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  1. So many comments on Fuckwitbook, making it easy for the dealers to avoid detection.
  2. Nobody has ever been properly deported. Just banned from the island...
  3. The real comedy on here has been people offering to buy a building with good wishes and fresh air!
  4. Road closures like this should have to prove some kind of economic benefit before they are approved. The fact that roads will be closed will stop some shops and businesses from being as busy as they may have been over a bank holiday weekend. So to negate that factor, they should have to prove how many bed nights their event is creating, what additional spend in the local economy it will produce etc. Closing roads 'just for fun' shouldn't be a good enough reason.
  5. Which ones belong to you? Or who are you the puppet of? None of them, unlike you and Jack the Lad, I don't have time for multiple accounts.
  6. Still ignoring the quesion Jackie lad? Who are your other sock puppets?
  7. Enjoy it while it lasts. It will be over in 2 years or less.
  8. Great for the rest of the Island though. May just keep some of those northerners in the north. More time for them to raise money for the precious courthouse!
  9. Bloody mindles! Always vandalising!
  10. Interesting, you were seemingly one of Jack's sock puppets!
  11. Looks like it's broken again.
  12. Really, how would you know that?Come on then Jack, who are your other accounts?But surely you know? After all you seem to know everything. I know you're a very sad person. A sad person who possibly needs help.
  13. All complete and utter bollocks! Are you one of those little men who appear on YouTube? 😂
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