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  1. hampsterkahn

    Cut & paste

    This cartoon is not mine
  2. hampsterkahn

    Cut & paste

    It certainly is. It is lazy, incompetent and dishonest In mitigation, usual standards have been maintained for the first two.
  3. hampsterkahn

    UK Petition: Ban all ISIS members returning to UK

    I did not make any comment on his letter other than I said “it may surprise many”. Well, It surprised me, anway. For I know very little about Islam and I suspect I share my ignorance with many. Until yesterday, I admit I knew nothing about Dr Hargey either. So yes , I was surprised to discover that an Immam, an Islamic scholar and someone who is devoted to his religion holds such views and then further discover that that he asserts that there is no religious basis for such things as gender inequality, wearing the burkha etc. Whatever his views, one must acknowledge and admire his courage in expressing them.
  4. hampsterkahn

    UK Petition: Ban all ISIS members returning to UK

    Amongst the intense reactions generated by the publicity surrounding the issue of Shamima Begum and whether or not she should be able to return to the UK, a letter from Dr Hargey, the Immam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation was published in the Times today which may surprise many: “Under no circumstances should Shamima Begum be allowed to return to Britain immediately. All those in public life who support her coming “ home” right away, thus allowing her to take advantage of free NHS treatment and social security benefits are naive in the extreme. Even if this unpatriotic woman, who has expressed no remorse for joining a blood thirsty gang responsible for the deaths of thousands, were to be prosecuted and imprisoned in the UK, she would not be inoculated against the virus of Isis extremism and Islamic fundementalism.She would be more likely to perpetuate her open disdain and bitterness towards this tolerant country and blame us for her predicament. It is in the interests of justice that she is tried and sentenced where her crimes were comitted.A ten year incarceration in an Iraq or Syrian jail would cure her of any lingering allegiance to, and affection for, Muslim radicalism. The idea that this Isis acolyte can be rehabilitated within the British penal system is seriously flawed.Moreover, allowing her to return to the UK would have no deterrent effect on any other would-be copycats within the British Muslim community. Shamima Begum should begin her long rehabilitation in the Middle East so that she is able eventually to return to the UK as a responsible citizen.”
  5. hampsterkahn

    Cut & paste

    What is it with politicians and metaphors? Mr Ashford on Manx Radio : “I think you have knocked the nail on the point, there..”
  6. hampsterkahn

    Cut & paste

    Interesting spelling of “steel”, Dilli.Perhaps you have been influenced by Linkedin profile of the person who claims to be the “ Primary author “ ? - She begins her lengthy self-praise by describing herself as “ steely “
  7. hampsterkahn

    Cut & paste

    If the laziness and dishonesty of this blatent piece of plagerism was not enough, the DHSC adds (its own) pompous finale: “All rights reseved.No part of this publication may be reproduced ....( Blah blah blah..)” ... “ without the written permission of Michael Morris ”
  8. hampsterkahn

    Where do you get your science?

    I find “BBC Bitesize” is good for me.
  9. hampsterkahn

    Nobles hospital

    I don’t think we should mention, let alone compare, come day-go-day administrators( or whatever moniker they have acquired ),or the clueless pallid politicos that try to pathetically cover the embarrassment of their humiliating exit, with the talented Maureen Lipman.
  10. hampsterkahn

    Which Scientist should be featured on the UK £50 note?

    Sir Humphry Davy would be very good candidate. When he was asked what his most important discovery had been, he replied, “ Michael Faraday “ I would go with his choice.
  11. hampsterkahn

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    The judgement was a stinging indictment of the way Dr Khan was treated. The ponderous delays that followed the summary suspension, I suspect led to problems with the delivery of the service, though the only one to be publiscised was the driving licence certification delays for diabetic vehicle drivers - which must have caused a lot of inconvenience and worry.Unless I missed it, there seemed remarkably little mention on Manx Radio News about the court judgement. The result , however was humiliating for the Department and will cost them/us 36 K. Wielding power and authority is not a subsitute for leadership and managerial skill.
  12. hampsterkahn

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Yes, - but I think we all know that is not going to happen! I suspect that the NHS management system’s worst punishment of “one of their own”, is “lateral promotion” -where someone is edged sideways into another post.They cannot be”offered” a post at a lower rate of remuneration, I am told. Where such a post does not exist, a new job and title is created into which they are quietly eased, though their colleagues might be surpised that they weren’t able to spot the job being advertised.
  13. hampsterkahn

    Flat Earth?

    Yes! And the sea and the tides? well, the ice walls are like the edges of the world which is like a really, really big tea tray with water in it and naturally it tilts and the tides move to one side and the water bounces off and comes back an everything tilts the other way then the tides move , - back an forth it goes on forever and ever and ever -“perpetual motion”is what a really top scientist called it but he has been locked up because no-one is allowed to know that.
  14. hampsterkahn

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Very possibly, but it probably won’t be called that. The current favourite NHS buzz word across,I understand is “Commissioning”
  15. hampsterkahn

    Flat Earth?

    This flat earth thingy .. After much reflection, this idea suddenly seems really convincing, (like even sound , like well-sound in fact) So I’m up for it for it .. The world is Flat! No ifs or buts now .. it is definitely flat- as in not round or spherical and that - it is .........Flat, OK? Well, It stands to reason, does’t it? Don’t argue with me, pal! I am one of your like ,actual “converts” ,here. I am in like total awe of the wonderful U -tube experts and the flat-earthers who have spoken so eloquently and convinvincely. How could. I have been so stupid? I have expunged out all traces of my previous education and I enthusiastically embrace this , the New, the True - and the Only Way. Which way now , Oh ,leader?