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  1. That would be a missed opportunity in my view. The problem as I see it one of image. Drugs such as cannabis have a very poor image because they're recklessly abused by damn fools. The pity is that there are literally dozens of potentially theraputic compounds in cannabis alone. All we hear about is CBN and THC, though. And the amount of ill-informed opinion surrounding the topic is staggering. The hippies of the 1960s were god's gift to the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone here seen the film Gimme Shelter? It's a fascinating insight into the height of reckless drug abuse among the young people
  2. Same here. And I'm nearly in Onchan where I live.
  3. So we'll finally find out what all the fuss was all about? About time, too! Thanks for spotting it.
  4. Not climate campaigners in reality. There is no "climate emergency" that needs addressing on this island (or anywhere else for that matter). These kids are using the climate as a flag of convenience. They're watermellons: green on the outside but red under the surface. But they can't come out as the anti-capitalists they really are as they know that such a position cannot be substantiated to any critical-thinking individual. So they rely on fake/junk science readily provided by the likes of the BBC et al. to try to bring down the system they despise so much on the pretext of global warming etc
  5. They might start downloading hard-core illegal porno, though!
  6. I'm with Sure and am having severe delays at present.....
  7. Marrying up with the UK's debt?? No thanks! Things may not look that brilliant here at the moment, but any sensible suitor who's taken a good look at the UK's books would run a mile. And the debt situation in the US and Japan is equally unsustainable if the truth be told.
  8. So you're happy for them to borrow a quarter of a billion even though "they already can't balance their budgets." Curious...
  9. So the government wants to borrow 250 million pounds, adding almost £3,000 onto the national debt for every man woman and child on the island. Might seem tempting to borrow so much money to soften the blow of the upcoming economic slump, but aren't they concerned that rates bills and other forms of taxation here are already at eye-watering levels compared to a couple of decades ago??
  10. Er, I'm talking about Coronavirus here, Bert.
  11. Hi all, When - not if - we get our first case on the island, can some kind soul please let me know. I just want to give the sufferer concerned a big hug and a kiss, get infected myself and get it all over with. All the time I thought there was going to be a sharp peak, I was prepared to isolate myself and avoid all human contact for up to 8 weeks, but now they're moving to tactics that will spread the outbreak out over a year or more.... I can't face staying out of circulation that long - who the hell can? So please PM me. I may even offer a cash reward for a successful infection. Thanks.
  12. No, it's not just here. But how far did that kind of logic go in determining whether or not the Isle of Man should declare a 'climate emergency'?
  13. All these young people bitching about some non-existent 'climate crisis' would find their time less pointlessly wasted by concentrating on real issues that will affect them, like the fact that every man, woman and child on the island owes over 13 grand this current year alone, even though they never signed up to it. They are lumbered with this debt millstone (which is in reality far greater) simply out of being born here. The debt that's being passed on to them was accrued by their parents and grandparents who borrowed as much as the bond markets would countenance. It's a monument to fiscal im
  14. England may have the lowest suicide rate out of the above, but I'm sure it more than makes up for it with the murder rate!
  15. To those of us of a certain age, it lends it a certain nostalgic quality. ;-)
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