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  1. The majority of doctors did not go into medicine with an aspiration of becoming a state-sanctioned executioner. In the unlikely event of such a proposal being implemented, each doctor will still presumably, have a choice to decide for themselves whether to agree to take on this role. Very few will. Apart from any other considerations, the case for assisted suicide is anachronistic as It fails to acknowledge the growth of the Hospice Movement. Thirty years ago the situation for someone with terminal illness was very different. In response, there been a steady but quiet evolution of Hospices throughout the country.There is public recognition that the movement's holistic and dignified approach of caring for an individual’s needs, and their family, at the end of life not only works but is confidently accepted.This is reflected by the huge support the movement has generated from the population. The service continues to evolve, but the focus for end of life care should be there.
  2. Presumably, there is a lot of knowledge and experience from from the many cities around the world that have trams and “they” will have availed themselves of this, (I read somewhere about in the Hague they had problems with a noise from resonance from similar natural frequencies of wheels track and the concrete base and nearby foundations of buildings which led to problems). I think it is really unlikely that professional engineers are unaware of such things.
  3. Apart from the unusual situation where losing your job improves you health by stopping your daily exposure to a dangerously toxic workplace, unemployment has a bad effect on health. Hardly a surprise, and studies each decade since the 1930’s have clearly shown this as well as Mr Thomas’s statement from the “Department of Stating the Bleedin Obvious”. But he leaps a step further though, throwing in “climate change ‘ as part a universal “It’s a win win, really” .That’s glib simplistic politic-speak. Using resources to help people who are unemployed has moral, ethical, heath and economic imperatives. Being realistic, however, there will be a “diminishing returns “ effect: Moderate expenditure will have noticeable and very beneficial effects ; to reduce it further will take a lot, lot more - and increasingly more, until we get to the the last few unemployed.To get them in gainful employment and proudly claim “zero” has been achieved, would need huge input of resources.Any benefits for climate change” would have long gone.
  4. At best, it is an easy, casually dismissive “V sign“ used in retreat when losing a discussion. At worst ,it can be vicious hostile abuse. I worked in many different parts of England and Scotland.I never once received a comment of even a remotely similar sentiment from anyone, anywhere in over two decades.In fact, I was welcomed and treated extremely well.Coming from the Isle of Man seemed a “plus” Recalling how very reasonably and amicably I had been received ,this mean, nasty face- slapper of a comment makes me cringe with anger , exasperation, shame and embarrassment every time I hear it used.
  5. I remember kids from Laxey being called laxatives.
  6. Than goodness, getting in your car to go the UK to drive about, do things things that people do and enjoy doing ,and come home is simply one of those things many of us feel happy and privileged to do. It is done without fuss, without forms and regulations and bull. For those who love rules and regulations, sleep doesn’t come easy as they lie tormented by the nagging disquiet that someone, somewhere might be just getting on with life and,God forbid, even enjoying themselves. We have more than enough laws, rules and regulations. More do not make life safer, fairer or more enjoyable.
  7. The recent figures suggest that over 95 % of car accidents are down to driver error with mechanical problems being implicated in less than 2%. The original MOT was introduced when cash -strapped folk, faced with 50% purchase tax and no credit for new cars were driving cars in very poor condition.In many cases this was down to pre-war technology and zero maintenance when road conditions were becoming more demanding. OK - Any night drive in the IOM reveals appalling vehicle lighting - but we already have the Police who should be able to deal with that. The need for it passed, but the MOT , like any Govt.Department, once established, becomes immortal. It only knows how to grow. Don’t let it.
  8. If the sculpture is of high quality then it may develop its own appeal as a work of art with the subject matter having less importance with time. It will no doubt acquire a nickname, like the Dublin statue of Molly Malone (“The tart with the cart”), but the reaction of future generations may well be , “Who?”
  9. Accidents caused by mechanical failures are unusual and largely confined to problems with the nut holding the steering wheel.
  10. Such an installation is no doubt possible. However, before looking at “ How?”, “Why?” needs to be fully answered.
  11. Visibility :A good few years ago , someone employed in NHS told me of manager who was so seldom seen she was known as “Hologram”. Strength : The need for” strength” and “change” and generally being “strong,” or “tough” seem to be applauded as an obviously “ good thing” in senior management. There have been several of this ilk, including that chap who likened the complicated business of Health Provision to that of a journey in a double decker bus.Naturally, he was the driver and decider of the route.The only reason for stopping the bus, he said, was to allow anyone who disagreed with him to “get off”. It is appealing to get someone in to “shake things up “, but not if it means crashing around like a bull in a china shop before going on to the next job. For the frontline staff, picking up the bits before the arrival of the next tough guy incumbent , their morale is not improved by the glaring contrast of their remuneration and working week with that of the 160K salary and other benefits for a 3 day week.
  12. The surprise of learning that Foxdale is a “Hard line communist state” was quickly overshadowed by the revelation that it is also the birth place of Kim Jong Un. Why isn’t there a blue (or possibly red )plaque?
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