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  1. Curtailing the activities of opportunist ,fly by night, non tax, non rate paying, rogue traders who appear around TT is one thing , but to focus further afield ,even if it is possible ,would be pointless and serve only to reduce the exposure of the TT We are not competing in the fish and chip business against “TT Fish and Chips” in Blackpool or against “TT car tow bars “ in Warwickshire any more than the Houses of Parliament are in the HP brown sauce industry. If businesses (who are not providing competing products or services) use a similar “ TT”, It could be argued that the closer it resembles the recognised logo the better as it provides more widespread “brand recognition and reinforcement” - for free.
  2. I see that Looneys in Ramsey at least benefited from quite a lot of free publicity following their visit from the “men from the ministry of something or other” after using the letters “TT “ on some shirts. How far does this extend ? Should TT tow brackets in Warwickshire be nervous?
  3. Stating the obvious -there have been serious problems in senior management over some years . Possible reasons : 1Lets call it PPP - Perpetuation of Poor Performance ( add another P for Piss Poor if you wish ) Reason :A common observation is that at job interviews interviewers tend to appoint the candidates most like themselves.The results are obvious. 2 LLL -Lamentable Lack of Leadership The interviewers don't have it .From the reason above they can’t recognise its absence in candidates or understand its value. Leadership is rare and precious.More important than knowledge or skill which a good leader can successfully delegate and inspire in others who respond with respect and confidence. Unable to grasp the concept let alone exhibit leadership, they can only rely on power, authority and coercion.Unable to earn respect they control rather than lead and the tool for that job is fear.
  4. I nominate this weeks Dianne Abbott award for detail and numeracy to DEFA minister, Mr Boot, on Manx Radio who has been telling us about how an Off- shore wind farm within the twelve mile limit will answer our energy needs and “make us money”. He was unable answer the question of how many turbines this would require but followed up by saying it would be “800 megawatts “ , briefly hesitated before throwing in “Giga watts” for good measure. No doubt someone has reminded him that 800 mega watts is 800 million watts and 800 giga watts is 800 thousand million ( ie 800 billion) watts.
  5. An old man’s view : As you start your engine in the morning reflect that you start the day with a certain amount of emotional and nervous currency.Hopefully, you begin in credit. When you reach work, you have to get through a tedious working day, paying out. Hopefully, you will still be in sufficient positive balance on returning home to enjoy your time off with my family and do whatever else it is that also emotionally credits your account. Don’t squander your precious emotional and nervous currency dueling with other road users.Give way. Let them through.It doesn’t matter .Who cares? View them as silly spendthrifts of the emotional and nervous energy that you know must be conserved for dealing with the far more important things in life. Not bludgeoning the fact you are right might save injury, months of tedious insurance wrangling ,waiting for the panel beater to return your car, an increased premium, and an in-affordable drain on your emotional and nervous reserves. -Just for the sake of waiting a second an a half.
  6. I was comparing “ UK city drivers” - that is drivers in cities that are in the UK ,as in London, Manchester, Birmingham, GIasgow, Leeds etc. but no, not Paris.Being in France, that would just be confusing.
  7. When we have visitors, we warn them it can be a bit different driving in the Isle of Man. 1.In general, drivers here tend to be very much more courteous and less aggressive than UK city drivers and are more likely to offer help if something goes wrong. However, 2 Many tend to be less aware of what is happening around them in traffic. 3 They don’t anticipate other drivers actions. 4 Above all.. Roundabouts.Treat all roundabouts as “one-offs” .Normal rules simply do not apply : -Do not presume anything based on another car’s signaling near or on a roundabout.Right or left , no matter in what lane it is in.Don’t .It can mean anything or nothing. - They remember that over forty-five years ago, before a round-about was built, there was a give way there.So if they are on the “bigger road” , instead of slowing as they approach, they speed up to narrowly miss anything already on the roundabout to firmly assert the historical right of way and maintain the tradition.
  8. Also agree - anything will run at its best if it is run by enthusiasts and few are more enthusiastic than volunteers. Answer = get volunteers. There is a snag.There is but a small group of potential volunteers from which you can draw.For a job that requires some degree of fitness the list gets smaller and they tend to come from the recently-retired group. As retirement age goes up, this group will be increasingly lost to the voluntary sector .If they live to stagger into retirement they will no longer be able -or willing to take on anything much.
  9. Cheesy Wheezy, There is a tendency for some people to take a perfectly reasonable medical diagnostic term and turn it into a term of abuse.Sadly, there have been many. You have no exclusivity or originality there. The terms degenerate into a vitriolic label, increasingly damaging to the the individuals who have the condition, and eventually a new name has to be found. Dr Langdon Down was a brilliant and compassionate physician who contributed enormously to the understanding of the condition in the 19 Century which was only decades later discovered to be caused by the an abnormality of the 21 chromosome. Your casual and careless abuse of the term “ Down” is a vile insult not only to his work but the thousands of very fine individuals who have the condition of trisomy 21 and the legions of devoted carers, relatives, friends and professionals who look after them and respect them. For them , I regard you with the utmost contempt.
  10. It was clearly a just a coat- trailer to provoke a quick reaction without most of us stopping and counting to ten (that is 10). Beginning 1,2,3.4, .... It would allow the frightfully clever person who posed the question the chance to hit the QI Klaxon button of stupidity and smugly point out we all use arabic numerals everyday. . ..but aren’t they in fact ..Indian?
  11. Only just seen this. Agree totally -we were probably in those queues. We lived in Ramsey but if the time was right and we were anywhere south of Laxey that is where we headed . Puzzling though... just 2 ingredients- plus a frying medium of some sort - such a wide variation in the end product?
  12. Life / population and all that - It’s a bit complicated. The present population on our earth is much , much higher than it might of been. The sustained pattern ,until early in the 20th C. was of growth, famine and starvation .It brutally controlled our numbers. The winner of the 1919 Noble prize for chemistry is largely held to be responsible for breaking this grim cycle by developing a means to increase food production. This was achieved by being able to seize the nitrogen, 78% of the air we breathe and combine it with hydrogen to form ammonia then more easily into nitrates - and thence fertilizers. Herr Doctor Fritz Haber, saviour of the world - a man who without doubt saved millions - and more millions from starvation. Hold the applause .. He was also the same Fritz Haber aka war criminal, according to the Allies, post WW1, who was responsible for the instigation and enthusiastic use of chemical warfare in the form of poison gas;His fixation of nitrogen process helped nitrate production- but it was also used for high explosive production in Germany which would have otherwise ground to a halt by mid 1915.by which time they would have had no artillery shells left to fire. He was later involved in the development of organo phosphorous agents to be later marketed as Cyclon B- and we all know where that led. That is complicated. As a post script, Haber hastily left Germany in the late thirties - turns out he was Jewish and the regime, despite how much he had helped his country, really didn’t like that at all. and he fled to....Britain. He died in Switzerland Life/ population and all that - it is a bit complicated.
  13. Woolley, I always regard you views with respect but I am really not sure about your chemistry: I have always understood that chlorine is used to kill microorganisms - which, as a halogen does very effectively, keeping us free from the water- borne diseases suffered by those who have no alternative but to drink filthy water in deprived parts of the world. So I find a slight hint of chlorine somewhat reassuring. Aluminium sulphate is used as a flocculation agent -it binds with organic debris to make it fall out of solution and can be separated out as part if the filtering process. The dreadful catastrophe in Cornwall (almost exactly thirty years ago) and was down to 20 tons of the stuff being put into the water through monumental incompetence. It resulted in some people receiving over 3,000 times the permitted level. Bearing in mind that gastric acid is 10% hydrochloric acid - a strong acid which is fully ionised - (Human vomit can damage varnishes), I really question the idea that tap water could be be supplied in a state so alkaline that it could raise the pH of gastric juice sufficiently to neutralise it. If you look at the data about our tap water it is ,by any standards truly excellent. It is safe and it is cheap.
  14. hampsterkahn

    OAP Homes

    Perhaps Mr Cretney should begin by enquiring if the Government has its own house (or homes) in order .Ask the Inspection unit about how they view the level of basic amenities in terms of bathroom /toilets facilities offered by Government- run establishments such as Cummal Mooar in Ramsey and if they pass are they subject to the same inspection criteria applied to other providers.
  15. Most of human life in terms of freedom of choice is at best a bit of a blurred compromise between complete freedom of personal choice with risk on one hand and safety and loss of personal control on the other. Most people readily accept loss of personal freedom of choice in such everyday matters as having to obey traffic lights and keeping to one side of the road and although some would have readily given up their freedom of choice not to wear a seat belt because of the benefits to the population rather than to themselves a law was introduced to enforce this loss of personal freedom for the common good. It gets complicated with other situations- vaccinations and conscription etc. Taxes are a loss of personal freedom traded by the individual for the common good. A totalitarian regime may be quite peaceful, stable and very safe for the individual -as long as they have no thoughts of having any personal freedom at all .They cannot enter into any form of negotiation about what freedoms and how much they are prepared to give up.There are no decisions for the individual to make. The situation quoted about a woman subjected to violence to enable sex against her will is a always going to be coercion even if she apparently offers consent as it is given unwillingly and solely to avoid further violence. An employee agreeing to be drug tested is certainly handing over their freedom whether done willingly or reluctantly and it is an outrageous intrusion and act of control and domination by the employer, but could there be a case where safety overrides the rights of the individual if they are in the active area of a nuclear power plant or an armed nuclear submarine?
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