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  1. GD4XXX

    TT 2018

    Safety standards are higher, but so are speeds. Ergo, no improvement in survivability.
  2. GD4XXX

    TT 2018

    If you made it totally safe it wouldn't exist.
  3. GD4XXX

    TT 2018

    Admitted deaths.
  4. GD4XXX

    TT 2018

    My personal experience as a marshal myself is that the level of paranoia over safety is reaching the point where I am wondering whether to continue or not. I know it's all well-intentioned, but when we get told we're not even allowed to cross a f*cking closed road when there's no racing going on and these half-baked online courses they expect us to do in addition to the real ones just doesn't sit well with me I'm afraid. Probably my advanced age and fatalistic attitude to risk but if it gets much worse I'm going to be hanging up my tabard (and I'm not the only one who feels this way).
  5. GD4XXX

    TT 2018

    The ACU and the IM gov will be desperately keen indeed on steroids to keep this within the island. They both have a keen joint interest in this aim. It'll be interesting to see if jurisdiction escapes the rock as the implications could be much more complicated and expensive. Could Mercer get legal aid here? Could he get it in England for a High Court hearing? Will the Privy Council intervene? The threat of losing control may make the island/ACU settle out of court for a much higher sum than 40k with a confidentiality clause simply to avoid the adverse publicity. Be interesting to see how it turns out.
  6. GD4XXX

    TT 2018

    Well, as we have seen from the various viewpoints here, it's far from that clear. Derek said something about the 'orange vest effect' and I think that's a powerful argument. Anyway, the ACU have accepted liability so it's no longer worth arguing over. What IS worth arguing over, though, is the little matter of jurisdiction. As things stand under the contractual rules, disputes are to be settled by the courts of the island. But if the island's courts deal with it and decide to go with the letter of the law, then the most compensation Mercer can get under the TT's ACU insurance policy is a paltry £20,000 which is doubled in the case of permanent total disablement. Forty grand is not going to pay for his care needs for the rest of his life, not remotely. So that's why he's intent on getting this to the High Court in London. It's his only realistic chance of getting compensation commensurate with his life-changing injuries. And surely you can't blame him for trying, given he's got next to nothing to lose.
  7. You're a good man, SJR. Pity others don't share your laudable morality.
  8. Don't be silly. The BBC license fee is a unique issue and the controversy is not confined to this island.
  9. Then the law is an ASS. This is grossly unfair and needs addressing as a priority.
  10. ... and not to forget Manx Radio TT on AM!
  11. I think it was Jefferson who said it was morally reprehensible to be forced to pay for supporting something you don't believe in. I think it should be made purely voluntary. If you think you've had fair value from the BBC over the previous year, then by all means pay it. If not, don't. There should be no compulsion; it's outrageous in this age in which we live. The BBC's share of the audience is minute; they've lost so many viewers due to satellite, internet, freeview, you name it. Yet we're still funding them like they're the monolithic monopoly they were 90 years ago. They hate this island anyway. They've slagged off the TT and accused us of being a tax-dodgers & money-launderers paradise. Why the hell do we have to pay for the privilege of having these globalist parasites lie to us?
  12. Thompson just canceled any practice/racing for the rest of the day. If his previous rotten form holds true, then we should be in for a dry and sunny evening and even more valuable time will have been thrown down the toilet.
  13. I think you mean the most Gary Thompson messed up TT in history.
  14. Thompson is far too risk-averse. He's made bad call after bad call with the weather this week and it seems to be his MO every year. The writing was on the wall when he canceled the Senior back in 2012 just over a few damp patches. Shameful! Is he deliberately trying to wreck the TT? It's hard to believe how anyone could be genuinely this incompetent. FFS, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
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