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  1. Than goodness, getting in your car to go the UK to drive about, do things things that people do and enjoy doing ,and come home is simply one of those things many of us feel happy and privileged to do. It is done without fuss, without forms and regulations and bull. For those who love rules and regulations, sleep doesn’t come easy as they lie tormented by the nagging disquiet that someone, somewhere might be just getting on with life and,God forbid, even enjoying themselves. We have more than enough laws, rules and regulations. More do not make life safer, fairer or more enjoyable.
  2. The recent figures suggest that over 95 % of car accidents are down to driver error with mechanical problems being implicated in less than 2%. The original MOT was introduced when cash -strapped folk, faced with 50% purchase tax and no credit for new cars were driving cars in very poor condition.In many cases this was down to pre-war technology and zero maintenance when road conditions were becoming more demanding. OK - Any night drive in the IOM reveals appalling vehicle lighting - but we already have the Police who should be able to deal with that. The need for it passed, but the MOT , like any Govt.Department, once established, becomes immortal. It only knows how to grow. Don’t let it.
  3. If the sculpture is of high quality then it may develop its own appeal as a work of art with the subject matter having less importance with time. It will no doubt acquire a nickname, like the Dublin statue of Molly Malone (“The tart with the cart”), but the reaction of future generations may well be , “Who?”
  4. Accidents caused by mechanical failures are unusual and largely confined to problems with the nut holding the steering wheel.
  5. Such an installation is no doubt possible. However, before looking at “ How?”, “Why?” needs to be fully answered.
  6. hampsterkahn

    Royal Visit

    What do you mean?
  7. Visibility :A good few years ago , someone employed in NHS told me of manager who was so seldom seen she was known as “Hologram”. Strength : The need for” strength” and “change” and generally being “strong,” or “tough” seem to be applauded as an obviously “ good thing” in senior management. There have been several of this ilk, including that chap who likened the complicated business of Health Provision to that of a journey in a double decker bus.Naturally, he was the driver and decider of the route.The only reason for stopping the bus, he said, was to allow anyone who disagreed with him to “get off”. It is appealing to get someone in to “shake things up “, but not if it means crashing around like a bull in a china shop before going on to the next job. For the frontline staff, picking up the bits before the arrival of the next tough guy incumbent , their morale is not improved by the glaring contrast of their remuneration and working week with that of the 160K salary and other benefits for a 3 day week.
  8. The surprise of learning that Foxdale is a “Hard line communist state” was quickly overshadowed by the revelation that it is also the birth place of Kim Jong Un. Why isn’t there a blue (or possibly red )plaque?
  9. Yes, you are absolutely correct,Woolley - and yes , on reflection it really wasn’t the best way of countering Enoch and the three shadows and flat earth.
  10. It is clearly prejudicial to view this new appointee in such a negative way before she even arrives. She must be welcomed and given a every opportunity to excel in this very important and demanding job.If successful, we all could benefit. In mitigation to her detractors, they may be expressing a sort of weary apprehension borne out of witnessing previous appointees. Bearing in mind that job interviewers are most likely to favour candidates most like themselves, perhaps it would be more relevant here to have a critical look at who makes these important choices?
  11. Scientists are superb at telling us about the past. They are also quite brilliant explaining pretty much about everything in the here and now. Predicting the future however, they can be less impressive. Years ago, I was stirred from my slumber by a lecturer opening his talk: “ A half of what is being taught in this building today, accepted as scientific truth and orthodoxy. will, in ten years time, be laughed-at and seen as embarrassingly ridiculous” After a rather theatrical pause , he added , “The problem is, we don’t know which half”
  12. Even after training and practice, most people would struggle to appear so abrasive, condescending, dismissive, irritated and hostilely defensive at the same time. He has a real talent.
  13. There is a fundamental problem regarding supply and demand with health care provision. Supplied at (perceived )cost of zero. Demand = infinite. What is supplied is not valued. If everyone received a gold Rolex in the post tomorrow , by mid week the there would be broken and discarded ones in the gutter.
  14. A low point has been plumbed on MF by the sneering condemnation of this man. I don’t know Mr Cringle. I have never met him. As far as I know makes no pretence regarding his age ,yet the term “geriatric “ is used against him as a term of abuse. Not only offensive to him, it is to any of his generation. Those that follow the “baby- boomers” should reflect.As the need to keep working longer and longer progresses and they find they are unable to retire , they will become the “ old” and resented as clinging on to their jobs.Some attitudes will have to change. I have no idea of his ancestry. It no more my business than anyone else's, yet the term “in- bred” is casually ,if obliquely, tossed in. Even a low estimate of his IQ is asserted, and if that isn’t enough, he is absurdly derided as being part of the establishment /“ruling class “. Well, I find his articles well- researched, well written and amusing.He speaks well on radio and his presentations are very professionally crafted. - There are some on MF who could do well to study his technique. Keep going, Terry!
  15. The vague theory that “they” -the illuminati ..whoever .. know the answers to all life’s ills and are successfully keeping it all from us in order to make themselves even more rich , even hiding the answers to “curing” cancer is a fascinating yet absurd one. Following the notion further for a moment, then the problem about identifying these super- powered beings will surely become much easier with the passage of time.As we poor mortals age and whither, they will increasingly stand out. Not only more obscenely wealthy but though incredibly old , they will seem stunningly youthful as they glide several times past their expected life span. Back in In the real world though, many of our brightest and most talented at the forefront against diseases such as cancer have a lifespan pretty much like everyone else.Sometimes ,sadly, less.
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