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  1. My sympathy is very much with the manager.How irritating to be manipulated into having to respond. The individual in the plastic mask has set out to be noticed. Had he gone round the store , paid for his goods and left without being able to provoke some sort of reaction his visit would have been a failure. Having seen his picture in the paper after the visit, some may view his wearing of a ridiculous- looking mask was appropriate - and suggest he does it more often.
  2. Under pressure, it is understandable if the doctor sees themselves as the supplier of a service perceived by the patient to be free and therefore not constrained by the usual financial supply and demand, and feels the demand for their services is therefore infinite. A survey showed over 80% of GPs fear litigation and have altered their approach to be defensive, referring more and ordering tests as a result. The GMC and one of the medical indemnity insurance co. (MOS) have shown consistently that the main cause of complaints is not, as might be expected, so much about diagnosis
  3. It might well be correct that people “who want to see a GP would be better off seeing someone else..” There are however problems- not only of who to see, and how do they decide who to see, but where do they find these people who are able to see them? The notion of the general practitioner being the “gate keeper of the NHS “ was spouted decades ago, but it still has some relevance. As a specialist ,you see patients who have been referred to you and therefore have been already “ filtered” by primary care physicians. Your opinion is sought because your knowledge and skill and
  4. It is interesting how some unfortunate youngsters’ viral infections bring out all the old battle lines about private education( I’ll leave it to others to re-man the trenches) -and totally ignore the individuals. They are a long way from their family, probably not feeling too brilliant, they are unlikely to have had much say,or any say in any of it at all, and are stuck in a grey miserable January in a grey miserable-looking school. Poor guys.
  5. This patient’s medical condition and her treatment are being freely and very widely discussed on the basis of it being in her best interests. This absolutely fine if she consents to this. If she does not, for whatever reason, then the DHSC would not be able to comment specifically.
  6. The “ 100 volunteer jabbers” number - is that from some official source?
  7. Good to see some fun and enjoyment.It is needed.
  8. A sad loss. 57 year contribution to science and even featured in a James Bond film
  9. Tony Benn illustrated the problem of growing NHS bureaucracy with a joke about an “NHS rowing team” (commons speech in 1995)
  10. “Spat”... The word trivialises a very serious situation. I am still unclear about the”Spat” .Perhaps I’ve missed something.It is possible with my aged neurones. 0n the one hand, clumsy, defensive, cringeworthy, amateurishly written Departmental rhetoric ; on the other a speedy recourse to twitter and brief, but uninformative personal affirmatives such as “ I don’t do failure” , or some such. and bewildering comments about the relative metallurgy of gonads, but no real, er, “nuts and bolts” about why things aren’t working. These times are too dangerous for all of th
  11. This is a not specific to Ramsey G Practice but has relevance. The reasons why people consult can be complex. The presenting symptom or problem is not always thing they are in desperate need to address or discuss, but is offered as a “passport” to enter into the system. The parting, “Oh, there was just something ..” on leaving the consulting room may be the dynamite issue , but the only way to bring this important thing up. A failure by the listener (it doesn’t have to be a doctor ) to recognise this will leave that busy practitioner exasperated by the “passport” complain
  12. “Most “ , “ for a long time “ , “don’t need “ What do you base this on? It is very easy to dismiss (other people’s) problems as being a waste of time.
  13. Following posts on MF is sometimes like watching a pin ball machine as if the ball pings randomly from one topic to another. After many posts, I am still unclear about the “spat” was/ is , as titled and having failed to glean what it was really all about , I am just hopeful that “normal service has been resumed” - in everyone’s interest. Meanwhile, the frenetic silver ball has being pinging wildly and randomly, now off on another trajectory about vaccines, and “Ping - ping “ .. Oh no ..not the anti vaxxers.. If the “Spat” is resolved, honour satisfied etc., etc. perhap
  14. DA happened to be Health Minister at the start of a Pandemic-an unenviable position. In early March, advice was scant and that from PHE was appallingly poor ( as late as 23 March PHE dismissed the risk of transmission to care homes) The DHSC had been recently rearranged with a CEO largely off Island. He managed. I think he coped very well.Unlike the chief Minister, he answered questions well, could “think on his feet “ , and didn't get irritable. Now , the “letter” incident has really tripped him up- badly. Why on earth mention receiving an anonymous letter rega
  15. Someone should have advised , “Too many words“
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