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  1. The mountain road daily demonstrates such a mix of of driving characteristics and abilities : the negligently inattentive, the distracted, the irritable ,the psychotic, the potentially suicidal or homicidal, the immature show off, the grandiose poseur.. - And that’s just one driver. it’s a miracle there aren’t more accidents
  2. One of the benefits of online newspapers is that if you have the time, you can see how different newspapers report the same things differently, or don’t report things at all, or give different slants and opinions depending on the prejudices of their usual readers .Guardian / Daily Mail devotees clearly not only have different news and views but live in different worlds
  3. “Genuinely need it”? Not enough , it seems just to “Need it “ but to “Genuinely need it” OK .I am sure there will be will be the odd “lead- swinger.“ The doc can quickly scribble “ plumbus oscillitans “ or some other pseudo latin sick note and they can be on their way. The “Worried well “ also .. But Is the system really under such threat by legions of the “Non - genuine “? Or are people made to feel they are supplicants, fended off by having to justify to themselves that they are not guilty “time wasters.” Faced with alarming symptoms, many o
  4. MIRs is an excellent , impartial advisor that is free to to any employee or employer seeking their advice. Reading the report , there is a clear message that this issue could have very probably been more easily resolved , or even avoided altogether , if advice had been sought from MIRS early on. For the infinitesimal cost of a phone call and a little time, the angst and upset to both parties - and probably to others , a lot of everyone’s time and the considerable financial penalty that resulted, very probably could have been avoided.
  5. I am not sure that her doctor was ‘dragged in” in any way and I am not sure why you “feel sorry” for her. In early to mid March, things were very uncertain and frightening for many patients especially those with medical conditions that might make them more vulnerable to the virus. It was entirely reasonable and understandable, given her medical condition ,to seek advice from her doctor. That is what she did.
  6. It is not about the money.It is about control and decision making Where many people might see the offer as generous and helpful, for those in a position of authority it will not be welcomed. Seen as a nuisance, it will be resented, viewed as undermining to their decision making and a threat to their control and authority.They will want it to just go away.To be to ignored. If pressed further, the response will to belittle it and provide a patronising ,”Now children, I am very busy but because you’re being a bit silly, I am going make this simple so you can understand..” e
  7. There will undoubtedly be a lot who are “Not OK“ and during recent restrictions I suspect there are some who are a very long way indeed from being “OK “ - and will be at risk, especially as their usual professional contacts have reduced their services during Covid , I am told. It is a serious problem that has been largely hidden but will steadily emerge. It will be wonderful if all that is needed is a brief enquiry and the offer of a colour-in poster,but I suspect it’s going to be more serious than that for some.
  8. Be ready for winter viruses - Get a Kunkel, Yessir!
  9. There are still some of us around who will have encountered some of the “ex-colonials” who settled here in the fifties and sixties. Many were delightful and quickly settled and made many friends. It is fair to say some were not. When they reminisced about black people their attitudes and terminology shocked local people ( Yes, it was offensive to most reasonable folk “ even in those days” ) and the way they spoke to and treated local working people was not that far removed - at the very least, coarse and ill mannered. As a youngster It gave me some thought
  10. News about Covid has been been less frightening than for long time, to the extent that people are now feeling more confident to do the violent and hateful things to each other they have been impatiently waiting so long to get back to. Locally, a word has been written on a wall No-one knows what the word is. It is so unspeakable that no-one can speak it.
  11. MOTs have little relevance regarding accident prevention, though the Test succeeded in clearing a lot of pre-war bangers off the road in the early sixties. The vast majority of accidents are caused by driver error. Mechanical problems as the underlying causes of accidents are unusual. Apart from the effects of drugs and alcohol, drivers crash when they lack skill and experience, and it also happens when their attention is distracted, especially with emotional stress- relationship problems, and worries about job and money. We should not drive after alcohol, but we s
  12. When surveyed, most drivers say they are safer-that is have less accidents, than the average. At first glance this seems nonsensical - how can the “majority” be better than the “average”. Yet it turns out to be correct- 7O % or so have less accidents than the average. The answer is that a small number of drivers are responsible for a large number of the accidents -theirs are repeated and frequent. Perhaps this group should have to fund their intensive retraining ,education and testing. Those who prove irremediable despite these measures should not allowed to drive
  13. Tax: 1.The poor - lots of them. But..they have liitle money.= So little revenue from them, 2. The Very Wealthy. Relatively few. Successfully employ advisors and tactics ro avoid taxation. Limited takings here, too. However, there is a third option... 3.Ah! the good old Middle Class,. These folk generally play by the rules , pay their bills, tax their their cars,etc, etc, - Cough up, you lot
  14. Any opinion on Covid that doesn’t include a candid “We really can’t be that sure as we as we haven’t been here before” should viewed cautiously. Scientists are good at analysing “knowns”.Trying to predict situations based on very few “knowns “ and an unknown number of “unknowns”, is likely to throw up surprises. Predicting childhood illness in the future months may produce such surprises. - The focus is on Covid, but it may not even be Covid -related. Children have spent an such an unusually long time away from their peers, this might result in an unusual pattern of infe
  15. This dreadful catastrophe is very sadly, not unique. Look at what is happening elsewhere in the UK in care homes and further afield. We should remember that many care home tragedies at this time involve homes with dementia residents. Anyone who has ever spent more than a just 15 minutes visiting someone an EMI unit will appreciate just how difficult it is deal with someone who is unable to understand everyday things such feeding, toileting and ”exhibiting challenging behaviour “ with the added problem of “wandering” (or the new term pc term “Purposeful walking).
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