better one in the same area. I'm in the East of the island if that makes any difference. Is it a simple procedure as one would hope, or a giant PITA? Thanks!
  11. There do seem to be a lot of wankers on the roads very lately. I noticed clear evidence of a motorbike having crashed and burst into flames across the road from Onchan Shoprite yesterday; must have hit the dry stone walling before going up in flames. The pavement was all charred and bubbly-looking underfoot AND...... exactly the same thing almost directly opposite on t'other side of the road, too! Must have been two separate bikes involved, possibly at the same time and part of the same incident. We're living in dangerous times, it seems.
  12. Yes, it's very important point and one currently unstated. You are simply told you have the "powers and liabilities of a marshal" but you are not told what exactly these are! You sign up for them, but you do so blind. Another important thing most marshals have no clue about is that they are not covered at all by the organisers' ACU insurance policy whilst racing or qualifiying is actually taking place; only when making their way to or from their posts and setting up barriers etc. Nothing beyond that! I'm going to be taking all this up with the government after the FoM is over.
  13. I started off doing the car rallies when I first came here. I thought it was bonkers they were dishing out these cards will-nilly. They have no idea who they're dishing them out to, clearly. After a couple of years of this, a memo came out from the Chief Constable's office to the organisers. It read something like this: "In future could you please make a note of the name and address of the marshals you issue these warrant cards to?" Only on the Isle of Man!
  14. I suspect - strongly - those figures are very much on the low side.
  15. I believe the current *minimum* manning level for marshals is 535! Losing the power of arrest under the 2016 Act was a bit of a blow. OK, it seems insane you can have someone in prison one week, then issued with a warrant card the next (where else in the world!?) but once the organisers start getting too fussy about who they recruit they just won't have the numbers and even Gary Thompson must surely realise that. Be nice to see it continue for ever IMV. It's a wonderful anachronism in an 'elf & safe tea gone mad world. :-D
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