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  1. There is a fundamental problem regarding supply and demand with health care provision. Supplied at (perceived )cost of zero. Demand = infinite. What is supplied is not valued. If everyone received a gold Rolex in the post tomorrow , by mid week the there would be broken and discarded ones in the gutter.
  2. A low point has been plumbed on MF by the sneering condemnation of this man. I don’t know Mr Cringle. I have never met him. As far as I know makes no pretence regarding his age ,yet the term “geriatric “ is used against him as a term of abuse. Not only offensive to him, it is to any of his generation. Those that follow the “baby- boomers” should reflect.As the need to keep working longer and longer progresses and they find they are unable to retire , they will become the “ old” and resented as clinging on to their jobs.Some attitudes will have to change. I have no idea of his ancestry. It no more my business than anyone else's, yet the term “in- bred” is casually ,if obliquely, tossed in. Even a low estimate of his IQ is asserted, and if that isn’t enough, he is absurdly derided as being part of the establishment /“ruling class “. Well, I find his articles well- researched, well written and amusing.He speaks well on radio and his presentations are very professionally crafted. - There are some on MF who could do well to study his technique. Keep going, Terry!
  3. The vague theory that “they” -the illuminati ..whoever .. know the answers to all life’s ills and are successfully keeping it all from us in order to make themselves even more rich , even hiding the answers to “curing” cancer is a fascinating yet absurd one. Following the notion further for a moment, then the problem about identifying these super- powered beings will surely become much easier with the passage of time.As we poor mortals age and whither, they will increasingly stand out. Not only more obscenely wealthy but though incredibly old , they will seem stunningly youthful as they glide several times past their expected life span. Back in In the real world though, many of our brightest and most talented at the forefront against diseases such as cancer have a lifespan pretty much like everyone else.Sometimes ,sadly, less.
  4. i think this is a chap called Noakes. A former UKIP leadership contender who made millions from selling a medicine claiming it as a cure for cancer, autism and HIV. A Guernsey based operation, I think.In court ,in 2015, according to the BBC reports before being sentenced to 15 months in jail for selling unlicensed medicines and money laundering he retracted his assertion that it cured cancer. He refers to gcMAF This goes back over twenty years when Japanese researcher Yamamoto published some work on mice with malignant tumours. He administered gcMAF which stimulates large white blood cells to engulf and destroy bacteria ,viruses an abnormal cells including cancer cells. Cancer cells produce an enzyme , naglase which destroys Gc MAf.In doing so, it theoretically protects the cancer cells by allowing it to escape being noticed not then not being devoured by the white cells called macrophages ( phage = eat).MAF = macrophages activating factor)So give added gcMAF and the cancer cells will be seen -by and then destroyed by the macrophage white cells. The tumors were slowed in 16 of the 35 mice.( They all died from cancer) Sounds brilliant - give GcMAF and goodbye cancer, that would be wonderful just as it would be if it also cured autism, HIV etc. Read the what Cancer Research UK, BBC reports, and others on this and decide for youself: - Is it a miracle cure that is being denied us- or is it something that has been used to ruthlessly exploit people when they are vulnerable and desperate?
  5. They can have as many names as they like, ducks - they only got one shadow.
  6. Those pictures ? Yeah ..of the moon, right? The dark bit and the light bit ? Like the light is coming from the sun but the earth is in between it and the moon and .. there like a shadow, of the earth on the moon , yeah? The shadow of the earth, (OK .OK.. ,stay with me here).. has.. like an edge? Thing is though, that edge? Yeah ? I mean ,it does looks a little bit like curved like , dunnit? Like the earth maybe like got like a curved edge, too - sorta like it was round ,a bit like a what’s it .. a ball. Nah ..them pictures they are like, fakes, innit?
  7. A young man’s life has violently ended.Sadly,for that there is no doubt. And there is no doubt for the huge pain, distress and desperate confusion there must be for those close to him. We use expressions , “died doing what he loved” which can appear casual and lazy - a bit like the obvious “ in the wrong place at the wrong time “ used by the Police and “our thoughts at this time are with ..”and easy social media responses because they are, not the best , but acceptable responses.We are worried about saying the ‘wrong thing’ and play safe using these expressions that are currently in vogue in case we offend and add to the distress because we don’t know what to say. If you are an anonymous poster on MF , you can feel less restricted.Over this man’s death you able to insult each other, joke and carry on where you left off with old arguments , even throwing in some guestimate maths.
  8. This looks like it has been written by someone who knows about punctuation sufficient for them to write as though they don’t.
  9. Well, that’s cleared that up, then.
  10. Manx.net classifieds, Hospice shops Douglas, Peel and Port Erin, and best for furniture ,their warehouse past B&Q, Douglas, Crossroads care , Douglas Penny farthing in Ramsey, civic amenity centre Bride Road ,Ramsey. ”Brown” furniture seems to command low prices at present.
  11. Not if his school report was anything to go by. - But then school reports don’t seem that good as predictors of anyone’s future achievements. Thankfully.
  12. And the banknote design is splendid. Even the numbers next to his right shoulder are references Turing’s pioneering work in computers - and his code breaking. It is his date of birth 23 June 1912 -in binary. ( it was pointed out to me)
  13. Observations: 1. The videos posted by China hand - Both fascinating and really quite beautiful. 2.The comments by Enoch I - square earth? ,AE circle ? pizza? map? I will not even begin to try and compete with the impressive academic qualifications boasted by some posters on here, so I ask for sympathetic allowance before asking: Enoch 1- please give me/us a clue -what do these cryptic references mean? -What are you talking about ?
  14. As her father went to the press /went public then opinions will follow: - Poor child. I have no idea about her medical condition. From the pictures ,however, she seems quite exhausted . Asthma apart, from the video, one also suspects that she is embarrassed, manipulated, humiliated and what ever condition she may have ,it was only going to be aggravated by the emotional situation of her family arriving late at the airport and the unpleasant confrontation when it was clear that they had missed their flight. Poor child. - We don’t get to choose our parents.
  15. How toe-curlingly awful! Even accustomed to some of our less-able local politicians and the low standards they seem proud of, it still comes as a wincing surprise when they fail to reach them.
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